Chapter 4: First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, then-

You two decent now?

“No!”  There was a giggle at the end of Brenna’s exclamation and Blake’s deep chuckle.

–arches brow—Oh, so now you’re taking his lead, Brenna?  Great, just what I have to look forward too…

This brought on more giggles as I peered into their bedroom.

The two sat on their bed, side by side, each looking like the cat that ate the canary.

Awww, you guys are too cute, ya know that?

Blake was too engrossed with his new wife to even make a comment on that.  They had their arms around one another, their cheeks together, just enjoying the closeness of the other one.

after a little while—Alright, I’ll leave you two alone for a bit.  This is getting a little boring.  While cute, I need something else to do.

The two of them looked at one another and giggled.  “See?” Blake murmured.  “Told ya it would work.”

“You were right, love.  C’mon, practice makes perfect huh?”  Brenna added an eyebrow wiggle for emphasis as she pounced on her husband.

Making breakfast, I see.

Blake nodded.  “Mhm, scrambled eggs.  I promise, I won’t burn anything down, ok?”

You better not… We’re a bit low on funds just now.  Waiting for the spawn points to come back is taking a bit and with the wedding and all, Brenna hasn’t been able to fish, so we’ve got very little income coming in.

“Yeah, I know.  I’ll be careful.”

watches a moment, just in case—Alright, you seem to have things well in hand here.  I’m gonna go check on Brenna, see if she’s awake yet.

He waved a hand, muttering under his breath, “Good, go do something else other than bug me.”


Oh good, you’re awake.

 “Ya know, Watcher,” she told me dryly, “I can handle going to the bathroom myself.”  Then she seemed to look pensive and then her head swiveled around.  “Is Blake with you?”

No, why?

“Ok, well, I just- I’m about to take a pregnancy test.  I don’t want to get his hopes up, that’s all.  W-will you stay with me?  To see?”

Of course, you don’t even have to ask, honey.

She nodded.  “Alright, so make sure it’s held in the stream… check.  Now I just gotta wait a moment and-“  Her eyes widened with delight.  “Watcher!  Watcher!  Look, look!  It’s positive!  I’m with nooboo!”

Awww, that’s great Brenna!

Before I could finish congratulating her, she was off like a shot to find her husband, yelling his name.  He had been about to go for his morning run so as she burst out onto the front porch, he had frozen.  “Brenna, what is it?  Are you alright?”

Her face looked like it was about to split apart from how wide her smile was.  “I’m better than alright!  We’re pregnant!  We’re gonna have a nooboo!”

“Wait, what!?” he exclaimed, his eyes as wide as saucers.  “A-a nooboo?”  Slowly, his mouth split into a mile-wide grin to match his wife’s.  “I’m gonna be a daddy?”


He gave a whoop and began to run around like a little kid, exclaiming, “We’re gonna have a NOOOOBOOOO!”  Brenna and I could only laugh.

He’s definitely excited.

She smiled and then looked quesy.  “Oh… oh dear.”

Ooo, yeah, the morning sickness can be a bit of a killer.  Go relax, hun. 

She nodded once.  Holding her stomach, she went to go lay down on the couch for a moment.  I found Blake jogging down the trail around their property.

Still can’t stop smiling, huh?


”Can you believe it?  I’m gonna be a daddy…”

You’ll do fantastically.


Once Blake returned home after his jog, he grabbed a glass of milk and sat down.  The excitement was still there, but there was a hint of thoughtfulness now, too.

”Hey Watcher?”

Yeah, darling?

“You think I’ll be a good dad, really?”

Yes, I really do.  And it’s normal to be nervous.  But don’t worry.  You’ll have me and Brenna to help ya along, alright?

He nodded, still looking lost in thought.

“Hey babe, what ya think?”

Blake looked at the canvas his wife was working on.  “Looks great, honey.”

Definitely gettin’ better there, Bren.  Lookin’ good.

“And isn’t this more relaxing than fishing?”

–winces—Oh you idiot…

Brenna turned a narrowed gaze onto her husband.  “We are NOT going to have that discussion again.”  She set her paints down and walked away.

–sighs—Smooth move, Blake…

He threw up his hands.  “You’d think it was a crime to want to make sure my wife- the mother of my child- was safe!”

