Ugh! –headdesk–

Ok, one of these days, I will be so much better with updates!  Really sorry, guys.  The last couple months have been pretty horrendous.  The most recent debacle happened at the beginning of July when the hubby and I were headed up the turnpike on a trip to visit my family.  July 3, our car broke down on the side of the turnpike, which… let me tell you, is a scary place to be broken down at.  It’s not because it’s secluded or dark or dreary or anything.  No, it’s because people go screaming past you at 80-90 miles per hour, enough to shake our little car.

Anyway, to make a long story short, our car, ended up being totalled.  After about a month of trying to figure out just what happened, we finally realized it was because of a traffic cone.  About mid June, the hubby was driving home from work in the morning, following behind a construction vehicle.  A cone fell off the back in front of him.  Well, he had no room to try to swerve so the damn thing went beneath the car.  Now, initially, other than a bit of broken plastic, everything seemed fine.  In fact, we drove it for two weeks after that without an issue.  Come to find out, it wasn’t just cosmetic damage like we thought.  In fact, that stupid cone had pushed the AC condenser back about an inch and cracked the radiator.  It was only a matter of time before the darn thing failed.  That failure resulted in the head cracking as well as the block.  So basically it meant a whole new engine.  But because it was caused by something that hit the car, we could turn it into our insurance.

Now, that means we’ve had no car for a month.  For the first 10 days, we rented a car… which let’s just say that’s freakin’ expensive!  Luckily, a family that I pet sit for let us borrow their car while they were gone, giving us time to figure things out.  Satuday, we went and bought a new car.  And I mean a brand new car XD.  We figured we wouldn’t be able to afford a brand new car for another 10 years, at least, ya know?  Well, come to find out, what we were looking at in used cars, and what we get with a new car, it was actually better for us to get a new one.  We haven’t picked it up yet.  We do that Thursday (gotta wait on the insurance check and all that, of course).  I’m still at the point of, “wait, did we actually just buy a NEW car?  Did we really?”  I figure that’ll wear off… eventually XD

Needless to say, I haven’t done a lot of simming or writing or anything much for that matter.  I’ve been pretty drained the last little while, but I hope this is a step in the right direction.  Maybe this week I’ll get some writing done for a few of my stories and even catch up on my RP’s I have going!  I can hope at least XD  Anyway, just trying to let everyone know I’m still alive and i haven’t forgotten my stories.  I just haven’t been in the right frame of mind to give them the attention they deserve.  But keep an eye out.  Here’s to hoping for some updates soon!


4 thoughts on “Ugh! –headdesk–

  1. Ah, it’s tough luck with the car, but congrats on the new one 😀 Hope you’ll get some time to relax and have fun with writing soon 🙂

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