Chapter 3: Toddler Spam and Love Day

I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of my little boy!  He’s just too cute.  And he’s so smart.  Maybe a little neurotic, but so smart, too.  He’s taken to potty training so well.  When he looks up at me with eyes that match my own, I get a bit misty eyed.

He also has both his father and I wrapped around his little finger.  I find I don’t mind so much.  Who could say no to this face?  They would need a higher power than I…

David volunteered to work with him on talking.  He has an easier time understanding his babbling than I do, for some reason.  Maybe I’m not as in touch with mortals… with other Sims as I thought.  Or maybe I’m just not good at understanding toddler-speak…

Hm… well, unless someone left out that grilled cheese I had for too long, then I believe that Draco will soon have another sibling.  I must say, this nausea business is awful.

It’s confirmed, I am truly pregnant.  I told David and he was as excited as when I told him about Draco.

Despite the fact that I’m pregnant, I insisted upon teaching Draco how to walk.  He’s just so full of joy and laughter.  And watching him on his little wobbly legs makes me laugh, too.

David and I have been feeling a bit cooped up lately, so when Love Day rolled around, he called a baby-sitter for the first time…  I was a bit nervous, I’ll be honest.  But we could really use a break, I know.  We haven’t had much alone time since Draco was born, of course.

We went to the pizza parlor, drank espresso and ate cheesy garlic bread.

We stayed there a while, talking and looking at one another across the table, playing something my husband called ‘footsy’.  Mostly, it involved him gently rubbing his foot against mine.  I don’t know as I would count that as ‘playing’ anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and enjoyed our time together.  When we got home, we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie.

Once it was over, I was feeling pretty tired, more so than I had been when I was pregnant with Draco.  Truthfully, it was a rough night.  Then early that morning, my water broke.  Somehow, the pain was worse this time.

Off to the hospital we went.  After a difficult labor and delivery some 4 hours later, our son, Falkor Luke Wyvern was born.

Back at home, I fed him, then lay him down.

David and I sat down to eat first, then go to bed.  We were both pretty exhausted.  As we sat there, shoveling food into my face, I had a realization.  “You’re birthday is tomorrow!”

He waved it away.  “Don’t worry about doing anything for it, love.  We’re both too tired to worry about it.”

Diego likes to sit in the nursery, like he’s standing guard over them.  I’m very appreciative of this and have to give him a reward of a good belly rub.

Speaking of Diego… the poor thing became an elder today.  It doesn’t seem possible.  But we’ve been in this Realm for quite some time and animals, even one such as Diego are mortal.  It hasn’t slowed him down at all, though.

Oh!  It seems Draco inherited more from me than just my ears and eye color.  Power runs through him as well.  He looked so surprised!  Then so happy when his little toy reappeared in his hands.

The more I think about it, the more that I realize that though I am mortal, I am still Queen of the Dragons… which means that my children carry that legacy in their blood as well.  I don’t know what significance this has, not yet, but I find myself wondering about what the future may hold.


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