Chapter 7: Like Father, Like Son

So what’s everyone doing?  Oh I see you guys are doing a couple’s workout.  How goes it?

Blake slide his gaze sideways.  “We’re good… what’s up, Watcher?  You sound bored.”

What?  No!  Of course- ok, yeah, maybe a little…

Brenna laughed.  “Don’t worry, Chris should be home soon.  Then you’ll have something else to do.”



Blake watched his wife hop off the treadmill.  He straightened and watched her, letting out a whistle.  “You look amazing, ya know that?”

She looked at him over her shoulder, batting her lashes at him.  “Don’t you know it, Mr. Hanover!”

Yeah… I’m gonna go- elsewhere.


Hey!  You’re home!  Wow, you must have had one heck of a first day!

Chris’s grin was a mile wide.  “Of course I did!”

You are most definitely your father’s son…

“Did he like school?”

Well… you’ll have to ask him that one.

“Ok!  He’s at work, right?”

Yup.  Your mom mentioned something about going to the museum for a bit.  You up for it?

“Sure, I guess so.”



“Hi there!  I’m Chris Hanover!”

“Uh hi, I’m Seth, Seth Lambert.”

Well, look at that… he’s making friends already.

“Lambert huh?  You live here in Willow Creek?”

“Nah, we live over in Oasis Springs, but Mom wants me to be ‘cultured’.”

Chris giggled.  “Yeah, I’m here with my mom, too.”

“Well, look at you two boys!  You look like you’re having fun.  I’m Alice, Alice Spencer-Kim.”

“Hi, ma’am!” the boys piped up.

Chris turned on that thousand-watt grin and began to regale his new audience with tales of his first day of school.

So uh, your boy is already quite the celebrity.  He’s got an audience.

“Does he now?”  Brenna grinned, even as she examined the painting on the wall.  “Hm… maybe, yeah.  Yeah, I think I can do something like that.”


Hm, well, I’ll leave you to it, then and go see what that son of yours is up to.  Hey wait, where did he go?  Oh there you are!  Ah, see you and Seth are really hitting it off.

“Hey Watcher.  Seth, this is my Watcher.”

“Oh wow, you’re a Watched Sim!”


Hi Seth.  How are ya?  How are your parents?  You guys see anything interesting up there?  Any shooting stars?

“Nah, no shooting stars.  In fact, looks like some clouds rolling in.”  Seth and Chris stood up.  “Hey, did you know that my teacher, Mrs. Underhill is really a witch?” Chris said, waving his arms dramatically.

“Whoa, really?”

“Hey, we need a pic!”  The two boys clamored together and snapped a few selfies.


Alright, Chris, c’mon, time to go home.  Your dad is already home.  You have homework to do.

”Aww, do I have to, Watcher?  Can’t I stay a bit longer with Seth?  Or maybe he can come over!”

Nope, not on a school night.  Don’t worry, the weekend’s almost here.  Then you can have Seth over, alright?

Christopher sighed.  “Ok, ok.  Hey Seth, I’ll see ya later, man!”

“Later, Chris!”


Hey, Blake.  How was work today?  Oh wow, that’s one smug expression.  You’re son has one just like it.  Wait just a minute.  That’s a different uniform.  Did you-

“Watcher, you are looking at the newest member of the Willow Creek Llamacorns.  Granted, it’s not the Majors yet, but it’s a start.”

Oh, Blake!  Congratulations!  It’s definitely a start!  You’ll be a Major Leagurer before ya know it!  Have you told Brenna or Chris yet?

“Nope, I want to surprise them, so don’t say anything, ok?

Alright, I won’t.  Again, congratulations!


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