Chapter 34: The Eclipse Begins



Subject: Guess what!?

Hey lil brother!

Guess who will be making an appearance at one, Alduin Wyvern’s eighteenth birthday party?  That’s right!  Your big sister took two weeks off and will be there for your big day!  I can send you off to University in style!  And yes, that is totally a crack about your wardrobe choices 😛  Love you lil brother ^^

I’ll be sure to give you the details as soon as I know them, ok?  I love all you guys!  I can’t wait to see everyone!  It’s been too long.

Love Always,



I haven’t talked to Roark yet about going home to visit the family.  I was hoping he’d actually come with me.  I knew his leave wasn’t up for a while yet.  Hopefully he’d be able to come so he could meet everyone.  But maybe he won’t want to come.  We had an odd conversation the other day.  It was midafternoon.  He was still in his PJs.  I’d gotten home from a short case in the early morning hours and wasn’t ready for bed yet.  We were cuddling together on the couch.

“Hey babe,” he asked after a bit.  I could hear a slight hesitation in his voice as if he had to really think about what he was going to say next.

I turned just a bit to look at him.  “Everything ok?”

He gave me a smile.  “Sure it is.  I’ve just been thinking.  I’ve been hesitant to ask because I wasn’t sure how you’d react, but… your last name, Wyvern.  Are you related to Draco Wyvern?”

I grinned and made a grand gesture.  “You could say that.  He’s my grandfather.  Why do you ask?”

He smiled, though it looked forced.  “Just kinda hard to live here and not know the name of Wyvern.  Just curious.  He’s a hero here, after all.”

For some reason, it had the ring of falsehood about it or at least it sounded like there might be more to it.  But I couldn’t tell why he’d lie or even what he might have been lying about.  It made me a little nervous.  Especially in light of what I had wanted to ask him.  “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, of course…”

I wasn’t quite sure where to go with it after that, so I dropped it.  I decided to wait to broach him coming with me to meet my family until a little later.  Maybe he was just intimidated.  Aside from the police force, when most found out my name, they looked at me with awe.  I’d become used to it really.  After all, the paparazzi still liked to hang around outside the fence at home.  I shrugged one shoulder and settled back and watched him play games.


I saw Roark looking in the fridge today, a frown on his face.  “What’s wrong, love?”

“Need to run out and get some more plasma juice,” he grumbled.  “Cyn must have taken the last one and forgot to tell me.  She won’t be home from work till later.”  His sister had a part time job working at the science center.  She loved it there.  Those that worked there looked after her and she got to garden to her heart’s content.  They actually had quite the garden in the basement.  Yes, the basement.  Gardening outdoors would be dangerous for a vampire, after all.

“Roark, why bother with the juice?” I asked quietly, looking at him.  “I’m right here.”

He stopped and stared at me, his eyes wide.  “Wait… are you… are you giving me permission to… drink from you?”

I grinned at him.  “Of course I am.  You should know I’d be fine with it.  I love you.”

He put his hand to my cheek tenderly.  “And I love you.”

“I promise that I’ll be gentle.  You might feel a little prick when I bite, but my saliva will deaden it immediately, ok?” he murmured as he leaned forward.  I stood there, waiting.  I was actually curious about the sensation.  I’d heard that vampire feeding could feel quite good, depending.  He was right; there was a little prick, almost like a pinch, but it was over and done so quick, might not as well have felt it at all.  The sensation of him feeding was like nothing I’d ever felt before.  There was this kind of calm with a hint of euphoria mixed in with it.  At that moment, I’d have done anything he wanted to do.

I’m not actually sure how long he fed.  I didn’t move at all during it, though I honestly don’t know if I could even had I wanted to.  As soon as he stopped though, I staggered.  I might have fallen had he not been there to catch me.  “You ok?” he asked, his expression full of concern.

I had to shake my head, trying to clear the fog.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I’m fine.  Little light-headed, that’s all.”  I looked at him.  “Wow…  That was definitely… something.  Is it always like that?”

