Ugh! –headdesk–

Ok, one of these days, I will be so much better with updates!  Really sorry, guys.  The last couple months have been pretty horrendous.  The most recent debacle happened at the beginning of July when the hubby and I were headed up the turnpike on a trip to visit my family.  July 3, our car broke down on the side of the turnpike, which… let me tell you, is a scary place to be broken down at.  It’s not because it’s secluded or dark or dreary or anything.  No, it’s because people go screaming past you at 80-90 miles per hour, enough to shake our little car.

Anyway, to make a long story short, our car, ended up being totalled.  After about a month of trying to figure out just what happened, we finally realized it was because of a traffic cone.  About mid June, the hubby was driving home from work in the morning, following behind a construction vehicle.  A cone fell off the back in front of him.  Well, he had no room to try to swerve so the damn thing went beneath the car.  Now, initially, other than a bit of broken plastic, everything seemed fine.  In fact, we drove it for two weeks after that without an issue.  Come to find out, it wasn’t just cosmetic damage like we thought.  In fact, that stupid cone had pushed the AC condenser back about an inch and cracked the radiator.  It was only a matter of time before the darn thing failed.  That failure resulted in the head cracking as well as the block.  So basically it meant a whole new engine.  But because it was caused by something that hit the car, we could turn it into our insurance.

Now, that means we’ve had no car for a month.  For the first 10 days, we rented a car… which let’s just say that’s freakin’ expensive!  Luckily, a family that I pet sit for let us borrow their car while they were gone, giving us time to figure things out.  Satuday, we went and bought a new car.  And I mean a brand new car XD.  We figured we wouldn’t be able to afford a brand new car for another 10 years, at least, ya know?  Well, come to find out, what we were looking at in used cars, and what we get with a new car, it was actually better for us to get a new one.  We haven’t picked it up yet.  We do that Thursday (gotta wait on the insurance check and all that, of course).  I’m still at the point of, “wait, did we actually just buy a NEW car?  Did we really?”  I figure that’ll wear off… eventually XD

Needless to say, I haven’t done a lot of simming or writing or anything much for that matter.  I’ve been pretty drained the last little while, but I hope this is a step in the right direction.  Maybe this week I’ll get some writing done for a few of my stories and even catch up on my RP’s I have going!  I can hope at least XD  Anyway, just trying to let everyone know I’m still alive and i haven’t forgotten my stories.  I just haven’t been in the right frame of mind to give them the attention they deserve.  But keep an eye out.  Here’s to hoping for some updates soon!

New Content

Heya guys ^^

As promised, I started uploading pics of the builds I’ve been doing.  Right now, I just got the starter homes I’ve done up, but I’ll continue to upload things as I go.  I might be considering taking requests, but I am not sure about that at this point in time, mostly because it is a bit of a moot point with the gallery open to everyone and so many amazing houses and lots to choose from.  Go check out the page that reads: Wolf Designs and Realty, btw, just in case you might have missed that XD

I’ve actually been building for a Block Party Challenge (made by Pinstar), so as I complete more of it, I’ll be throwing those up as well.  So keep an eye out if you wanna see some more builds ^^

Some updates

Alright folks, despite the fact that my poor little computer had to be sent off to get serviced, I am going to attempt to get some fun bits up here.  The first thing I’ll be doing is uploading screenshots of some of the builds I’ve done for Sims 4.  Not sure how quickly I’ll get them up, but keep an eye out ^^

On the writing front, sadly, without my own computer (currently commandeering the hubby’s hehehehe), writing won’t happen.  Aside from needing to be able to sit back, get comfortable, it also has a bunch of my notes, screenshots etc.  While I have them backed up in several places, just easier to wait.  I have to have certain conditions to be able to write.  Doing it at a desktop like the hubby’s just isn’t going to happen.

But, I will be working on the Wyverns (my TS3 Legacy Family) as well as the Chromas (my TS4 Immortal Dynasty family) as soon as I get it back.  Going to try to at least get things organized and what not on my various blogs.

