Chapter 10: The Passage of Time

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind.  Though there are five of us, caring for a toddler is still very busy, especially with Draco and Falkor still attending school.  They’re doing well.  Even as attentive as he is with Aurora, Draco’s grades have remained steady and he’s managed to hold onto his academic standing.  We’re very proud of him, of course.  Oh yes, so I was describing how busy it’s been.

While I have come to love our canine companions, Glena is a bit aggressive and doesn’t seem to feel any loyalty to anyone but Gage.  I was working on doing some cleaning up while it was quiet in the house when the quiet was shattered by Glena carrying on.  This wasn’t so unusual; she seemed to bark and growl at anyone or anything… and being that we were still plagued by paparazzi on a regular basis, we had almost gotten used to the noise she could produce.  Except this didn’t stop… and it had a different quality to it.

As I stepped out into the hallway, I gasped even as the sparkles engulfed her.  When they cleared, there was a tiny fluffy little shape there.

Draco named the little guy and has decided to call him Hercules.  So welcome little Hercules Wyvern.  We’ve decided he will be Aurora’s since they will be growing up together.

Now that we have a puppy and a toddler in the house, it’s quite a bit more lively, even more than it was with three teenagers in the house, though one of them is now a Young Adult.  As if that weren’t enough, David celebrated his elder birthday, by himself, in the kitchen.  It’s just been so crazy lately that none of us really thought about it.  Though time has begun its ravages, he is still one of the most handsome man I’ve ever met (aside from our sons, of course).

That night, everyone else had gone to bed and David and I took the time to sit together and enjoy each other’s company over some leftover spaghetti.  “So, my Queen,” he rumbled.  “Do you regret losing your immortality now?”

I could only stare at him askance.  Even after all this time, Sim humor often left me a bit confused.  “What are you talking about?  What brought this on?”  I’m afraid I was rather distressed.

David just laughed and reached for hand.  “I’m sorry, love.  I shouldn’t tease you.”  He brought my hand up to his lips and brushed them over my knuckles.  “I hope that I’ve given you a fraction of the happiness you’ve given to me.”

“Oh David.  I never knew what I was missing,” I murmured.  “This is all just so much… more than I ever thought it could be.  I love you so much, only more so now.”

“Even now that I’m old and wrinkled?” he asked, squeezing my hand and winking.

At least now I was fairly sure he was kidding.  “Yes, even now,” I responded, rolling my eyes.  A sigh of contentment escaped.  “I look at our children and at our grandchild… It’s almost overwhelming, in a good way, though,” I hastened to add.

He nodded.  “Yes, yes it is.”

It hasn’t been ALL craziness.  Falkor is quite taken with his little niece and I often find him sneaking into Aurora’s room.  As soon as she stirs, he has her out of the crib and playing with her.  It’s very sweet, though he seems just a little reluctant to admit how much he enjoys being Uncle Falkor.

It seems that our little Northern Light is carrying on the tradition, and is indeed an heir of the Dragons.  She’s already exhibiting powers.  She seems to be more prepared than even her father was; I would say she almost takes it for granted, in a way, as if this is perfectly normal.

I have been in the Sim Realm for over two years.  In the life of a Sim, that is a very long time.  Yet, in my old life, it would have been nothing.  And yet, in that time, so much has happened.  I met David and fell in love.  We created two beautiful children and watched them both grow into children, then into teenagers.  And while it hasn’t been without some grief and some stress, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Even as I celebrate the last birthday I will experience, I can only look back on my mortal life and feel very blessed.

Though it is probably a silly thing to worry about, I found that gray hair clashes horribly with my skin tone.  I have never been vain, but found that I missed my normal hair color so Sophia helped me color it, though I didn’t mind a hint of the gray showing through.  I thought it is a kind of badge of honor.

David and I have changed; our bodies are old now.  I can’t help but be aware of time as it passes.  It’s in my nature.  Yet, when David grabs me and holds me close, it’s as electrifying as the first day we met and he held me.  After over two years of marriage, we still are as passionately in love as we were in the beginning.  And yet, somehow, there is… MORE than there was.

We are enjoying our time with our granddaughter.  There’s something to be said for being grandparents and getting to spend your ‘declining’ years spoiling them.

Though we never really had ‘jobs’, such as they were, David and I are determined to enjoy the rest of our days with one another and with our family.  Today, Draco is no longer a teenager.  David baked the cake and we all stood around, waiting as my oldest child stood there, thinking upon his future, trying to decide what he wanted to wish for.

After the sparkles hit, he took himself to the mirror and dresser.  My son, Draco Maxim Wyvern, the heir of the family.  He is certainly handsome, like his father.

Aurora is still very much a daddy’s girl.  She just loves Draco so very much.  She waddled up to him and begged to be picked up as soon as he finished dressing.

After he’d given his daughter sufficient attention, he asked to speak with his father and I.  Sophia and Falkor both gave us privacy.  David and I sat on the couch while Draco perched on the coffee table, looking at us.  “Mom, Dad.”  Draco let out a short puff of breath.  “I know I always talked about going to University before getting a job.  But… I have a family to think about now.  I… I’ve decided that I’m just going to join the Force.”

I could only stare at him a moment.  “But Draco… you always wanted to go to University!  You and Sophia wanted to go so badly…  You know we’d look after Aurora!”

“Oh I know that Mom!  I do.  And it’s not that I don’t trust her with you.  You’re the only ones I would.  But… I just can’t leave her for that long.  Even doing it a term at a time… I don’t want to miss her growing up.”  He smiled at us.  “A degree just isn’t as important as she is.  I’ll just have to start at the bottom, work my up, that’s all.  And really… I think the more practical experience is important in law enforcement.”

What he said made sense, but I couldn’t help but feel he was sacrificing something for his family.  I sighed and leaned forward, putting my hands on his knees.  “If this is what you want, then you know we’ll support you.”

He hugged us both and then immediately left to go fill out an application at the precinct.

Once he returned, he and I discussed the wedding.  Neither or Sophia wanted a big one.  It just wasn’t important to them.  We set up an arch in the backyard.  Sophia did insist they both wear formal attire.  Her mother had given her the gown she had married her father in.  So David took Draco and had him fitted for a tux.

They were married in a private ceremony as the sun set.  There was a light rain, but David said that it was good luck.

It was simple and yet so very beautiful for the simplicity.   Look at that… my son is married, with a child of his own.  Time moves on.  But I don’t fear it as I did when I first arrived.  In fact, I look to the future, not to my own future, not really.  I look to my children and in turn, their children.  This might be my last entry.  It’s Draco’s turn now.  For those of my descendants who may someday read this, I wish you all the happiness life can bring.  Enjoy it.  Cherish it.



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