Chapter 1: The First Week

See Blake.


See Blake Run.

Hold it!  Hold it!  Really Watcher?  Really!?  That is the lamest joke yet!

Hush you… My jokes aren’t that bad, are they?

–Arches  a brow—Yes, yes they really are…

–huffs—Well fine then!  Such disrespect!


Ahem, sorry about that folks.  Just a bit of- creative differences between my subject and I.

Subject huh?  That’s not what you normally call me…

Oi!  Hush up for a bit would ya and let me at least start to tell your story?

Just making sure you get it right.  That’s all.  Alright, alright, I’ll leave off for a bit.

Thank you!


Ok, where was I?  Oh yes, this is Blake Hanover:

He’s the founder of what will become the Hanover Family Reign.  Our dear Blake is alone in the world- well, except for me, his Watcher.  A ward of the state, he never had a real family.  With a bit of money and a lot inherited from a distant relative, Blake has settled down in Willow Creek.  Here, he hopes to fulfill his dream of becoming a superstar athlete and maybe- just maybe, he’ll meet the One, the One woman just for him.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves huh?

 For now, this is Blake’s new home.  It’s small and spare, but in many ways, more than he’s ever had.  And it’s all his!


Ya know, this may be a novel idea, but why don’t I tell my own story?

–grinds teeth and looks at—What did I tell you before?  Quiet!  Or I’ll leave you paused for a month!

You wouldn’t…

Wouldn’t I?

…Shuttin’ up now.

Bout time!  Oi… ok, now where was I?  Oh right, so Blake finally has a home of his own.  Aside from him taking up a nice scenic jog around his new neighborhood:


There was a nice little gathering of his neighbors just from up over the way, the SKL household.


Blake enjoyed the little get together, though he was happy to see them leave.  He only had a little bit of time to prepare.  Tryouts for the local team would take place in a little while and he had to make sure he was in top shape.  So off to the gym he went.

He met a few new friends with a penchant for working out like he did.

Including this young lady that does keep appearing in various places:

She was obviously admiring his- technique, right?

–snorts—Oh c’mon, you’re transparent, ya know that, don’t ya?

–with great dignity—I don’t know what you’re talking about…

Riiiight.  I’m sure you don’t.  What’s with all the screenshots you took of me without a shirt on?  I distinctly heard you humming when I stepped outta the shower.

Moving on…

 Ahem, so Blake’s first few days in Willow Creek, on his own was fairly uneventful.  Except for the occasional mishap in the kitchen…

“Um, Watcher?  Why do I have to make salad?  I’d rather have something more uh- substantial!”

Not until you learn enough NOT to burn down your little house.  Until the tryouts, you have very little money and even the little bit of collecting you’ve done hasn’t given us enough of a leeway yet, alright?”

“Fine, fine… cripes.  Ok, so let’s cut up this tomato!”

Whoa, watch what you’re doing with that knife!  Cripes!”

Did ya have to include that?  Really?

We’re being honest!  You aren’t perfect so I’m not sugar coating this!

Fine fine… man…

At least I’m not putting in the other picture!

What other- –eye widen—Oh… that one… –looks around fertively—Ok, ok, I’ll keep quiet!

Thank you!


Eventually, our “hero” managed to make his salad, even if he was disappointed it wasn’t something a bit- meatier.


See?  You just like showing me off without a shirt!

… What happened to being quiet!?

–snickers and wanders off—


…Ok, so maybe he has a point!  He’s hot, especially without a shirt on.  So sue me!  Anyway, be that as it may, Blake continued to make his way around town.  There was more gym time and he even went to the local watering hole to see what the night life was like.  He finally got his more substantional meal there.


He also met a couple of nice ladies and some other strapping young lads.  They exchanged some good work out tips, talked sports.


But eventually things wound down.


He came back and went to sleep.


“Blake!  Blake!  Wake up!”

“Huh, wha?  What’s goin’ on?”

(He’s really not a morning Sim, not until he’s had his morning run at least.)

“Get that cute butt outta that bed!  She’s here!  Omgomgomg, this is awesome!”

“You’re even crazier than normal.  What are you talking about?”

“The woman of your dreams!  She’s fishing just across the way!”

“What have you been smoking?”


“Alright, alright!” –gets out of bed and reluctantly dresses—  “What’s this about the girl of my dreams?”

“Just- trust me ok?  I know she’s for you.  I wasn’t sure we’d get to see her, but she’s here!”


–shrugged and headed out of the house, whistling, but after he crossed the street, he stopped, his heart beating in his chest as he saw the figure idly fishing—

“W-watcher… w-why does it feel like-like I know her?”

swallows—“It’s a bit of a long story.  I’ll tell you about it one day.  Don’t just stand there, introduce yourself!”


He took a few steps closer as she turned around and then just stood there with a stupid look on his face.



–whispers– “Say something you idiot!”

“Hi,” he breathed out.

–sighs in disgust—“Crimeny… smooth, Blake, smooth…”

She grinned.  “Hi.  I’m Brenna.  Brenna Hailama.”

“Brenna… That’s a beautiful name.”


“Thanks, I’m rather fond of it,” she said with a light laugh.

still whispering—“Oh, he’s such a goner… again!”


Eventually, Blake was able to remove his foot from his mouth as he relaxed.

“So, uh, do you live around here?”

Brenna smiled—that seems to be her default expression, quite honestly–, “Actually, I do.  Well, I live here in Willow Creek.  The old Rindle Rose place.  But I can’t beat the fishing out here.  That and it’s just too beautiful.”

“Oh, it definitely is.  Can’t beat the view, that’s for sure.”

She laughed again.  “Well, I need to head home now.  Will I see you around?”

Blake gave her his best grin.  “Yeah, definitely.  I live just across the road.  The old Oakenstead lot.”

“Oh really?  I thought it belonged to some older lady?”

“Yeah, I think she was a great, great aunt.  She left it to me, when she passed.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that!”

“I didn’t really know her that well, honestly.  But uh, you’re welcome here anytime and if you want to come and fish a bit further up, just off the property, you’re welcome to.”

Her smile softened.  “Thanks.  I uh, might take you up on that.  Here.”  She took his phone out of his pocket and entered her number into it.  “I’ll see you around, Blake.”


He stood there, his hand waving goodbye, that stupid look on his face.  –snorts—“C’mon, Romeo.  Let’s go.”




Hey, hear there’s a party going on in Windenburg.  At the Von Haunt Estate.  Think you should go.

Sure, why not.  –shrugs—


“This place is really cool, isn’t it?  Wait, what ya doing, Blake?  Who ya callin’?”



“Just you wait.  You’ll see.”

“Why does that make me nervous?”

“You have a suspicious nature?”



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