An Update

Ok guys, I know I’ve been terrible.  Nano kicked my butt.  I did it, I got to 50K but it was a long road.  I certainly haven’t forgotten the Wyverns.  But because of the amount of time that the scenes take to set up, let alone get the screenshots, and then write, I am afraid you won’t see much of an update until after the New Year.  But if you are anxious to read something in the meantime, head over here: Wolfie’s Sims and More! This is a place where I’m throwing up all links for stories, past and present.

To keep myself in the writing mood, I am slowly working on two different Sims 4 stories.  There’s my legacy, Cornerstone: the Rampart Legacy, which I’ve already linked to.  And since Carl’s Guide and Forum brought out their Immortal Dynasty Challenge, I have a story with that now too. To Paint the World with Color.

I don’t imagine they will be very fast-paced.  I’m thinking only once or twice a week.  But it gives me something to do to keep writing without feeling a ton of pressure.  Fear not folks, the Wyverns will return, just not for a little while.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!  And a very happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “An Update

    • lol yeah, it will be eventually. Just need some time to collect thoughts and whatnot. I had planned on taking a break after Nano and that didn’t really happen because work got nuts and it will be until after the holidays. But at least this way, I still write, but I don’t feel quite as much pressure.

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  1. Congrats on reaching the 50K! 🙂 I didn’t even make it past the first two days – November got crazy busy.
    And glad to hear you’re going to continue QotD 🙂 And good luck on the others, too!
    And happy holidays to you 🙂

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    • The only person I needed here in these comments to have my 4 favourite internet people in one place would be Ivane *glances around, expecting Ivane to pop up*

      Glad the Wyverns will continue eventually, would be sad to see them go, even if part of them would live on in the Clarkes (via Calduin)…

      I’m already following the Ramparts and now I’m going to go stalk…I mean follow, the IDC one too!!!

      To all people writing TS3 stories: DO NOT GET TS4!!! It will ruin you! TS3 will never be the same again, just ask our resident Wolfie 🙂

      Finally: much love and festive wishes to you all, my friends! I hope I “see” you before the new year, but if not, I’ll just stalk you in 2015 instead 😉

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      • lol! It’s not that it’s ruined me, honestly. I still love TS3, the Wyverns (because of how I set things up) is more time consuming due to using Pose Player and what not, whereas my TS4 stuff is all strictly gameplay.

        Happy holidays my dear!


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