Ok, so some not-so-sad news

Well, I suppose it’s both good and bad news.  I will be continuing the Wyverns.  I think I have a few screenshots left that I can use, but after that, it will go to a straight story blog.  But, the good news is, Ivane and I are going to do our best to keep our collab going ^^

My computer had to be sent in for servicing, sadly.  Until I get it back, I will be unable to do the actual writing, but know that I- and more importantly, the Wyverns- will return, hopefully not too long after the 11th.  I’m not sure how long it will take for me to actually get my computer back since that’s when it will get to the Asus people.  After that… it may actually not be till the end of the month.  The charging port went out on it so it was only a matter of time before I couldn’t use it at all.  I will say, though, Asus has phenomenal customer service.  I just happen to be on the other end of the States from their headquarters XD.  I had intended to actually start writing for the Wyverns before July since it was just going to be a continuation, not a rewrite, but my computer threw a wrench into the works.  But know this: I’ll be back!  As will Luna, Roark, Ryu, Aurora, Jeffrey, and Cyn as well as the rest of this lovable (or decidedly not XD) cast of characters.  Also… I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your support!  And a special thanks to Ivane!  I am so glad to see TCoC back in action as well and to be able to talk and collab with her again ^^

*Sheepish Look Around*

It’s been a long time since I updated here… or anywhere, really.  Lot of stuff has been going on.  Real life really taking over and getting crazy.  There was one thing I was putting off, but I finally made the announcement yesterday.  For those of you who follow my Queen of the Dragons blog, sadly, I just cannot continue the story as is.  Aside from real life considerations, my game file is almost impossible to play due to lag.  So as much as I hate to do it, I am not continuing the blog, at least not as a Sims story.  BUT, I am probably going to do some rewrites/re-working and post it as a simple story blog.  When I get that up, I’ll certainly let everyone know.  I might actually use it as my Camp Nano project for July.

As far as the blog itself, I’m thinking of moving the posts to this one for Queen of Dragons, giving it its own little section so if folks wanna read it, they can.  I might turn that particular address into a general writing blog.  Since I do a lot of that else-where, it would make sense, I suppose.

In other news, I’m still having quite the blast with Sims 4.  I got Get to Work and I am enjoying it thoroughly.  I also am participating in the annual tournament on Carl’s Guide and Forum.  I’m solidly in the bottom lol, but that’s ok.  I figured I’d be there.  I’ve always been more fascinated with the story that unfolds before me as I play than playing with a specific strategy, though the challenges have taught me sooo much about playing the game and that alone is worth it.  Once again, sorry for the absence.  Going to make a concentrated effort to not disappear again XD  Until next time.

Sad News

Ok guys, I have been putting this off for long enough.  I was hoping something would change, but I am very afraid that this is the only thing I can do.  With a heavy heart, I have to announce that I am afraid that I am unable to continue the Wyverns.  There are several reasons for this.  The first is that, the interconnectedness, the intertwining storylines of the Wyverns and Clarkes was a huge plus and one of the things that kept me going even in those times I didn’t have a lot of creativity going. I know Ivane is very busy and we haven’t been able to talk hardly at all.

Another important reason is that my game file is getting almost impossible to play, even on a fully functioning gaming rig.  That and the amount of time it takes to set up shots, I just can’t do it anymore.

Now, I am curious to see: if I could make the Wyverns into a simple text blog (I don’t know if they would be connected to the Clarkes anymore, it all depends on whether I can try and reconnect with Ivane again), would anyone be interested in that?  What will probably happen to this blog is that I would preserve this blog by transferring it to it’s own section on Wolfie’s Sims Stories and More and make this blog address something of a general writing blog.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  And I want to thank each and everyone of you that has read and commented and I want to apologize for being unable to finish.  I truly am sorry.

1.04: Birthdays and Some Wonderful News

A/N: So sorry for the delay.  Been an exceedingly busy few months.  That and my will/motivation to write have been pretty sad.  I’ve actually had this update written since my trip in January, I just couldn’t seem to get my butt moving to get it up.  Well, it’s done and I hope you enjoy.  Going to try to keep a semi-regular schedule in updating.  Especially since I haven’t played my dynasty because I’m really far in game and hope to get caught up before I continue playing.  We’ll see how that goes XD  Anyway, without further ado, here ya go!

Rogelio ran a hand over Azura’s back as they cuddled on the couch.  Then he leaned over to kiss her temple.  “How’s your latest manuscript coming along?” he asked his wife.

“Oh,” she said nonchalantly, “It’s coming along alright.  I uh- got an extension actually.”

“Really?  I thought your editor was really adamant that you get it done by the deadline.”

“She was,” Azura murmured, “but uh… well, I convinced her otherwise.”

Rogelio frowned.  “Is everything ok, my love?”

Azura smiled wide.  “Everything is wonderful.  It’s better than perfect, actually,” she murmured.  She shifted a bit, facing him more fully.  “Rog… the reason she moved my deadline is because I’ll be on maternity leave by then.  I’m pregnant!  You’re going to be a father!”

He froze and just looked at her, dumbfounded.  Then a slow, almost smug smile spread across his face.

He pulled her close for a long, slow kiss, his grip around her gentle but tight.

Then he just rested his forehead against hers.  “A baby… I-I can’t… how long have you known?”

