Chapter 9: Grandchild Spam and Take 2 for a Prom Night

A/N: Warning, the first part is completely toddler spam because Aurora is just too cute and a lot of this is actually autonomous, other than the skill teaching.  Her interactions with the family are just adorable so I took a lot of screenshots XD

Aurora really is our little light.  She’s always so happy and good natured.  Even when she’s hungry or has a dirty diaper, there’s a little grin on her face when someone goes to take care of her.

Teaching her her skills has been a treat.  Sophia and Draco are so good with her.  They dote on her so.

They aren’t the only ones of course, though.  Her grandpa, her Uncle Falkor, and I sneak in what time we can get with her as well.

While she loves everyone and loves the attention, there is no doubt that she’s a daddy’s girl.  Whenever Draco’s anywhere around, she reaches for him and when he plays the Claw or Tickle Attack, she just shrieks with delight.  No one else seems to get quite the same reaction.

Though Sophia and Draco are wonderful parents, David and I are still adamant that they are as normal teenagers as possible so when the final prom was announced, we insisted that they go.  Falkor was already going with Faye.  He’d asked her ages ago.

So on Sunday night, Draco, Sophia, and Faye loaded up into the limo.  Falkor was a bit late in getting ready, but he followed after them shortly.

It was a rather eventful night apparently.  Falkor was crowned Prom King, while Sophia was crowned Prom Queen.  Draco had just shrugged and grinned.  “She’s already my Queen,” he murmured to his girlfriend as they regaled us of tales of their night.  While the kids’ humor at the prom was a bit off, no one could doubt that Sophia and Draco were the favorite couple at the dance; no one doubted how in unison they were.  Draco couldn’t help but tease his brother a little bit.

“I’m not the only one with his Queen,” he snickered.  “Little brother over there… ask him what Faye told him tonight.”

As he fidgeted and glared at his brother a moment for putting him on the spot while David and I waited expectantly, he finally shrugged and mumbled, “She told me she loves me.”

“It was really sweet,” Sophia added, sighing dreamily.

All in all, it sounded like they had a very enjoyable time.

They all proudly displayed their mementos from the occasion.

Oh and when the kids came out of prom, Sophia celebrated her birthday.  I’m very glad she got this last chance to be a teenager before she joined the adult world.

Both of her parents made a beeline for Aurora’s room so they could see her and say goodnight.  Draco put her on the potty, and then her mama put her to bed.

And to leave you with more cuteness



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