Chapter 25: Another Dragon

I haven’t been feeling well the last few days.  I’m pretty sure I know what it is.  After getting back from Venice Beach, I was sick.  I think all the “practice” Jeff and I have been doing lately finally took.

At least, I hope so.  I really hope that it isn’t just the Sim Flu.  Jeff and I both want another child, I think Jeff even more so than me.

Hoping to surprise Jeff, I quietly went to the hospital and talked to the doctors there, swearing them to secrecy.  Then I went home.  I’ve been waiting for the call back for forever.  It finally came today!

It’s confirmed!  I’m pregnant again!  I looked down at my still flat stomach and can only grin.  “Hey lil one.  Hey, I’m your mama!”

The minute the door opened and I heard Jeff’s voice, I couldn’t contain the grin.  I ran out to meet him to deliver the good news.  “Jeff!  Guess whose gonna be a daddy again?”

He was ecstatic.  He couldn’t even speak at first.

He pulled me close and just looked into my eyes.  “I love you,” he whispered.

We rushed to go tell my parents.  I found them in Luna’s room.  Mom had been gathering laundry up and Dad had been standing in the doorway, chatting with her.  So I got to tell them together.  They were so excited!  Dad grabbed me into a- gentle- bear hug.

Dad went off to go congratulate Jeff and Mom pulled me into a hug.  “Oh sweetheart, that’s wonderful.  I’m so happy for you guys!  Have you told Luna yet?”

“No, not yet.  As soon as she gets home from school, I plan on it.  I only just got the test results back today.”  Mom grinned.  She was really looking forward to being a grandma again.


I waited for Luna to get home from school, giving her a couple minutes to settle in.  She got her homework done first and had gone into the library to play the [i]Spaceman[/i].  I intercepted her there.  “Hey baby girl!  Can we talk a minute?”

She looked up at me, grinning.  “Mom, are you pregnant?  Am I gonna be a big sister?”

I just stared at her, then began to laugh.  “Luna!  Are you reading my mind?”

She looked sheepish.  “Well, I can’t help it!  You’re so happy, it’s blasting a bit!”

She threw her arms around me.  “I’m so happy for you mama!  And I get to be a big sister!”

“That you do, baby.  That you do.”

She immediately began rub her hand over my stomach.  “Hey in there!” she murmured softly.  I wondered if she was doing it in her mind too.  I think she was.  “I’m your big sister, Luna.  I’ll see you soon!”  She giggled, as if someone were talking to her.  “Soon enough.”


Since our family was going to be growing, Dad hired a crew to do some work around the house.  It didn’t take long at all.  The second floor was expanded, adding another bedroom with an attached bath and redoing the master bedroom into something even more grand as well as doing a bit of work on the pool.

I really like what they did with Mom and Dad’s room.  So luxurious.  It has a fireplace and a nice little seating area now, as well as the attached ensuite.


As winter gets a tight grip on Monte Vista, Luna’s been entertaining herself by beating her Pop-pop at video games.  Dad doesn’t mind so much.  I think he enjoys it, actually.

Dad also took Luna and sat her down for a talk, about the family.  She already knows so much because of her abilities, but he wanted to have a serious discussion with her.  So he took her up to his room and had her take a seat.

From the journal of Luna Wyvern

I sat in the chair in Nan and Pop-pop’s room, looking around, kicking my feet as Pop-pop sat in the other chair.  He hadn’t lit a fire in the fireplace yet, though it had gotten cold.  I could tell he was thinkin’.  I could never quite read Pop-pop.  I had to concentrate real hard to do it and I think he often knew I was doin’ it.  Pop-pop’s special power was being able to see, see things in the world around him.  At least, that’s what he always told me.  After a little while, he finally spoke, “Luna, what do you know of our family?  Of our powers?”

I shrugged.  “I know great-grandma wasn’t a Sim, right?  She had powers.  And she passed them down to us, right?”