“Not that long, I swear.  A couple days.  I-I was actually trying to keep it quiet.  I only told my editor because she wouldn’t stop badgering me about this latest manuscript.”  She blushed and looked sheepish.  “I’m afraid I snapped a bit and told her ‘that deadline will just have to pass!  This baby is more important!’  I’m sorry, my love!”

Rogelio chuckled.  “That’s quite alright, my love.”  He held her close.  He couldn’t stop grinning.  A baby!  He was going to be a father.  The idea had always been an abstract thought.  Sure, he’d thought about having a family, especially when Azura had come along, but now it was going to be reality!

Azura let out a soft sigh and leaned her head against his, their arms entwined around one another.

After a moment, Azura grinned.  “I need to go and get the cake ready!  I can’t believe it, but Cassie and Alex’s birthday is today!  Our Miss Cassie is going to be 18 and Alex will be taking that first step into teenager-dom.”

“Oh that’s right!” Rogelio exclaimed.  “Do you need any help?”  He was suddenly anxious for his wife.  Should she be doing things while pregnant?

Azura laughed.  “Don’t worry, Rog.  I’m fully capable of baking a cake without any help.”  She kissed him, then stood up and went out to the kitchen so she could bake the kids’ cake.  Before long, it was in the oven.

They’d decided it was going to be a private birthday party, just the household.  The kids were perfectly happy with that arrangement.  Azura set the beautiful chocolate cake with a white, decadent butter-cream frosting down on the little kitchen table.  She set the candles out just as Cassie came down the stairs.  She hadn’t even bothered to change out of her pj’s.  When Azura and Rogelio picked on her a bit, she just grinned and said, “Well, it is my birthday, right?”

They’d laughed and agreed.  When she saw the cake, Cassie couldn’t help but gush over it.  “Oh Azura, it’s beautiful!”

Azura smiled and nodded her head.  She lit the candles.  “Well, c’mon then birthday girl!  Blow them out!”

Cassie approached the cake.  She pulled in a deep breath, then let it out, her family cheering.

With a spin and a flourish, Cassandra Goth became a young adult.

Then it was Alex’s turn.  Azura lit another batch of candles and the young boy stepped up to the cake, took a deep breath, then blew out his candles.

With a spin and an explosion of sparkles, Alex was a teenager.

After Alex ran to the mirror and the dresser to fix things, he and his sister gave each other a hug, then took a selfie.  Cassie laughed at the look on her brother’s face.  “Really, Alex?  What kinda face is that?”

“Mine,” he replied with a snicker.

Everyone sat down for a bit of cake.  As they sat there, everyone noticed the way that Rogelio couldn’t stop smiling or the way he kept looking at Azura.  “Ok, what’s going on?” Alex demanded.

“I’m pregnant!” Azura blurted out.

Silence descended for a moment, before everyone began to talk at once.  There were tears from Bella and Cassie, and lots of back slaps from Alex and Mortimer to Rogelio and everyone went around hugging one another, but especially Azura.  It was a day for celebrations.  By the time everyone got to bed, they were stuffed with cake and everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the newest member of the family.

The next few months passed swiftly for most of them, though as Azura’s pregnancy progressed, she thought things could go a bit faster.  Rather take her maternity leave early, she chose to work right up until she gave birth.  Of course, she came home absolutely exhausted most nights.

Rogelio always greeted her with a kiss and a special drink he’d prepared for her.  It was full of vitamins and provided a much needed pick-me-up for her.

“How’s Azura feeling?” Mortimer asked Rogelio one day while the two ate a late lunch.  The two had become very good friends and were often seen off fishing together.  They even had a bit of a friendly competition going on.

“Alright, I think, for the most part, but she can’t seem to shake the nausea.  It actually wasn’t as bad in the beginning as it is now,” Rogelio told him, sighing.  He felt sorry for his wife.  Just that morning, he could hear her in the bathroom.  She’d looked miserable.

Mortimer nodded.  “With both kids, Bella spent a lot of time near a toilette.  The only thing that seemed to settle her stomach was buttered toast.  She still can’t eat it to this day because of that,” he said, wincing.

“Well, hopefully it won’t be that bad with Azura,” Rogelio murmured.  He didn’t enjoy seeing his wife in such discomfort.

As she came waddling out to the kitchen, he beamed at her and stood up.  “There’s my beautiful Mama.  Are you feeling better?”  He immediately put a hand to her stomach as she smiled at him.

“Much better, thank you, love.”  She smiled at him.  It was so cute to watch him speak to her swollen stomach.  He got such a look of awe over his face.  He kissed her cheek and went off to take care of a few things around the house.  As he did that, Azura began to clean up the kitchen.

