Writing Goals

As any writer knows, goals are important to have.  They- when stated correctly- give us something to strive toward and hopefully spur us on in those times our motivation or focus tends to wan.  And trust me, that happens a lot, at least to me.  Particularly of late.  Though, it’s more been the lack of focus than motivation.  I have the motivation, but when I sit in front of the screen for ten, twenty minutes, just staring at it… and then I get distracted by the easiest things XD

Anyway, what was I saying?  Oh right, goals!  I was thinking seriously about my writing goals lately, especially with Camp Nano on the horizon.  I have a lot of writing goals, I realize.

  1.  I need to edit the first draft of the Death Knell Sounds, the first novel I ever actually finished (thanks to NaNo)
  2. I need to finish the sequel of that novel (Mortal Choreography) which I started the next NaNo
  3. Once that is finished, I need to write the next draft of that
  4. I need to write the third and final novel of that trilogy (to be titled ‘Fatal Gauntlet’)
  5. I need to finish the Snowflake that I started for my first Camp Nano (working title is ‘Blood Runs True‘), which quite honestly is shaping up to be another trilogy… because I have a problem XD
  6. Need to finish the Snowflake for the 2015 NaNo that is actually the Wyverns!
  7. Once the Snowflake is complete, need to then finish the first draft that I started!
  8. I need to keep updating The Start of Something twice a week, if at all possible
  9. Oh yeah, and I need to keep updating here at least twice a week!

I’m looking at this “small” list and cringing a little.  Mostly because I know it isn’t all I want to do eventually, but it’s a good start.  The problem is just picking one and going with it.  I think I’m going to give myself tonight to mull over what one I need and/or want to do the most, then I will start tomorrow.  Is this a form of procrastination?  It’s entirely possible XD but I think giving myself time to reflect on what I really want to focus on is important.  And I’m sure some of you are saying why not do all of them?  Or work on a couple at a time?  I most likely will.  For instance, number 8 and 9 should be fairly easy to keep up with in terms of time and attention-span.  So those I can actually work on as I go and as I need a bit of a break from everything else.  What I really need to decide on is what project I want to work on.  I’m torn between them, so giving myself some time to reflect might help.  At least, this is the hope.  So for now, I am going to curl up with ‘The Silkworm’ by Robert Galbraith (a pen name for J.K. Rowling) and think!  The next few days, I might put up a post with the things (programs, apps, books) that help me write ^^  So, what goals do you have for writing?


6 thoughts on “Writing Goals

  1. I don’t think I really have any goals lol but then I only managed about 4K words in my first (and only) NaNo in 2014 (or was it 2013?!?). My book idea is sitting on the back burner because I don’t know how to go about continuing. I’m a very lineal person. I want to write in a chronological order (or as chronological as the story will allow) but my mind keeps jumping back and forth between different scenes/chapters in any bloody random order of the day! And when it comes to writing it down, I’m stumped. Because it has no context, no background. Its just a random scene, which I am then going to have to integrate into a fixed storyline…
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      • Its annoying actually lol
        Like, I’ll get a “flash” of them in a cafe chatting about some information, but with no idea why they are in the cafe, how they came to be in the cafe, and when the chat actually is taking place! It irritates the bejeezus outta me!
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      • Lol yeah, its just hard to let go of the (idea of) control!if it wasn’t for the fact that I like seeing the weirdness Sims get up to on free-will, I’d probably have that off too!
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      • Heh, well, unless you can, afraid your projects won’t fare as well. It’s why I could never finish things before. Only by following Nano’s advice of just getting words down was I able to do it


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