Chapter 8: The Little Northern Light

I was worried about Draco, about becoming a father so young.  But watching him with that little bundle of pink is so heart-warming.  I can hear him murmuring softly to her, whispering how much he loves her.  He may be young, but my son is a good boy and is already becoming a man.

I miss Diego terribly.  Though Aurora is a wonderful distraction, I find myself thinking of him at odd moments, feeling tears prick my eyes.  This was my first loss…  How do the Sims do this?  How do they live like this, knowing that their loved ones will one day leave?  I suppose it’s why they live as if today will be their last…

I’ve been so melancholy since Diego passed that my husband and my children thought that a new addition would be helpful… as if my first grandchild wasn’t enough…  Still, I know they did it with the best of intentions.  And I have to admit, the little dear is darling.  They’ve named her Glena, sticking with the ‘G’ names that David and I used for Diego and Darcy’s pups.  She’s a puppy now, but she’ll age up tomorrow.

Gage already seems quite taken with her.  He enjoys chasing after her and nuzzling against her.

Sophia has taken to motherhood better than I expected as well.  After a difficult labor, Draco made sure she got rest, so he took the rounds with their daughter, but she has insisted upon taking her turn with little Aurora.

In other news, it seems Falkor has also succumbed to hormones!  Perhaps I’m being a bit paranoid, but after what happened with Draco, I am hyper vigilant, I think.  Still, I can at least be glad that both of my sons have picked girls- women, that I approve of.  Faye is a delightful girl as well.  Yes, Faye, his best friend from elementary school.  They are a couple it seems.  He has assured me that there will be no ‘shenanigans’ until they are older.  He admitted that he didn’t want to wait, but he doesn’t want to repeat his brother’s mistake.

Not that Aurora is a mistake.  She’s far from it.  I just wish they had waited until they were both older, until they had had time to live their own lives before becoming responsible for another life.  And yet… I can’t help but feel blessed when I hold her.  She smells of baby powder and a lovely, fresh scent all her own.  Her little coos are just adorable.  “My little Northern Light.”  That’s something that David came up with for her, honestly, but the nickname fits her so very well.  She is the light of our lives.

Falkor is quite taken with his little niece as well.  He sneaks into the nursery whenever he gets a chance to cuddle and play with her.

He and Faye have already talked of the future, it seems.  At least that’s what he tells me.  He doesn’t really want to go to University; he never did enjoy school as much as his brother did.  Faye doesn’t seem interested in University either, so they plan on working right out of high school, saving up, and moving in together.

Why are they growing so fast?  It seems like it was just yesterday when they were both Aurora’s age and I was responsible for everything for them.  They looked to me to provide everything they needed.  Now… now, one of my babies had a baby of his own and the other was already making plans for when he would leave home.

I was out in the garden, tending to the plants when Sophia came out and gently called my name.  “C-cel… I mean, Mom.”  I told her to call me Mom if she was comfortable with that.

“What is it dear?”  I wiped off my hands and went to her, smiling.

“I know you and-and Dad don’t want Draco and I to get married right away.  We know that and we understand, but… You’ll be ok with us getting married once we graduate right?  Y-you want me as your daughter-in-law, don’t you?”

“Sophia, of course!” I exclaimed.  “What gave you the idea that I didn’t?”

She blushed.  “I don’t know.  I know you were disappointed.”

“I just know a child is a big responsibility and you both are so young yet.  It’s not because I don’t want you as part of this family,” I told her firmly.  “You ARE a part of this family.”

We hugged and then she showed me the ring.  Though they wouldn’t marry for several more days, after they were young adults, Draco had confided in David (who then told me) that he was going to propose.  David had even helped his son pick out the ring.

I wasn’t told until after.  David did listen through a window, silently cheering his son on.  This is what he relayed to me how Draco proposed.

Draco was a little nervous; his hands shook a little, even when he brought one hand up to stroke it over his girlfriend’s cheek.  “You’re beautiful, Sophia.  Thank you for giving me such a beautiful daughter, too.”  He kissed her, then stepped back, looking at her intently.  “I know things have been crazy lately and have happened so fast.  I… I don’t want you to think that just because we had a child together doesn’t mean…”  He shook his head.  “This is coming out all wrong…  Hang on, one sec!”

He had to turn away, catch his breath before he turned back to her.  “I have a question for you, Sophia.”  Getting down on one knee, he pulled out the little box from his pocket.  “I love you, Sophia.  I love your smile, the way you laugh.  I can’t picture my life without you or our daughter.  Will you marry me, Sophia Rossi?  Marry me and I will spend the rest of my days showing you how much I love you.”

Sophia squealed and then threw her arms around his neck, laughing and crying at the same time.  “Of course, of course I will!  You goof!”

After what seemed to be an interminably long hug, they separated.  “I don’t want you to think that we’re getting married JUST because of Aurora.  I’ll always do right by her, I swear.  I want to marry you because I love you,” Draco told her solemnly.

“I know that.  I do.”  She hugged him again.  “I love you, too.”

The kids went back to school; it is Sophia’s first time back since she had Aurora.  The boys flank her like two body guards, almost daring anyone to say something to her.  But according to them, it seems pretty normal.

Since the kids are gone and I tend to sleep in after a late night, David uses the time to spend it with his granddaughter.

I watched him for a while, leaning in the doorway.  “Do you wish we had had a third one?” I asked him as I wandered into the room.  “We could have gotten a little girl.”

David smiled at me.  “We have quite a crew right now.  And this little one is so precious.  Things have a way of working, I’ve found.  So while we don’t have a daughter, we do have a granddaughter.”

I nodded, smiling back.  “Aye, that we do.”  He gently lay a sleeping Aurora back in her crib and then took my hand.  “The kids will be home soon.  Let’s enjoy our time together.  So that’s what we did.

Oh!  I forgot to mention.  Our new little puppy is no longer a puppy.  She aged up right on time.  Glena is now a beautiful adult American Eskimo dog.

And now that she’s older, she and Gage are very close.

Before we all knew it, it was time for our little Northern Light to become a toddler!  It’s so hard to believe!  Draco and Sophia gave their father the honor of carrying Aurora to the cake.

There she is, our little Northern Light.  She’s so cute, that little grin just melts your heart.  Don’t get me wrong, my boys were cute, too.  But there’s just something about that little face…  It seems to hold more power than even her father’s did.

She’s already off to the races!  She crawls quickly!  What’s it going to be like when she can walk on her own?  I almost shudder at the thought.


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