Cassie came in.  “Hey!  Let me do that!” she exclaimed, taking the dirty dishes from Azura’s hands without letting her give no for an answer.  “You just sit, relax.”

Azura pursed her lips.  “I’m pregnant, not an invalid!” she protested.

Cassie grinned at her unrepentantly.  “No, you’re right on that.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  I can see you’re hurting.  So sit, just relax, ok?”

Azura sighed and did as the younger girl said.  Cassie joined her, reaching across and grabbing her hand.  “We only baby you because we care.”

As the weeks progressed, Azura got bigger and bigger yet.  “I feel like a whale,” she’d grumble to her husband.  Rogelio would promptly bend down to pat her stomach, assuring their child that mommy didn’t mean it, that mommy was just impatient to see their little one.

It never failed to bring a smile to Azura’s face, but as she sat there with Bella one morning, she couldn’t help but heave a sigh.  “I can’t wait for this to be over.  I-I just want to hold our baby…”

Bella reached across the table and took her friend’s hand.  “I know, sweetie.  I know.  It’ll be here before you know it.”  She grinned, though there was understanding in her eyes.  “Trust me, soon as you go into labor, you’ll be begging to wait just a bit longer!”

Azura laughed.  “Yes, I suppose you’re right.”  Bella left her to go and work out in the garden for a little while.  Alex sat down with a plate of food.

He smiled.  “Heya Aunt ‘Zura.  How ya feelin?”

Azura smiled.  “I-“  She grabbed at her stomach as a fierce pain seemed to radiate through her.  Memories of her mother, of what had happened began to whirl through her mind.  She felt like she couldn’t breathe even as contractions began to wrack her body.

“Aunt ‘Zura!?  What’s wrong?” Alex demanded, hearing the whimper she let out.

“B-baby!” she whispered, all the color draining from her face.

Alex’s eyes went wide.  “Mom!” he shouted.  “Dad, Cassie, Uncle Rog!”  He went through the gamut of names, trying to get someone- anyone- who know more about these things than him.

But Rog and Mortimer had gone out fishing that morning and were on the other side of the road.  Bella was working in her garden and it was impossible to tell where Cassie had got to.  “O-ok, Aunt ‘Zura,” he said, pulling in a deep breath, “b-breathe in, breathe out.  L-let’s get you upstairs.”  Before he lost the nerve, he gently escorted Azura up the stairs by linking his elbow with hers.  When she was safely in the nursery, he looked at her again.  “I-I’m going to go get Uncle Rog.  Y-you gonna be ok?”

She nodded, still breathing in and out.  She was trying so hard not to be terrified.  Alex nodded and then ran out as fast as his legs could carry him.  Without anyone there, Azura let out a short scream.  “O-ok little one, here we go,” she whispered.

“Azura!  Azura!”  Rogelio burst into the room and then froze as Azura let out a short yell of pain.  Everything they’d talked about went out of his head at that moment.  All the preparations they’d made… all the coaching classes.  He remembered nothing as his wife labored in front of him.  He could only stare, absolutely frozen.

He shook his head, coming to his senses.  He was about to ask if there was anything he could do, anything at all, when Azura threw back her head in a long, loud scream.  Then, in a burst of sparkles, his daughter was born.

Welcome to the world Liadan Chroma.

Back from Washington and Updates!

I made it back from Washington alright, though was a bit afraid there for a bit on Monday due to the snow.  Flight home was delayed by two hours.  But I got home alright, so I’m happy!  Can’t wait for Thursday/Friday since that’s my “weekend”.  Washington was good, though I wasn’t there long enough to recover from jet lag, so I’m all discombobulated XD But I was able to use my two 5-6 hour flights to get some updates up for my Sims 4 Stories.

So Cornerstone is up to chapter 1.10 and To Paint the World is at chapter 1.03.  I hope to actually do something with Queen of the Dragons during my weekend, but we’ll see if things cooperate with me XD

Am soooo excited to see that the Chronicles of Clarke is continuing again!  It’s really giving me that boost I need to attempt to get back to QotD.  Just hope my game cooperates with me XD

In other news, trying to get the drive to write and actually do it for some of my RPs on RPG Collective.  Been trying to get on a schedule but need to catch up with everything first and things keep coming up so it makes it hard XD But I’m pushing through, slowly.

1.03: Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Chroma

The two crept quietly into the house.  While everyone else would be asleep, Azura wanted to make sure they didn’t disturb anyone either.  She led him into the family room and they sat down on the couch.  Rogelio pulled her close to his side, nuzzling his cheek against hers.

