Holidays are over

So, the holidays are over now.  I’m hoping that means that I can not only get back to playing Sims, writing my Sims stories, but also finishing up the novel I started for Nano this year, then move on to rewriting/editing the one I did before.  Maybe, by the time next year rolls around, I’ll actually be prepared to finish the third and final novel of the trilogy I’m writing XD

I’m also desperately trying to get back into RPing.  I was a moderator for a site for role playing in a play-by-post format.  It was a great site, but the admins stopped caring about it, seeing it only as a cash-cow.  They refused to upgrade the software, refused to give us Mods any kind of real power to change things like the front page, etc (the mod staff is all volunteers, we don’t get paid, we did it because we loved the site) and we were being overrun with spam bots to a point that we couldn’t keep up with it.  Our community was dying, so after much discussion between the staff, we finally decided to move to a new site.  One of our global mods put up the money for the servers and whatnot and we moved.  We were both shocked and pleased by how many followed us, people that had already abandoned the old site because of the issues wanted to write again because we could finally have something that those that ran it cared about.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into RPing.  It’s something I’ve always loved to do.  The challenge of only controlling one character, never knowing what my partner(s) will do.  I love it.  WARNING: Shameless plug to follow!  If anyone is interested in meeting a great group of people, go here: RPG Collective is a great place to come for all forms of writing and all variety of shenanigans.  From the novice to the expert, there’s something for everyone.  Help us build not just a site, but a community of writers and role players for the ages!

Anyway, I can’t stop writing.  And now, with the holiday festivities concluded, I should have more time to do just that.  I’m going to desperately try to get an update to my current Sims Stories at least once a week.  That would be for my Sims 4 stories anyway.  I’m not sure how I’ll work my Sims 3 Legacy into it.  That one might be once every two weeks, since I have to set up all the screenshots and whatnot.  But at least it would be moving again.

Wow, this is a lot more rambling than I intended XD Apologies for that!  Hopefully, I’ll have more insightful or at least something relevant to come back with next time I make a post.


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