Not a crime, no, but c’mon Blake, you’re either treating her like she’s a fragile piece of glass or—


-Or you’re insinuating that she doesn’t want to be with you.  Neither of which is true.  I told you, you need to curb that jealous streak of yours.  I get it, you’re scared and nervous and excited, but you’re being a bit- ridiculous.

He threw up his hands and walked away, his head hanging down.

After tempers had cooled a bit


“I’m sorry, sweetheart.  Can you forgive me?”

“Of course,” Brenna murmured.  “I love you.”

“I love you too, more than anything.  I-I just don’t always know what to do with it.”  He gently kissed her cheek.

Brenna smiled at him.  “I know.  I know, baby.  We’ll get through this.  It won’t always be easy- or comfortable- for either of us.”

He grinned ruefully.  “Guess not, huh?”

Brenna laughed.  “I come from a huge family, you know that.  Having 10 brothers and sister, things were always nuts.  And my parents definitely had their moments.  But we’ll get there.”

“Yeah, definitely.”

“Morning, beautiful.  How are you feeling this morning?”

“Good.  The morning sickness seems to have slowed way down.  Thank Watcher for small miracles.”

He helped her up and pulled her into a hug.  “That’s great to hear, honey.”

“These fish tacos you made are really good, babe!  You’re really improving!” Brenna exclaimed as she scarfed hers down.

–grumbles—Better be… he tried to take his finger off again…

Blake gave me a dirty look, but he was all smiles when he looked at his wife.  “Thanks, hun.”



–exasperated sigh—What was that all about?  You looked at her phone and got this weird look on your face.  What was that about?

“Oh that?  It was nothing,” he said nonchalantly.  “Just found out I made the team.”

Oh, I see.  Blake I’m sor- Wait a minute!  You what?  You made it!  You brat! –laughs—Congratulations!


You’re looking so beautiful, Brenna.  You really are.


“Thanks, Watcher.  I feel beautiful… until the nausea hits.  At least it’s not constant now, though.”

It’ll pass, love.  And then you’ll have a beautiful nooboo.

“Oh, I know.  I just want to hold them now, ya know?”

–laughs—Yeah, you say that now.

“There’s my beautiful wife.  And how’s our little one doing this morning?  Are you being nice to your mama?”  Blake gently stroked over Brenna’s belly.

Brenna laughed.  “They’re definitely yours, babe.  Very active.”

Blake glanced up, grinning and winking.


Oh sweetheart, are you ok?


“Huh, what?”  She climbed unsteadily to her feet.  “Whazit, Watcher?”

Oh Brenna, you need to get some rest.  And certainly don’t let your husband see you like this… he’ll have kittens!

“Y-yeah you’re right.  I’m going to lay down.  D-don’t tell him, ok?”

You’re secret is safe with me, long as you take care of yourself, alright?  Long as no harm is done.

She nodded and toddled off up the stairs to get to her bed.

“Hey babe, hear you’re having a rough time.  Why don’t you let me give you a little massage?”  Blake dug his fingers gently over her back and shoulders.

She let out a groan.  “Thanks, love.  That feels sooo good.”

“Anything for my girl.”  He kissed her cheek.

Anytime now. 

“I know.  I feel like a beached whale.”

Nonsense.  You look great. Soon, you’ll get to be holding your nooboo in your arms.

So have you talked to Blake yet?

“No, not yet.  Just haven’t really found a good time.”

No time like the present, hun.

“Suppose you have a point.  I’ll ask him over breakfast.”

Sounds like a plan.


“Hey, love.  So, I’ve been thinking.  I saw online that the lab in Oasis Springs is looking for help.  I thought about, once the little one is born, applying.”

Blake frowned.  “Don’t you think that’s a little soon, sweetheart?”

“Not really.  It will probably take a bit of time to actually hear back anyway.  There are some fantastic daycares around.”

“I don’t see why you want to work.  Now that I have a job, I’ll be able to provide for all of us.”

“Blake,” she said with a light laugh, “C’mon, I’ll need to get out of the house occasionally.  The hours wouldn’t be bad.”

Blake’s face became a thundercloud.  “I don’t like it.  I don’t like it at all, Brenna!  There’s no need!”

Oh you bloody idiot…

Brenna slowly stood up, her face utterly blank.  “I see,” she said softly.  “So that’s how it’s going to be huh?”  Without another word, she turned and walked away, leaving her husband staring after her, realizing with a sinking heart he had really messed up.