“I never thought to have this,” Azura murmured after a moment.  “It seemed like a fairy tale.”  She swallowed.  She so rarely talked of her early life, of her parents.  It was just too painful for her.  She could talk with Bella about it because Bella had been there for much of it.  But Rog…  She felt she could tell him anything.  So as they sat there, just holding one another, Azura told him about the day the colors faded for her.  She had already explained to him a bit about the research she and the Goths were doing, but this was the first time that she’d been able to tell him what had prompted it all.

He didn’t say anything for a long moment, the hand on her back just gentle rubbing in small circles.  When he did, his gaze was tender on hers.  “We’ll bring the colors back for you, my love.  I’ll do whatever I have to in order to make sure that will happen.”  Then he kissed her as if sealing that promise.

She closed her eyes and just savored the moment.  Azura hadn’t let herself hope in a long time.  Her obsession with the old manuscript, even approaching Bella and Mortimer hadn’t put this feeling in her chest.  A feeling of lightness, of blossoming hope that was fragile, but nevertheless, it was a start.  She let out a sigh, then lay her head on Rogelio’s shoulder and let sleep take her, for the first time in a long time, her dreams held a bit of color.

Azura had been a little afraid adding someone else to the household might disrupt things a bit, but in truth, Rogelio was proving invaluable, and not just to herself.  He was quite handy and after one of the toilets downstairs sprung a leak for the fourth time that month, he was in there fixing it himself instead of having to call a plumber.

Even Alex and Cassie quite liked him.  Azura often found him chatting with Alex in the morning before school.  He’d have Alex rolling quite a bit with some stories from his youth.

“Nu uh!” Alex exclaimed.  “Did you really?”

Rogelio chuckled lightly.  “I’m afraid so.  My uh… teachers weren’t overly pleased with me, of course.”

Alex giggled then he saw Azura.  “’Zura, Uncle Rog let a bunch of frogs out in the halls in school!”

Azura arched a brow at him.  “He did, did he?”  She grinned.  “And why, pray tell, did he do such a thing?”

Rogelio grinned at her, the look in his eyes making Azura’s cheeks flush.

“Why, to impress a young lady, of course,” he told Alex, turning back to him, winking at Azura.  “Watcher only knows that we poor menfolk are powerless to resist when a girl bats her eyelashes at us and talks about the plight of the poor little creatures in the science room.”

Azura almost choked on her coffee as Alex let out a gagging noise.  “Girls are icky!” he exclaimed.  “And weird!”

“Am I weird?” Azura asked him.

He blinked.  “Oh no, Aunt ‘Zura!  I didn’t mean that you were weird!”

“What about your mom and sister?  Are they weird?”

Alex seemed to think about that for a moment.  “Well, Cassie can be a bit weird at times, but no, I guess not.”  Still thinking, the young boy got up to go get ready for school.

Azura turned to her boyfriend.  “Can we not try to corrupt the poor thing?” she asked with a laugh.  “Alex’s a good boy.”

Rogelio inclined his head, grinning unrepentantly.  “That he is.  And he’ll learn all too well.  Not much longer before he’ll be a hormonal mess as well.  It happens to us all.”

Azura giggled.  “I suppose you have a point there.  Don’t mention that to his mother yet, though.  She’s not ready for him to grow up quite yet.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Rogelio promised.  He watched Azura walk out, needing to get ready to leave for work.

After giving Azura a hug and a steamy kiss before she went out the door, Rogelio wondered out to the dining room table.  Bella and Mortimer had emerged and were eating some breakfast.  Rogelio sat down with the book he’d selected and gave them a smile as he sat down.  “Morning, folks,” he greeted them.

“Morning, Rogelio,” Bella greeted with a smile.  She looked over at Mortimer, a little blush coloring her cheeks while Mortimer gave her a look much as Rogelio had given Azura that morning.

As Rogelio and Mortimer began an animated conversation, Bella got up and excused herself so she could go work in the garden.  She felt a little pang.  Mortimer and Rogelio were of an age, both several years older than her and Azura.  Mortimer had swept her off her feet, much as Rogelio had done to Azura.  But seeing the little hint of gray in their hair, hearing how the two talked of things that neither she nor Azura could understand was a constant reminder of the age difference.  Not that it had stopped any of them, obviously.  But Bella couldn’t help think on it every now and again.  She couldn’t help smiling though when she heard the subject of fishing come up.  Knowing they would be at that discussion for a while, she tuned it out and went out the back door to her garden.

Rogelio stretched and got out of bed.  After their discussion, he and Mortimer had gone fishing together.  Two old guys at the river bank.  It had felt good, though he was feeling his age a bit and they’d both headed to their rooms for a quick nap.  He looked over at the bedside clock and his eyes widened.  Azura was going to be home any moment now!  He ran to his dresser and reached into the back and pulled out the little jewelers’ box.  He had thought about taking her for another date and doing this properly.  But he thought doing it here, at the house would be more intimate.  The Goths were her family and doing it here would have more meaning, he thought.

