Chapter 17: A Little Secret

From: awyvern 
To: dragonprince
Subject:The Email, as Promised

Hey dad!

Sorry I didn’t get back to ya right away.  The last few days have just been busy, really busy.  Classes have started and my schedule is pretty full, as you know.  I’m getting the hang of it, though it took me a little while to get used to getting up so early.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, my first class, Case Studies in Arbitration, starts at 8.  You know me, I’ve never been what you call a morning person.  So I look a bit like a zombie heading there.

The campus is pretty spread out, so I do a lot of sprinting to classes, particularly when it’s raining.

The house is lovely.  I enjoy the solitude.  I’m so glad I didn’t have to stay in a dorm.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the people I’ve met so far, but I think living with a houseful of people would just be too much for me.  Having my own place gives me a place to come back to, unwind.  And the furniture you and mom got me looks great.

I’m learning to cook.  So far, my repertoire involves waffles, mac n cheese, and autumn salad.  At least I’ve stopped burning the mac n cheese.

I’m really enjoying school so far.  The classes are fascinating and there are so many things to take pictures of.  I’d have my camera glued to my face, if I could!  Hope you and mom are keeping busy and aren’t too worried about me.  I love you both very much!



From: dragonprince
To: awyvern
Subject:About Time! ;)

Hey Sweetheart,

It’s ok.  Your mother and I know you must be busy.  It’s great to hear from you.  We miss you a lot.  The weather’s cleared up enough for the snow to melt, though we’ll see how long that lasts.  Oh!  Guess what?  The house is a bit fuller than normal, even with you gone.  I was at work, but your mother was home.

When I got home, she was grinning at me.  “So, I was out in the Zen garden, practicing, when I heard quite the carrying on.  I figured it was just Hercules and Megara, playing around as they do.”  I figured your mother was working up to something, considering the smirk on her face.  So I waited.  “But then I noticed it was only the cries of one of them and it sounded like Meg.  I ran to the other side and what do I see?  The poor thing was laying on the ground, carrying on like she was being split open!”

“I take it she…”

“Yup.  I figured it’d happen, though wasn’t quite expecting it NOW,” she confirmed with a nod.  “After a bit, Megara stopped and then looked shocked when two little furballs seemed to appear out of nowhere.”

We know that it was once your job to name the pups, but since you’ve been so busy, we decided to stick with the theme you came up with, so our two newest additions are Ares and Apollo.

Ares is the fluffier of the two, while Apollo is more gangly.  They both are quite the pair.  By the time you come home, they won’t be so little any more.

Aside from the puppies, I’ve been working.  I’m still moving up the ranks pretty quickly.  I can’t talk too much about it anymore.  Seems the higher I climb, the more secrecy is involved.  It isn’t quite what I bargained for, but at least I’m still able to make a difference.  Sorry, sweetheart for going off on a tangent.  You know how I can be.  Anyway, your mother and I love you.  We’ll talk to you later.


From: awyvern
To: dragonprince
Subject:A Timely Response This Time :P

Hey look!

I’m emailing you in a reasonably time frame!  Will miracles never cease, right?  Anyway, enough of the frivolity.  Ares and Apollo are adorable!  I can’t wait to come home and see them!  Oh and I can’t resist saying it so I won’t: “Hercules, you dog you!”  Yes, I know, terrible pun.  I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, things are still going well, really well.  I’m thoroughly enjoying my Comm. Class.  I get to cover things from politics to things like military spending and how it might affect our campus.

Due to starting my mornings so early, I’m afraid I’m mainlining caffeine.  I can’t seem to function now without at least one cup of espresso.  Most of the time, I need more than one.  Only once I get my caffeine fix do I feel even close to human.

I’ve met some more interesting people and even got invited to a bonfire the other night.  It was a lot of fun.

And I also had my first taste of juice as well.  I rather enjoyed it.  Don’t worry, I didn’t go too overboard.  You know me.

As far as your tangent, you should know you don’t have to apologize to me, of all people, dad.   I uh… I know I’m not supposed to know certain things about your job.  Just uh… be careful, ok?  I worry about you, dad.  But I also know you can handle yourself.  Anyway, gotta go steady for a test tomorrow.  Love you and mom.  I’ll give you a call after I get outta class, ok?  Night!


I hate keeping things from my parents.  I really do.  I’ve always been private, kept things close to my chest, but I could always talk to them about things.  I guess I’m just not quite ready to share this with them yet.  For one, I know dad’s preoccupied with work and he doesn’t need any kind of distractions.  And mom is busy worrying about dad.  Every time we talk on the phone, I can feel it from both of them.  So I’ll keep this to myself for now.

It’s difficult though.  For once, I ache to tell SOMEONE.  I want to shout it to the world.  I’m in love.  I, Aurora Breton Wyvern, am in love.  I wasn’t looking for it.  I had gone to the Student Union to check out the facilities.  There he was…

I felt… poleaxed.  That’s the only word that really fits.  I lost all the breath in me.  His smile… then he was shaking my hand and I his.  And for the first time in my memory… I couldn’t read someone.  Not all the way.  My grandmother had explained that there were those who had natural defenses.  It appeared I had found someone with them.

It’s been a whirlwind ever since.  Though neither of us ever actually uttered the words, we’ve become exclusive.  He stays at my place most nights now.

We sleep in the same bed.  And we go to classes together in the morning.

Because of my gift, I’ve tried to keep my distance from most.  I didn’t have a chance with him.  Jeffrey just… he seemed to roll right over me, but in a good way.  When I hesitated, he’d grin at me and give me space when I needed it.  But he was always there when I decided to close that distance.  After a while, I’ve accepted it and I’ve embraced it.  Jeffrey and I can sit home and talk for hours, or, like the other night, we like to go out for a quiet evening, just the two of us.  We went to the local café and just sat on the grass, staring up at the stars for a while.

I’ve never felt this way before.  Every time I hear his voice, something inside me just shifts and I feel a kind of warmth spread through me.  I’ve felt it before, but not from myself.  This is what I feel from my parents when they are together.  When my mom walks into the room, it feels like my dad lets out this sigh.  That’s how I feel right now, with Jeff.

He does things to surprise me all the time.  Just yesterday, he brought me some flowers.

When I look into his eyes, I just seem to… melt.

I know I need to tell my family.  And I will.  But for right now, I want to enjoy my time with Jeff, just the two of us.  I almost broke down and told my mom on the phone the other night, but I held off.  Finals are coming up soon enough.  I’ll warn them then.  Until then, I plan on making the most of the freetime that we have.

It’s funny, for someone that is so well versed in human emotions and in trying ignore them on a regular basis, Jeff knows just the things to say and do to turn me into nothing more than a puddle of goo.

When we aren’t in class, we’re together now as the semester comes to a close.  Jeff pretty much lives with me now, though he technically has a room in one of the dorms.  It’s… nice to have someone to sit and share breakfast with.

And it’s nice to have someone to chat with in between classes, and someone to watch TV with at night.

I think I’ve finally found the reason, the reason why my parents are always so happy, no matter what happens.  I can’t wait to tell them.  But it’ll keep for a little while.  Until after finals.



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