Chapter 32: The Bridgeport Chronicles, Part 1

I’ve spent the last few days settling in.  I didn’t have much to unpack really, just my clothes.  I’m really enjoying my little place.  It’s small, but I really don’t need a lot of space.  I’ve also taken the time I don’t actually need to unpack to read the family journal from cover to cover.  I knew a lot of the stories in it already, of course.  But seeing it all from first my great-grandmother’s perspective, then my grandfather’s, and then my mother’s… It was very illuminating.  And reading the last entry had me in tears.  And I don’t cry often.  I just don’t see a point to it.  But I’m glad I read it all.  I know how hard it was for everyone, particularly Mom, to let me go, especially here, to Bridgeport where our family has only known tragedy.  But that can’t be all that this city holds.  I aim to make sure of that!

There’s something about it, especially at night, with the glow of all the lights softened a bit by the mist that seems to spring up around it.  I must look like a tourist, my head craned back and whipping back and forth, afraid I’ll miss something else spectacular.

There’s a- vibrancy about the place, something that Monte Vista just can’t quite compete with.  Oh don’t get me wrong, Italy has a beauty all its own.  But it’s different than Bridgeport.  Back home is more sedate, a steady pace.  Bridgeport thrums with energy.  It’s pretty dazzling.  I’m loving it!  I’ve spent a lot of time just exploring the city, truth be told.  Night time is my favorite.

I haven’t been completely idle, though.  I went to city hall to finalize the paperwork for the PI license.

I am officially a Private Investigator!  Of course… a fledging PI needs clients.  Unfortunately, I haven’t really heard much in that regard.  The guys I talked to at the police station said they’d put a good word out for the granddaughter of Draco Wyvern.  Pop’s a hero to them for bringing down Elvira Slayer.  And his status certainly wasn’t hurt by being wounded in the line of duty… I have to block that part out.  I still remember that night, the night I saw it all.  I was only four, but it’s stuck with me, every vivid detail.  But it does help a little to see the impact he’s had.  Pop’s affected quite a lot of lives.

Ok, that’s a bit too melancholy for my tastes… On to something else!  Oh, I’ve been really loving the nightlife in the city!  There’s always something to do, someplace to be.  I love it!  Went out just last night, had a few drinks, and some dancing at the Bonzai Club.  Even tried out the bubble machine they installed.

Then it was back to the apartment.  Think tomorrow I’ll have to head to the police station again.  They also said that even if they have no cases, I can do some of the more mundane tasks like checking hot sheets and outstanding warrants.  Maybe while I’m there, a case will show itself.  Who knows?




Subject: An Update

Hey mom!

Like I told you when I called you, things are going spectacularly well.  I have to show off the apartment, though.  I know I was gushing about it, but I love it!

It’s not very big, but I don’t really need all that much space anyway.  Oh, guess what!  I’m even learning how to cook!

It’s… a work in progress, though I have to say, my waffles aren’t too bad at all.  They sure aren’t Nan’s waffles, but they do.  How is everyone?  I’m really sorry I couldn’t get a flight out to help celebrate Alduin’s birthday.  I was really upset about that.  When I talked to him, though, he said it was fine.  Still.  I feel bad.  Did he get his present alright?

Since we last talked, I’ve finally started to make a bit of a name for myself.  I actually have a few clients now.  It’s mostly simple stuff, really.  Some insurance fraud or surveillance on a spouse that is suspected of infidelity.  It’s a bit boring in that way.

I still go to the station every now and again too, to help out with some low-level stuff they don’t mind civilians handling.

One of the guys snapped that picture on his phone while he was whistling at me.  They like to hassle me a bit, though it’s all in good fun.  They keep asking after Pop and wonder what he’s up to.  I told them he’s enjoying retirement.  They’re glad to hear it.

Oh, you should see this gorgeous brownstone that sits next to my apartment building.  I can see it from my window.

Here’s a view from the street.

Just love the architecture here.  The mixing of old and new.  Ok, I’ll stop gushing now.  Sorry!  Looking forward to your next email and to your next call.

Love you guys!  Give everyone my love.




Subject: RE: An Update

Hey Baby girl!

The apartment does look great.  We’ll have to send you a few things to decorate it though.  I’m surprised it’s not full of posters.  Maybe I can send a couple of your paintings to you.  Would you like that?

Alduin understands completely.  Here are some photos I managed to snap of him.  Sshhh, don’t tell him!

He really loved the gift you gave him.  Can barely get him off of it.

If he’s not on the laptop, he’s out in the garage, messing around at the old workbench.  I don’t ask anymore… though I did manage to snap a few pictures of him one day.

Watching him use the blowtorch is a bit worrisome… but he hasn’t had too many mishaps yet.  Just a smashed thumb when he wasn’t paying attention where he was hitting with his hammer.  I haven’t figured out what he’s making out there yet.  He’ll show us when he’s ready.

Your Pop says to tell all of the guys at the precinct hi.  He enjoyed working with them, I think except for… well, you know.  But the rest, he said, were all good cops.  And you know that’s a high compliment coming from him.  He and your Nan are certainly enjoying his retirement.  I swear, they still act like teenagers.  It’s very sweet.

We all look forward to your next call, baby.  We hope you’ll be able to come for a visit soon.  I know with getting more clients you’re busy.  We understand.  Just keep in touch, ok?  Love you!


Mom, Dad, Nan, Pop, and Alduin


I went out again the other night.  When I’m not working, I go like to go out on the town.  I’m not necessarily a real party animal or anything, but I like the rush from being out there and I do like to dance.  But if I’m honest, there’s another reason why I go out.  I’m looking for [i]him[/i], my vampire prince.  I can’t help but feel that he’s out there somewhere.  I’m not in any hurry to meet him necessarily, but I find myself anticipating that meeting.  I think that’s why I found myself at Plasma 501 earlier.  It was too early for the vampire crowd I guess, even though the sun was setting.  There were very few there, just the piano player and the bartender.


I went outside; the view from the top of the building is gorgeous.

And then heading back home, I took this.

The longer I live here, the more- alive I feel.  Yes, there’s a dark side to it, an underbelly if I’m honest.  I know, sounds like some kind of a crime thriller.  But there’s a reason for that I guess.  In some of my investigations, I’ve seen some of the darker side.  You’d be amazed what you can find out when you snoop through someone’s garbage.

As I sit here on my couch in my little apartment, watching TV, I can’t help but be content.

I miss my family, it’s true.  Sometimes it feels a little like a dream at times.  I expect to wake up and head downstairs, see Nan in the kitchen, Alduin on the couch playing video games.  Instead, it’s just me here.  And while that’s great, sometimes, I get a little homesick.  I need to try to get home for a visit soon, I think.  I’ll have to look into that.  Finish what cases I have now and book a flight.


I found him!  I found my Vampire Prince!



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