He heard the door open and slid the box into his pocket then strode out of their room.  He found the love of his life in the kitchen.  It was true what they say: the kitchen is really the heart of the home.  It certainly was in their house.  She looked lost in thought, but when she heard the footsteps and saw him, her face lit up and then she was in his arms, greeting him with a kiss.

“Hi,” she said breathlessly after he held her at arm’s length.

“Hi yourself,” he murmured.  He seemed to be drinking her in with his eyes, his gaze sweeping over her from head to toe.  He was nervous.  He didn’t think he would be.  It felt so right.  He’d never been one to really do things on impulse.  He’d been planning this for a while now, since before she’d asked him to move in.  But now that it was time, he found himself nervous.  But looking at her, feeling that punch in the gut that always seemed to accompany that first glimpse of her each time, he could only smile.  He reached into his pocket even as he knelt down on one knee in front of her.

Azura could only stare at him, not quite computing what she was seeing or hearing.  “Azura Lynn Chroma,” Rogelio began, “I knew from the moment I set eyes on you that you were the one.  It was like a punch straight to my heart.  I never really believed in fairy tales, until I set eyes on you.  You have become my very own fairy tale, my Princess.  Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?  Of sharing the rest of our lives together, however long that may be?”

Nothing came out.  Azura just stood there, unable to speak past the lump that had lodged itself in her throat.  Tears pricked her eyes, making Rogelio’s upturned face blurry.  Her hand had gone to her chest to make sure she still had a heartbeat.  She was fairly certain that her heart had stopped for a moment there.

After what seemed like an eternity for her, but was in reality only a few moments, Azura choked out, “Yes.  Yes, I’ll marry you.”  He slid the ring on her finger, his own eyes shimmering with just a hint of tears as well.

He stood up and they kissed tenderly, Azura letting out a little sob of noise as she tried not to cry in sheer happiness.

With a sudden wild whoop of delight, Azura leapt into Rogelio’s arms!  He looked startled, but he managed to catch her at least.  Older he may have been, but he was still in very good shape.

Cassie, who had been creeping at the edge of the kitchen, not wanting to interrupt the beautiful moment, ran in, cheering for them.  Rogelio grinned, unable to tear his gaze away from Azura’s.  She was going to be his wife.  It still seemed a little unreal to him.  To both of them, he thought, judging by the look in her eyes as well.

He set her down and once again, they were wrapped up in one another’s arms.  Cassie let out a sappy sigh at the table.  “That’s so sweet,” she murmured.

“Maybe we should just elope,” Azura sighed one night a few weeks later.  Between work and the wedding planning, she was a bit overwrought.

“Nonsense,” Bella said briskly.  “You’re almost there.  I wish you would relax a bit more and let us handle things,” she said.  “I promise, it will be beautiful.”

“Oh, I know that,” Azura assured her.  “I do.  I just… I would feel awful leaving it all to you.”

“Azura,” Bella said, putting her hand over her friend’s.  “It’s ok, really.  You’ve been working non-stop lately.  You’re stressed out.  Your wedding is your day.  I want it to be special for you.  So, let me take care of things for a while, alright?”

“Mom’s right, Aunt ‘Zura,” Alex piped up.  He was doing his homework.  “Mom’s good at this kinda stuff, aren’t ya, Mom?”

Bella grinned at her son.  “Yes, yes I am.”

Azura stared between them bemusedly for a moment, then she threw up her hands, laughing.  “Alright, alright.  I’ll leave it in your capable hands, Bella.”

“Excellent!” Bella exclaimed.  “I promise, you won’t regret it.”

The next month or so passed in a whirlwind.  True to her word, Bella took over the wedding plans.  Azura hardly had to lift a finger unless it was just to make a choice between two colors, or two kinds of stem-ware.  It was suspiciously easy.  And before she knew it, the day of her wedding was upon them.

As Bella had promised, things were perfect.  She’d had a wedding arch set up in their backyard, even ordering a beautiful fountain and arrangement of flowers.  It was beautiful.  Azura stood under the arch with Rogelio, their guests looking on.  Azura really left like a Princess, decked out in her light blue gown.  Rogelio looked dashing in a white fedora.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered.  “You take my breath away, Azura.”

“Oh Rog,” she murmured.  Tears threatened to spill over.  “I-I’m so happy.  Y-you make me so happy.”

As everyone found their seats, Azura and her husband-to-be could only look at one another and both count their lucky stars.