He chuckled.  “Well, it won’t be quite so overwhelming once you get used to it.”  He licked his lips.  “Just so you know… you taste really good.”  He slung his arm around my waist.  “C’mon, you’ll be tired after that.  Let’s go get some sleep.”

I didn’t argue with that.  I changed then crawled into bed.  No sooner had he curled up next to me, his arms around me then I was asleep.


The next morning, I was still a little out of it, but more like I’d been on a stake out for three nights without any sleep.  Cyn was up and sitting at the island in the kitchen.  I yawned loudly, then grinned at her.  “Morning, Cyn.  Where’s your brother?”

She smiled back, just a little shyly.  Cyn was such a sweetheart.  “He went out for a quick run.  Said he’d back soon, though.  You ok?”  Her voice sounded like a child’s and she cocked her head to the side.  It was hard to tell at times, but Cyn was trapped somewhere between an adult and a child, sometimes having moments of utter clarity.

I grimaced.  “Just tired.  I’ll be ok.  Need to wake up is all.”

Her expression brightened and it was such a child-like excitement, my heart just melted.  “Can I show you my game before Roark gets back?”

“Sure!”  Cyn had already jumped up.  I couldn’t help but grin as I went to stand up.  But the grin soon turned to a look of fear as Cyn let out a blood curdling shriek.  I wasn’t sure what to do; I’m ashamed to say I froze a little.

I heard the door slam open and Roark came running in.  He approached his sister who was letting out little whimpers and shrieks.  He looked at me even as he began to talk to his sister.  “Hey Cyn, Cyn.  It’s ok, sis.  You’re alright.  It’s just Luna and I here, ok?  You know what to do.  It’s ok.”  I held my breath.  I hadn’t seen one of her episodes yet.  It was terrifying and heartbreaking.  But the gentle way Roark handled Cyn… if I wasn’t in love with him before, I surely was now.

After a moment, the panic seemed to leave her eyes and she pulled a paper bag from her back pocket and began to breath into it, in and out, in and out.

And just as if nothing had happened, Cyn was back.  She smiled at both of us.  “Can I show Luna the racing game, Roark?”

He smiled at her.  “Of course you can.”  He put an arm around her shoulder and gave her a quick squeeze.  Then he looked at me.  “I’m just gonna take a quick shower, then I’ll join you girl, ok?”  Cyn gave a loud cheer and then leapt over the back of the couch and grabbed the controlling.  I went around.

She was so excited to show me her game, a game I used to play with Pop all the time that I just had to grin as I sat there.

After her first race, she looked at me.  “Wanna race, Luna?”

“You bet!  I used to play like this with my Pop all the time!  You’re on, Cyn!”

Our game was good-natured, if a little vicious at times.  “Oh, c’mon, not the wall again!” I wailed.

Roark came out to join us after his shower and you could hear all of us yelling and giggling.  I can’t wait for my family to meet them, they’ll fit in so well.


I sit here on the floor of my apartment, wondering where it all went wrong…

Well, not wrong, I guess… I don’t know.  I need to back up.  Tell it from the beginning.  Roark had been watching a bit of the game on TV the other night when I’d ask him if we could talk about something. He stood up and nodded.  “Sure, babe.  What’s up?”

“So, my little brother will be turning 18 in a couple weeks.  I told my family I’d be there for it.  I want you and Cyn to come with me.”

I thought he’d be overjoyed or at least curious after the one conversation we’d had.  Instead, his gaze became shuttered and he looked away from me.  “I’m sorry, Luna.  W-we can’t.”

“What do you mean?  Did your leave end already?  Did you get called up again?”

“No, no I’m still on leave.  I just… we can’t go.”  The way his voice had gone hard had my own hackles raising.  There was something in his voice, something that sent off warning bells in my head.

“Why not?  Don’t you want to meet my family?  What’s the deal, Roark?”

“No, I don’t!” he exploded.  My eyes widened in shock, then narrowed.

“Fine,” I murmured.  I couldn’t believe how calm my voice was.  I was nowhere near calm.  “That’s just fine.”  I turned and walked right out of the house, slamming the door in his face.  He didn’t follow.

