Chapter 28: Cute Toddler Spam, Feisty Old Ladies, and Teenagers!

I always told myself I wouldn’t be one of those parents who has to take a million pictures of her children… I lied.  I can’t help myself!  Alduin is just too cute!  And everyone dotes on him so.  His father, his grandmother…

Especially his grandmother.  He is certainly a grandma’s boy.

He and Daddy have been working on going potty like a big boy.  He’s doing pretty well.

For the most part, Alduin is very easy going.  Unless he’s hungry… then everyone in the whole house knows it.

It hasn’t all been about spoiling cute toddlers for us, though.  Mom has slowed down a little bit.  Despite being in terrific shape between her athletic skills and her Sim Fu training, her back has been bothering her quite a bit lately and she was noticeably limping the other day.  She refused to go to the hospital.  I know where I get my stubbornness from now…

But after a lengthy discussion with my husband, in which I begged him to talk to my mother, he agreed.

He didn’t give me details.  I have a feeling it wasn’t easy for him.  I’m pretty sure everyone in this family could give lessons to a boulder on hardheadedness.  But Mom finally went.  She saw one of Jeff’s colleagues, Dr. Bianchi.  When she came home, Mom was spitting mad!  We finally got her calmed down enough to tell us the problem.  Then she snapped, “I’m old, ok?”

When that just got her several level looks, she sighed.  “Dr. Bianchi says that I have osteoarthritis of the spine.  He’s prescribed me a bunch of pills to take and-and…”  She trailed off, looking sad.  I felt so bad for my mother.

“What is it, Mom?” I asked gently, putting my hand on her shoulder.

“He wants me to use a cane!  A cane!” she exploded.  I realized it wasn’t sadness on her face or what I was feeling from her, but indignation.  She thought a cane made her old.  I almost laughed, but managed to keep it in.

“C’mon Mom, go and model it for us!  I bet you’ll great!  Very sophisticated.”

She glared at me, trying to see if I was making fun of her.  Oh how I love my mother.  Finally, she grinned and then rolled her eyes.  “You just watch, I’ll rock that cane!”  She disappeared upstairs, calling down, “You guys wait there in the kitchen.  I’ll show you what an old lady can do!”

When she came down, in her nighty and strutting, we all burst into laughter.

“See, look at me?  I’m a little defenseless old lady.”  She tried to appear sweet and innocent.  However, having been on the receiving end of that ‘little old lady’s’ roundhouse kick, I knew she was full of it.

“Whatever you say, Mom,” I told her, rolling my eyes.  So Mom may not like the fact that she has to walk with a cane when the pain gets bad, nor does she like all the pills she has to take, but she deals with it.  And it still doesn’t slow her down much.

She still insists upon cleaning and traipsing up and down the stairs to do laundry.

And when she’s not working in the house, she’s still overseeing things at the spa.

I swear, the woman has more energy than I do!  Old lady indeed… When most of us are asleep in our beds, she’s out in her little zen garden, breaking space rocks with her bare hands!

And if it isn’t enough that my mother is giving me gray hair, my little girl is becoming a teenager!  She was bouncing up and down as Mom took the cake out of the oven.  We set it on the counter and she stepped up, that mischievous glint that never seemed to leave her eyes sparkling.

I found I was torn.  In one part of myself, I was proud of watching my children grow up.  But then another part of me mourns the loss of her childhood (and wonders what her teenage years will be like).


Hey!  It’s Luna!  I might have, um… borrowed the family journal.  I had to include this picture.  Think I’ll just slip that here in the page before.  She won’t notice for a while.  Pop took this of her right before I blew out the candles.  I’m not sure if she’s happy that I’m becoming a teenager or if that’s to hide the horror of knowing I’ll be able to drive soon enough!


Luna was more than ready for the next stage.  She’s always been so inquisitive and so perceptive; she sucks up knowledge so very fast!  And becoming a teen would allow her a whole new avenue for knowledge and open more doors for her yet.

She blew out her candles, the sparkles hit, and then she spun around.

Now, she told me not to put the picture of her before she could fix her hair and wardrobe in here.  But ya know what?  I saw that picture you slipped into the page before this, oh my dearest daughter!  All’s fair in love, war, and family!

But soon enough, she’d fixed the horrid clothing and decided that it was time to cut her hair a bit.  She wouldn’t let any of us see her until she’d entirely fixed everything herself.  Hm… Dad laughed at that.  He thought it was fitting, considering I apparently did the same to them.  I don’t remember being so difficult, was I?  Anyway, this was the result.

Isn’t she just beautiful?  Her daddy isn’t quite sure about his little girl looking quite so beautiful.  I distinctly heard him muttering something about needing to get a few supplies from the hospital.  I only laughed.  Between her father and her grandfather, Luna is going to have some issues in the dating department.  Hm… Or maybe not.  Jeff and I found a way, after all.

Oh!  And today wasn’t just Luna’s birthday.  It was both Dad’s and mine, actually.  Neither of us really wanted a cake for ourselves.  One was enough for us all.  We still had cake leftover from Alduin’s birthday anyway.  Dad went first.  He didn’t seem too thrilled with the prospect of getting older.

Dad aged fairly gracefully, I think.  Then it was my turn.  I tried to sneak outside so no one would see the awful wrinkles.  But they followed me anyway.

But before I could go inside to fix my hair and to check to see if I did indeed have wrinkles, something terrible happened.  Grim came for Hercules.

After that, wrinkles didn’t seem too bad.  Rest in peace, my furry friend.  You will be missed.  We placed his remains with those of his family.  That makes six of our faithful canine companions we’ve had to bury.  They are as much a part of the family as any.  It’s hard seeing all those graves there.  But I like to think they are enjoying their afterlife.



I’m not a young woman anymore.  Oh, I’m not melancholy or anything.  This isn’t a midlife crisis talking.  Like I said, losing Hercules put things into perspective for me.  It was time I dressed my age.  I know I’m still beautiful; Jeff tells me every chance he gets.  But wearing short dresses and long hair are a tad difficult when running around after an active toddler and when working out or performing martial arts, I thought it was time for a change.  So I got a little bit of a haircut and then decided to wear my hair up, and changed my wardrobe up.  I think it looks good.  And I’m ok with it, ok with being middle aged now.

And now I leave you with this picture of my little brother with the cutest pouty face ever!  Isn’t he just adorable?

Luna!  You will have your chance with the book when you’re older!


Sorry mom, I can’t resist ^^ Love you!



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