When everyone was seated, the music started.  Swallowing, Azura took Rogelio’s hand in hers and then slid the ring onto his finger.  “With this ring, I thee wed,” she murmured, never taking her eyes off of him.  “I promise to love you, to cherish you, to be your friend and confidante for as long as we both shall live.  I will be there to lift you up and to support you all of our days together.”

Rogelio held her hand and slid the ring onto her finger.  His voice was a bit gruff as he recited his vows.  “With this ring, I thee wed.  I promise to love you, to cherish you, to be your rock and your support.  I swear to you that I will help you paint your world with color once more.  I will be there to lift you up and to support you all of our days together.”

And with a kiss to act as a final seal on their promises to one another, they became Mr. and Mrs. Chroma (Rogelio was only too happy to take Azura’s name as his own).

After the ceremony was the reception.  They started with the cake-cutting.  And then of course there was the feeding each other cake.  Azura’s eyes twinkled.  “Be nice,” she warned her new husband.

“You too,” he said, giving her a wink.  She laughed and the two gently fed each other, both being on their best behavior, if for no other reason than they knew the other would get even.

They made the rounds afterward, sitting and chatting with as many of their guests as possible.  Nancy, Geoff, and their son had come as well as a few people that Azura had met through work.

Shortly after that, Rog and ‘Zura made their escape with the help of Bella who took care of shooing any of the guests out of there.  She told Azura that she and the kids would take care of clean-up.  “It’s your wedding night.  Enjoy it!” Bella said with a wink.

Azura laughed.  “Oh we will!”  Taking her husband’s hand, she led him upstairs.  Once in their room, the two just stood there for a moment, looking at each other.  Then Azura leaned forward.  “Well Mr. Chroma?” she asked.

“Thought you’d never ask, Mrs. Chroma,” Rogelio answered, grinning devilishly.

They changed out of their wedding attire and hopped into bed, giggling like children.

Later on, as Azura lay in her new husband’s arms, she felt his mouth curl into a grin as he whispered in her ear.  “Good night, Mrs. Chroma.”

She grinned back.  “Good night, Mr. Chroma.  Sweet dreams.”

“I’ll be dreaming of you, so of course they will be.”  Flushing, her heart going pitter-pat in her chest, Azura closed her eyes, happier than she could remember being in a long time.  Her dreams held a beautiful sunrise, bringing with it a light wash of color.

1.10: The Rampart Boys

“That’s my boy,” Camron murmured as he placed a soft kiss to Leo’s forehead.  ‘That’s my good boy.  All changed.”  Leo giggled and gave a soft coo.

Just as he lay Leonidas in his basinet, his twin brother let out a little cry.  Camron grinned.  “Right on time, Ricki,” he murmured.  He changed Alaric’s diaper, and held him close to his chest for a little cuddle as well.

It was Mulan’s first day back to work after the twins were born, so it was just him and the boys until Yoshi got home from school.  The last couple weeks, Camron had become pretty good at juggling the boys’ needs.  It was a challenge that was for sure.  He and Mulan had thought they were prepared after Yoshi.  Having twins was a whole different ballgame, though.  Luckily, the boys made it a bit easier by trying to keep pretty regular schedules.  Once one needed something, the other was often right behind.

Camron always waited for Yoshi to get home from school, and get his homework done so he could spend a bit of time with his oldest.

Once he checked on the twins and made sure they were sleeping peacefully, he’d go for a short jog around the neighborhood before Mulan would get home.

Yoshi knew if there was anything wrong, all he had to do was either yell out the door since Camron never went far or give him a call on his cell.  He never had to.  Normally, Camron would get back home in time to shower real quick before his wife would arrive home.  They’d catch up and spend a few moments together.

Mulan would change and then it was her turn to look after the boys.  She did enjoy the time with them, especially breastfeeding.  There was just something about it, that bond with her babies.

Once Alaric and Leonidas were seen to, she and Yoshi would sit down to watch some cartoons.  He’d often be snacking on some leftovers.  Today, it was pancakes.  “How was school, baby?”

“Good,” he answered.  “A little boring at parts.  I’m not so into the math class, but our art class was great!  And next week, we’re learning how to do shading!”

“Oh really?” Mulan asked.  “That’s wonderful baby!”  Her son was a quick study, but art was his passion.  He’d begun to really be interested in music, too.  “I got a call from your music teacher, baby.  She had some wonderful things to say about you.”

“Oh she did?”  Yoshi blushed.

“Yes she did.  She wants you to take lessons.  And when you’re a bit older, she thinks you’d do wonderfully with the guitar.”

He seemed to think about that.  “I think that’d be really cool!”

Mulan laughed.  “Well then, it’s settled.”  She pulled him to her.  “I love you, Yoshi.”

“I love you, too, mama.”

