Announcement: QotD going on Hiatus

Hey guys, I really want to apologize for the delay in having a post.  There are a number of things that are going on right now that has contributed to this delay.  I hate to do this, but for now, I am going to put QotD on hiatus.  I have not forgotten this and I WILL continue, but right now, I’m concentrating on doing Nano Prep as well as a few things in real life that have cropped up.

One of those things is that I am having a very hard time concentrating on anything.  Even Nano Prep is going ridiculously slow.  The other issue I’m running into is that my legacy file is running sooo slowly and with not enough time to begin with, it’s hard to boot up the game for any length of time and get some play time in.

I have also acquired a copy of Sims 4.  I’m enjoying it for the simple reason that it runs sooo smoothly on the computer without lag, with very few glitches.  I am currently doing a Legacy Challenge.  I might do a blog on that family, but since it’s nothing but gameplay, there is basically no prep time at all for it, so might use it as a kind of stress relief writing in between Nano and trying to get a post up for QotD.  So be on the lookout for that, but it probably won’t be any time soon.  Again, I am NOT abandoning this, just taking a bit of a break.  I really love this story, these characters, and of course, the collaboration with Ivane and the Chronicles of Clarke.  So take heart, this is not the end!  I promise.

Celestia says hi!

Just keep on the lookout for the QotD return!  Who knows, I might actually get ambitious one of these days and get a real update out, but I wanted to let you guys know that if I don’t, the story WILL return!


18 thoughts on “Announcement: QotD going on Hiatus

  1. Hi right back at you Celestia 😉

    Oh the temptation of the non lagging games…I know that. It’s such a relief to play games that don’t take two sim hours to perform a simple talking action.
    If you do do a blog for that sims 4 legacy challenge, do send us a link!

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    • Agreed! Definitely want a link to that story when/if it comes about! AND I would love to read your NaNo novel as well 😉 just putting it out there…

      I’m gonna join you for NaNo this year, Jessi, even though I’m scared witless by the idea lol

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      • Yeah, I’ll definitely post up a link for you guys ^^ Well, I can show you the one from last year, though it needs some serious edits XD

        You’ll do fine! Nano is all about getting the words out. If you aren’t happy with it, that’s fine as long as you tried it ^^ Who knows, you might find that you really enjoyed it enough to keep at it ^^


  2. I’m busy with my NaNo so far. Though I don’t think I’ll submit it. It’s a novel called “The Hunters of Artemis” it’s about what it sounds like.

    Y’know, if you wanted to, you could possibly submit your S3 story. It’s probably OVER 50,000 words by now. 😀

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