Chapter 6: Snowflake Day Scheme and Quite the ‘Surprise’

So I invited a rather large crowd to our first official Snowflake Day Gift Giving celebration.  The boys were very excited and gave me quite a list of people to invite.  We set up the gift pile in the hallway because there was plenty of room for it there.  Our living room is comfortable but a little tight.

Well… there is sure a crowd in our house today.  Unfortunately, I invited a few of the friends I made when I first arrived, but Constanzo and Adalina couldn’t make it due to a fund raiser they had to attend.  However, their daughter Sophia did make it.  I actually think more than half of the school came, both the elementary and high schools, come to think of it.

We began the gift opening after everyone arrived.

It went well, everyone seemed quite happy with their gifts.  Draco got a nice chess set from his father and I which he seemed to really appreciate.  Falkor got a new easel from us.  There were video games and some nice decorations, pictures all exchanged.  There were two young women that came to the party.  One of them is most certainly the young lady that my son fancies, I’m sure of it.

First, there’s Alison.  She’s the daughter of Giacoma and Florence Taylor-Modena.  I don’t know her parents, but she’s one of Draco’s friends and has been with him since elementary school.

The other young lady is Sophia Rossi, daughter of my friends Constanzo and Adalina.  She’s a gorgeous girl.  I hadn’t gotten to see them for quite some time, only the occasional phone call to touch base.  But as parents, we couldn’t help but talk of our children so I knew a bit about her.  Wouldn’t it be amusing if this was the girl that my son was interested in?

I almost hope that it is; she’s so polite.  She came up to David and I to thank us for inviting her and she wanted to tell us how much she was enjoying herself.

Cecilia Costa also attended, as did a little girl named Faye Almeria-Gilsboro.  Her parents are Goopy and Marta Almeria-Gilsboro.  There was quite the scandal when the two eloped as teenagers because Marta had become pregnant.  It didn’t bother me at the time, but with a teenage boy and one soon to be, it makes me a bit nervous now.  I want grandchildren, but I want my sons to reach their potential first, to grow up and decide what they want.  Children are wonderful but they are a responsibility and not one to take lightly.  They are life-changing.

This is Cecilia.  She is still in elementary school; if I remember correctly, she’s two or three days younger than Draco.

This is Faye.  She’s another pretty little girl.  Falkor helps her with her math homework during study halls.

As the party winded down, my suspicions were confirmed.  It seems that I was right.  I happened to overhear my son and Sophia talking quietly.  They are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend.

Draco admitted as much to me later on and he sheepishly asked if she could spend the night.  I eyed him with a stern look.  “Yes, but only if she sleeps in the bottom bunk.  You are both to behave yourselves, ok?”

“Yes, mama,” he mumbled, then slunk off.

David saw the look on my face as I watched him go.  He pulled me close.  “Don’t look so worried.  It’ll be ok.  He’s a teenager.  But he’s not stupid.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right,” I murmured, kissing my husband.

Celestia might have heeded her instincts… while smart, even brilliant, Draco Wyvern was still only a teenager at that time and subject to his hormones, just as they all were.  If either Celestia or David knew what was going on after they went to bed, they may have gone things differently, after all, even the brightest of us makes snap decisions based on emotion.

But they did sleep in separate beds, just as Draco told his mother…

While his brother and Sophia practiced being teenagers, Falkor was also sneaking out, though it was more that he enjoyed the town at first light.  Apparently, someone else did to.  Falkor met his friend, Faye at the beach, where they hung out often before heading to school.

I am so-so… I don’t even know what I am.  Part of me wants to weep, another part wants to rage, yet another part recognizes the sheer futility of either of those options.  Draco is not as smart as we gave him credit for… or maybe we were just too trusting.  I wish I could use ignorance as an excuse.  I was never a teenager, never had to deal with the raging hormones… and yet, that doesn’t matter, not at all.

David took it better than I.  Though disappointed, he let out a sigh and murmured, “Well, be that as it may… we’ll get through this.”

Yes, Sophia is pregnant.  Neither she or Draco are old enough… but it doesn’t matter because it is going to happen.  In a few days time, I will be a grandmother.

Draco told me himself.  I was… flabberghasted.  I couldn’t even say anything.

“Mom… I-I have something to- tell you.”

“What is it, my dear?”

He swallowed and looked at the ground.  “I… Sophia’s pregnant mom.  She just told me.”  I know he wanted me to say something… anything, but I just couldn’t.  Not then.  Eventually, we talked, he and I.  Then I spoke with Sophia’s parents.  They are as shocked as I am, though seem to have taken it more in stride.

Though Draco was initially pretty shocked himself, he seems to have bounced back rather well.  He and Sophia are over the moon.  It was decided between her parents and David and I that Sophia would live with us.  It was a bit of a toss-up of whether Draco would move in with Sophia and her parents or vice versa, but the truth is, we have a bigger house and more room to spread out.  As it is, we have all had a serious discussion about the future.  While Draco’s first instinct was to get married right away, David and I put our foot down.  When they are older, they can get married, but not now, not while they are still in high school.

Poor Falkor isn’t quite sure to make of things, but he likes Sophia.  She’s making an effort to get along with everyone.  She really is a good girl.  It’s hard for me, having to watch this, knowing that their lives will change irrevocably.  It will not go as it was intended to.  But one thing that eases my mind- and my heart- is watching Sophia and Draco together.  Despite being so young, they are very in love.


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