“Hey Papa, how come I can’t hold them?” Yoshi asked, looking up at his dad.

“Because they’re delicate, son.  Not that we don’t trust you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Don’t worry, when you come home from school, they’ll be big enough for you to play with.”

Yoshi leaned over his little brother Alaric’s bassinet.  “Hey there.  It’s just your big brother, Yoshi,” he told the infant.  “When you get bigger, we’re gonna be able to play all sorts of games!”  Camron chuckled.  Yoshi was good with the boys, though he chafed a bit at the fact that he couldn’t even hold them.

“Oop, I hear the bus, son.  Best get going,” Camron murmured.

Yoshi dashed out, calling over his shoulder, “Bye dad!  See you after school!  Bye Rickie, bye Leo!”

Camron smiled after his oldest son, then went to his youngest give him a bottle.  He had certainly lucked out in the child department.  He couldn’t imagine a better kid than Yoshi and even the twins, despite the constant fatigue of keeping up with two newborns, Camron realized it could be a lot worse.  Yoshi certainly made things much easier on Mulan and himself.

Wolf: Yeah, you got real lucky.  Yoshi’s a sweetheart.  I know some families where the term ‘sibling rivalry’ is a gross understatement.

Camron grimaced.  “I don’t see that happening.  Yoshi seems enamored of his brothers.  And I would assume twins would be pretty close, wouldn’t you think?”

Wolf:  Yeah, I’d think so.  Though you Sims… anyway, no point in worrying about it until you get there, right?

“Exactly.”  Camron gave a sharp nod.  He just didn’t see his boys having any kind of issues like that.

Wolf: Sounds like Mulan is up.  You guys ready?

“Ready as we’ll ever be to see our children grow up,” Camron answered softly.

Mulan came into the nursery and smiled at her husband, though she gave a distinct sniffle.  “C-can’t believe it’s that time already.  Time seems to be flying by.”

Linking hands, the two approached the bassinets.  “Go ahead, Wolf,” Mulan murmured.  She and Camron stepped to the side as the twins’ bassinets began to shake and then their two boys did quite the acrobatics, sparkles filling the air.

The two boys looked at their parents, then at each other and burst out laughing.  They both ran to the dresser to don their own style and fix their hair.  Leo went first since he was the older of the two (by a whole two minutes, as Alaric was quick to point out).  He liked a bit slicker look, being a bit more conscious of appearance than either Yoshi or Alaric, with an outgoing personality.

Alaric went in more for comfort than style.  He took after his mother, being quite the geek, though rather than being a history geek like she was, he was enamored of science fiction.  Already, he had the itch to play video games and watch all the sci-fi shows he could.

In fact, the first thing he asked his dad after getting his clothing and hair sorted out, was what was on.

Leo’s first order of business was to head straight outside to go take a swing on the monkey bars.

“Where’d the boys all get to?” Mulan asked.  She’d just been cleaning up the house a bit and hadn’t seen the boys in a few hours, since they’d sorted themselves out.

Camron was getting ready for work.  “Pretty sure they’re up with Yoshi in his room.  Once he got home from school, that’s where they disappeared to.  That and he brought home his little friend Olivia.”

“Ah, ok.  I’ll just go run up and check on everyone, see if they want any snacks or anything,” Mulan murmured.  Indeed, that’s where Mulan found all three of her boys and Yoshi’s friend Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis, in the twin’s room

Mulan walked in, grinning.  “Hey kids.  How’s everyone?”

“Heya Mom!” Alaric exclaimed.  “Guess what’s on tonight?!  SimFirefly!”

“Geek,” Leo snickered, though it wasn’t malicious as he read one of his new textbooks.  He wanted to be ready for school in the morning.

“Yup and proud of it,” Alaric retorted, grinning widely.

Mulan laughed.  “That’s nice sweetheart.  Well, when you kids get hungry, there’s some snacks and juice in the fridge, ok?”

“Ok mom!”  “Ok, Mrs. Rampart!”

Mulan went downstairs to see her husband off to work.  She gave him a hug and a kiss, then watched him leave, a soft smile on her lips.  She could hardly believe it.  Her kids were growing so fast.  Time just seemed to march on.  Such was the way of things, though.  Still, seeing her boys run around together and joke and josh each other tickled her to no end.  She sat on the couch, contemplating the turn of events of her life.  Maybe she was grateful to Wolf after all.

Wolf: I should hope so.  Her Watcher’s voice was teasing.  I really do have your best interests at heart, you know.

“Yes, I’m starting to see that maybe you actually do.  Thank you, Wolf.  For choosing me.”

Wolf: You’re welcome, Mulan.  Don’t worry, we’re not close to done yet.  You have plenty of time.

“Yes we do.”