So now I sit here…  I don’t even know what happened.  Maybe I jumped the gun a bit by asking him to come meet my family like that.  I just thought… maybe it wasn’t as serious for him as it was for me?  But I can’t believe that.  I may be young yet, but, c’mon I know how he looked at me!  I know that kinda look.

It’s the same look my parents get when they look at each other, or Nan and Pop.  I-I probably just came on too strong.  That’s a big step, after all, meeting your girl’s family.  Then again, I don’t know much about his family, other than Cyn.

We said we’d take it slow.  This wasn’t slow enough, I guess.  I’ve always had that problem.  Alduin calls me a whirlwind sometimes.  Well, I’ll give him his space for a couple days.  Maybe he’ll give me a call.  I have a couple cases I can look into in the meantime.  I hope he calls…

Couple Weeks Later; Back in Monte Vista

Alduin went to the fridge, then stopped.  Aurora looked up.  “What is it, dear?”

“I don’t know… just upset that Luna isn’t coming after all.  She was so excited just a couple weeks ago.  Wish she would tell us what’s wrong.”

Aurora sighed.  She agreed with her son wholeheartedly.  But Luna was a grown woman.  She had a right to her privacy… even if it broke her mother’s heart.  “I know, baby.  C’mere.  Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be ok in a little while.  You know her, nothing keeps her down for long.”

Alduin nodded.  “Yeah, guess you’re right.  Maybe during break I’ll fly out to see her in Bridgeport, cheer her up.”  He shrugged and walked on.  Aurora looked after him, holding her smile in place until he left.  Then she let the worry show.  What was going on with Luna?  Her terse email, not even a call, had simply said, ‘Not able to make it, will call and talk later.’

No one had been able to make anything of it.  Draco had been concerned, but he’d felt nothing from the Universe, as he liked to call it.  “Perhaps she’s experiencing some boy trouble,” Sophia had offered.  She looked troubled herself.  “Or a case isn’t going well.”

They traded theories back and forth, but the truth was, they really couldn’t know anything unless Luna confided in them.  She’d always been an outgoing girl, so having her withdraw was difficult on them.  But they agreed that letting her come to them would be better right now.  She’d come, when she was ready.

The next day, they gathered around Alduin as he stood behind his cake.  They were all putting on bright, cheery faces, but they were all too aware of Luna’s absence.

Alduin stepped up to the cake, closed his eyes and breathed a quick little plea that Luna was ok before blowing out his candles.

The sparkles surrounded him and Alduin became a young adult.

He was able to graduate with some of his old classmates… and chose some odd attire to do so.  In fact, it was a SimTrek uniform that his grandparents had gotten him for his birthday.  His mother and father looked at him askance, but then they just shrugged.  Alduin liked to make a statement at times.

“C’mon guys, get together, I want a picture!” Aurora called out to her family as they came out of City Hall.

Having already completed all the paperwork, registering for classes, choosing his housing, Alduin was ready to go to University.  Early the next morning, before the sun was even up, the small moving van sat outside, idling at the curb.  Amidst his family… he frowned, wishing that Luna had been able to come.  But he sighed and took his small suitcase out to the van, his family waving and calling goodbye.

Then he was off to University.  As soon as the van pulled away, he looked at the driver.  He didn’t know his name only that he worked for the Agency as well.  “So, what’s this big assignment I’m supposed to be on while I’m at Uni?”

The man, his skin pale as wax, with green glowing eyes, shook his head.  “You’ll find out when ya get there, boy.”



Ok, guys.  I’ve been excited to get to this part.  For those who want to see Alduin’s adventures in Uni and to find out about this Agency of his, check out BrainofIvane’s The Chronicles of Clarke.  She and I have had a tremendous blast collaborating on our now shared world.  I highly recommend you read from the beginning, but if you absolutely don’t have the time, here’s the link to the first page Alduin shows up in. Are you a Werewolf?.  Again, highly recommend reading from the beginning ^^

A Headline from the Bridgeport Journal



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