Pop-pop nodded.  “That’s exactly right.  Do you know what she was?  What runs through our veins?  It’s the blood of the Dragon, Luna.  I know you’ve heard of a place called Dragon Valley right?  You’ve learned about it in history class?”

“Oh wow!”  I think my eyes were as big as saucers.  “G-great grandma was a [i]Dragon[/i]?!  Really?”

He nodded solemnly.  “Yes, really.  That’s where our powers come from.  Because of that, we have a responsibility to use them wisely, right?”

“You mean I need to be careful about reading minds?”

He grinned.  “Yeah, that’s part of it.  I know it isn’t easy for you sometimes.  We’re still working on learning the shielding.  But that kind of thing can be awfully uncomfortable.  Just ask your mama.”

I nodded.  “Yeah.  I only get thoughts.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to get feelings all the time.”

“Yeah, it’s not easy for her.  Not easy at all.”  He frowned.  “Luna… do you remember being in Bridgeport at all?”

A wave of feeling came over me.  Tears came to my eyes and I looked down, sniffling.  “I-I do.  Not perfectly.  I-I know you were hurt and-and you tried to leave us.  B-but mama stopped you.”

He sighed.  “Yeah, yeah I did and yes, your mom saved me.  I only brought it up because it’s been bothering me a little.  I’m sorry to upset you baby girl.”  He leaned forward in his chair and put a finger under my chin and tilted my face up.  “Yeah, don’t look so sad.  I’m still here.  I’m not going anywhere for a long while, ok?  You’re stuck with me.”

I leapt out of the chair and threw myself at him.  He held me for a bit.  “I’m sorry baby.  C’mon, I’m gonna kick your butt in Racing!”

I swallowed my tears and gave him a saucy grin.  “Not in this lifetime, Pop-pop!”  Then we raced down the stairs.

“How did it go, Dad?”

He and Jeff were at the chess table once again while Mom and I had a midnight snack.  Luna had gone to bed a little while ago, looking a bit sad.  “It… went.  She uh- remembers Bridgeport.  Remembers a lot more than she should, I think.”

I frowned, a bite of Mom’s pumpkin pie half-way to my mouth.

“Is she ok?”

“I think I took care of it.  Talking about it helped.  She seemed genuinely excited by the fact that we’re descended from Dragons,” he murmured, giving a half-grin.

“Hm, yes, she would be, wouldn’t she?  H-have the dreams changed at all, Dad?  What else have you been able to see?”

He frowned.  “It’s so unclear.  I don’t even know if they mean anything.  I just know they have Luna in them and they make me uneasy.  But other than that, there isn’t much.”  He stood up and stretched.  “Don’t worry, we’ll keep a close eye on her, ok?  I promise.  You just worry about yourself and that little one you’re carrying right now, ok?”

I worried my bottom lip, then nodded.  “You’re right, Dad.  You’re right.  You guys going to bed now?”

“Yeah, why don’t you go do the same, baby?”

I nodded.  Mom and Dad went to bed and then Jeff came over to me.  He kissed me, hard.

“C’mon, let’s go relax.  We can go and watch the stars a bit, let you calm down, then let’s follow your parents’ example, ok?”

I nodded, then grabbed a coat and my gloves, then let him lead me out the door.  Though the ground was covered with snow, we hardly noticed as we settled on the ground.  It was a clear night and the crisp, cool air felt good.  Being outside always helped clear my mind.  And with Jeff next to me, it was like paradise.

“Your dad’s right.  Everything will be ok,” Jeff murmured.  “We’ll protect her and this little one, too.”  He put a hand on my stomach and smiled softly at me.  We stayed that way for a little while, then both went in and went to bed.

The next morning, Luna got off of school for a snow day.  Her dad sat her down to play some chess.  He says she’s already quite good.  A little more practice and she’ll beat both him and my dad.

Dad and Jeff hung out holidays lights, in anticipation of Snowflake Day in a few months.

The house is certainly festive.



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