As Promised

I promised you guys a link when I started my Sims 4 legacy blog.  Here it is!  The first post is live!  Be aware that it probably won’t be very fast moving for the moment until I get a bit more time and all that, but I did have a bit of playing time in before so might have a few entries up in the next few days, but it isn’t my top priority.

Cornerstone: The Rampart Legacy

Hope you guys enjoy this and don’t forget the Wyverns!  They will return!



6 thoughts on “As Promised

  1. Following your new legacy blog now! ^_^ This is not to encourage you to not continue with the Wyvern’s though *stern look over glasses* (Did I do that right – I’m studying to become a librarian and I usually do well in our Staring Lessons) – okay, just kidding 😉 I know they’ll be back!

    Anyway, your new legacy looks cool. I like how it’s both comedic and story-like 🙂 Awesometastic! 😀 Your founder looks great.

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