The Wyverns are done, but there’s still hope!

Ok, I know I have been a terrible, terrible person of late.  My apologies to one and all.  But I am afraid that there will be no more updates to this blog.  My Sims 3 file is unplayable and I don’t have the heart to move the family to a new save and all that.  So I’m afraid the Wyverns as a Sims 3 family are done.

However, all hope is not lost.  Last year, for NaNoWriMo, I began to make the Wyverns into a novel.  There is going to be some major changes, but I think it will be just as enjoyable.  I won’t be posting it for a while, not until I get the first novel (yes, first, since I think it’s going to take 2 or 3 to tell the full story, I think) finished.  I plan on finishing it or getting it almost finished during next month’s Camp Nano.  If you are looking for updates on the status there, go here: Wolfie’s Sims Stories and More.  I will do my best to keep everyone apprised.  Also, on that blog, you will find the list of my current Sims stories.  Right now, I’m working on a story for a challenge that I created, which you can also check out on that blog.

My apologies for keeping everyone waiting.  I am sincerely sorry for that.  But I hope that this new course the Wyverns are taking will prove to be just as enjoyable for those who have come to love them.


8 thoughts on “The Wyverns are done, but there’s still hope!

  1. RIP my lovely Dragons! Luna, I will miss you most of all!

    I definitely want a copy of the 1st book (and every one after that lol)
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    • Don’t worry, you’ll get to see them in their new incarnation! I may even do a blog of it, depending on interest. But first, need to finish it all XD Life has been less than stellar of late, so finally getting over that. We’ll see how the writing goes ^^


      • I can empathize with the RL being “less than stellar” I work late on tuesdays and wednesdays (usually until 10pm depending on how stupid my colleagues can be) but the only time I get to reclaim those hours I worked is if I freaking have to go to the dr! I’m owed about 8 work days worth of overtime (we don’t get paid, only hours off for hours worked) I was trying to take part in the tournament and I’ve already slid behind… I didn’t even get part of a score for the Pancake’s satisfaction… And unless I can blow the Writer challenge out the water this weekend and next, I’m probably gonna flake out on that too…

        I would follow the Wyvern’s to the ends of Similisation and into the depths of Simades! (Simell?)(Simgatory?) They are one of my favourite families and it’s so sad to not see their story unfold! So when you do write them, I want a front row seat, hey! It’s also gonna suck not to see what the future generations “actually” look like, but you’re such an amazingly descriptive writer, that I’m sure I’ll make do with my own imagination and your words! Although, the occasional “CAS” shot of them might not hurt lol if you have the time to go and make them that is 🙂 have you transposed the Wyvern’s into TS4 yet? I’d love to see how they look with the new graphics!

        I had given up hope of ever seeing then and the Clarke’s again anyway, but it still sucks to have confirmation that your game is borked! I miss Ivane :’-( *can’t say I miss you cuz you’re back again lol but I did when you weren’t*

        Ok, I’m gonna go babble some more over on the forums! Hope to see you soon on the story boards!
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      • I’ve been a bit reluctant to try it, only because I’m going to be crazy trying to get them perfect XD That and I’m kinda waiting to see if we’ll ever get a supernatural pack too. Would be just weird to see them without magic or fangs lol


      • True! But you could always think of this as a “dry” run lol its not like you have to actually play them lol I just wanna see them 😉 and yeah, this has become all about Meeeeeeeee 😀
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