New Content

Heya guys ^^

As promised, I started uploading pics of the builds I’ve been doing.  Right now, I just got the starter homes I’ve done up, but I’ll continue to upload things as I go.  I might be considering taking requests, but I am not sure about that at this point in time, mostly because it is a bit of a moot point with the gallery open to everyone and so many amazing houses and lots to choose from.  Go check out the page that reads: Wolf Designs and Realty, btw, just in case you might have missed that XD

I’ve actually been building for a Block Party Challenge (made by Pinstar), so as I complete more of it, I’ll be throwing those up as well.  So keep an eye out if you wanna see some more builds ^^


Some updates

Alright folks, despite the fact that my poor little computer had to be sent off to get serviced, I am going to attempt to get some fun bits up here.  The first thing I’ll be doing is uploading screenshots of some of the builds I’ve done for Sims 4.  Not sure how quickly I’ll get them up, but keep an eye out ^^

On the writing front, sadly, without my own computer (currently commandeering the hubby’s hehehehe), writing won’t happen.  Aside from needing to be able to sit back, get comfortable, it also has a bunch of my notes, screenshots etc.  While I have them backed up in several places, just easier to wait.  I have to have certain conditions to be able to write.  Doing it at a desktop like the hubby’s just isn’t going to happen.

But, I will be working on the Wyverns (my TS3 Legacy Family) as well as the Chromas (my TS4 Immortal Dynasty family) as soon as I get it back.  Going to try to at least get things organized and what not on my various blogs.

Ok, so some not-so-sad news

Well, I suppose it’s both good and bad news.  I will be continuing the Wyverns.  I think I have a few screenshots left that I can use, but after that, it will go to a straight story blog.  But, the good news is, Ivane and I are going to do our best to keep our collab going ^^

My computer had to be sent in for servicing, sadly.  Until I get it back, I will be unable to do the actual writing, but know that I- and more importantly, the Wyverns- will return, hopefully not too long after the 11th.  I’m not sure how long it will take for me to actually get my computer back since that’s when it will get to the Asus people.  After that… it may actually not be till the end of the month.  The charging port went out on it so it was only a matter of time before I couldn’t use it at all.  I will say, though, Asus has phenomenal customer service.  I just happen to be on the other end of the States from their headquarters XD.  I had intended to actually start writing for the Wyverns before July since it was just going to be a continuation, not a rewrite, but my computer threw a wrench into the works.  But know this: I’ll be back!  As will Luna, Roark, Ryu, Aurora, Jeffrey, and Cyn as well as the rest of this lovable (or decidedly not XD) cast of characters.  Also… I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your support!  And a special thanks to Ivane!  I am so glad to see TCoC back in action as well and to be able to talk and collab with her again ^^