His head hit the table with a loud ‘thwak’ as he let out a groan.  “Oh what did I do, Watcher?”

You don’t want my opinion, boy.  Let me tell you what, you better be glad I can’t reach right out and smack the daylights outta you.  As it is, I’m seriously contemplating locking you in your room without a toilet for a little while.  What were you thinking?  Wait, let me answer that.  You weren’t!  Oh Blake… I know you haven’t had an easy time.  But you can’t control her.  She’s her own Sim.  You love her, but if you can’t get over some of your issues, you’re going to lose her.  Do you want that?

“No!  No, of course I don’t!  I-I love her more than anything!”

Then stop being a moron.  Give her some time, then talk with her, alright?

You’re going to have to talk to him sometime, honey.

“I don’t know, I think I can go for a while longer,” Brenna said waspishly.  Then she sighed.  “Sorry, I know this isn’t your fault.  I know you’re not happy with him either, but- I don’t know if I can live like this, Watcher.  I mean… I know he had a hard life and this- jealousy and insecurity issues come from his past, from not having had anyone before.  But-“

Shh, honey.  It’s ok.  I know.  I understand, I do.  Just give it a little time.  Oh, don’t pull that face, sweetie.  It’ll get better, I promise.

“Uh, Watcher… th-this isn’t from that- or at least, not totally.  Uh… I think I’m in labor.”

Whoa!  Oh, ok.  Ok, sweetie.  We’ll get ya to the hospital.  I’ll get Blake.  Just take a few deep breaths, ok?  One sec.

Blake!  Blake, your wife is in labor.  C’mon, stop sulking.  She needs you now.  Let’s go!

 “I-I’m Brenna Hanover.  I-I’m in labor.”  Brenna’s voice quavered as she got up to the receptionist desk as the hospital.

“Hey Brenna!  Don’t worry, the doctor’s waiting for you.  Just sit tight for a moment, alright?  You ok, doll?”  Damien was a friend that had been at her wedding and he was looking a little concerned.

Brenna nodded.  “S-sorry Damien.  J-just a bit overwhelmed.”

“Where’s Blake, hun?”

“I-I don’t-“  Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as all the stress of the last little while came crashing down and darkness rolled over her.

“BRENNA!” Blake burst through the doors, looking positively manic.

Damien was already helping Brenna up.  She’d only been out for a few moments.  “B-blake?”

“Oh baby… I’m here.  She’s gonna be ok?”

Damien nodded.  “Yup, let’s get her to her room.”

Brenna lay on the cold table, a bit light headed.  She was definitely out of it.  “Blake?”

“Sshh, just relax.  He’s just outside.  You’re doing lovely, my dear.  Your baby is almost here.”

As she went in and out, she could vaguely hear the whir of machines, though she felt nothing as she had been given an anesthetic.  Only when she heard the sharp cry of a baby did her eyes fly open.

The door burst open.  “Brenna!  Oh Watcher, Brenna, are you ok?”

“Blake, I-I’m ok-“  She was interrupted by the cry of their nooboo.  Blake froze and looked at the tiny little figure in the basket.

“Is-is that-?”

Brenna smile at him, nodding as she pushed herself off the table.  “That’s our son, there, daddy.”

With shaking hands, he leaned over and gently lifted the tiny form up into his arms.  “S-son?  A-a little boy?”

“Yes.  W-what do you think of the name Christopher?”

In answer, Blake brought his son up higher.  “Hear that buddy?  You’re Christopher.  You’re my son.”

He looked over to his wife, tears in his eyes.  She smiled at him.

Blake gently handed little Christopher to his mother.  Brenna held her son gently, cradling his head against her shoulder.  “Hello baby boy.  Welcome to the world.”

She smiled at him, then kissed his forehead.  “Your daddy and I love you, very much.  Let’s get you home.”


The trip home was accomplished in no time and once Christopher was settled in his bassinet in their room, Blake and Brenna stood in their living room.  Blake swallowed.  “B-brenna… I-I-“

She took a step forward and gently put a finger over his lips.  “Shhh, it’s ok, Blake.  I know.  I do.”

“Can you ever forgive me for being such an idiot?”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” she murmured, brushing her hand over his cheek.

She kissed him softly.  “We’ll be alright, Blake.  We’ll figure this out together.”


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