Chapter 10: Boys will be Boys

Hey Chris, havin’ fun?

 “Sure am, Watcher!  I’m gettin’ pretty good at this!”

I’ll say.  Pfft, you even get the same grin as your father.

The boy snickered.  “Is that a bad thing?”

Hm… depends upon who ya ask, kiddo.  I’m gonna go see what your dad’s up to.

“Later Watcher.”

Eii, Blake, Christopher is you to a T.

Though he was busy watching the TV in order to study his opponents for their game the next day, he grinned.  “That’s my boy.”

Need I remind you what you were like?

That earned a laugh.  “Aw, c’mon, Watcher.  He’s a good boy.”

Hm, yeah I suppose so.

The little bundle of energy burst inside.  “Hey Dad!”  He plunked down on the couch next to his father.  “How was practice today?”

Blake grinned.  “Pretty good, son, pretty good.  How was school?”

“It was school.”

Blake grinned.  “I hear ya.  Hey, where’s a hug fer ol’ man, huh?”

Christopher rolled his eyes, but dutifully scooted closer to Blake and leaned against him.  His dad wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close.  “That’s the way!”

“Dad!” Chris laughed.

Blake ruffled Chris’s hair, then stood up.  “You behave yourself today, huh?”

“Sure, dad, sure.”  Chris looked around for a moment, then looked up at his dad, his eyes pleading.  “Hey Dad?  Can I get a bit of extra money for a treat today?”

Blake arched a brow at his son, then just had to laugh.  “You get that from your mother,” he told his son, even as he reached into his wallet.

Chris took the few extra simoleans his dad gave him and ran out the door, turning around to wave and grin mischeivously.  Blake laughed and then went upstairs.

“Morning, Beautiful.”  He greet his wife with a kiss on the cheek.

“Mmm, morning, Handsome,” Brenna returned, smiling at him.

“Ready for a little work out before work?”

Brenna gave him a cocky grin.  “Of course.”  As they headed downstairs, then into the little gym (which was really the spare bedroom), Blake couldn’t keep his eyes off his wife.

Stop lookin’ at ‘er butt, Blake!

“I can look at my wife’s butt all I want, Watcher!”

Oi, men!

“Baby, do you mind me looking at your butt?” Blake asked his wife nonchalantly as he began to warm up on the punching bag.

“No, not at all.”  She winked at him as she began to do a short run on the treadmill.  “As long as I get to ogle yours, too.”

Blake snickered.  “That’s a deal!”

After a little while, Brenna shut down the treadmill.  She waved to her husband.  “I’ll see you after work, babe!”

Blake smiled after her, then let out a little sigh.  “Bye,” he murmured.  He decided to focus on some strength training and went to the weight machine.  He sat down and took his mind off the fact that his wife wasn’t there, sweating it all out.

“Here we are, Chris!  What ya think?”

Chris looked around, a wide grin on his face, though there was a bit of fear in his eyes.  “This is great, Seth!  But man, if mom and dad find out we skipped school, like won’t be worth livin’!”

Seth scoffed a little.  “They won’t find out!  Don’t worry so much!”

“Yeah, you’re right!  Though, that driver looked a bit suspicious when we told ‘im we wanted to come to the old ruins here in Windenburg.”

Seth snickered.  “Yeah, you comin’ up with it being a school project was brilliant.”

Chris grinned.  “Naturally.  Now, c’mon, what was it you wanted to show me here?”

Seth looked around.  “You sure the Watcher didn’t follow you?”

Chris nodded.  “Yeah, she went with Mom to work today, so we’re safe.”

Seth grinned.  “C’mon!  Follow me.”  He led Chris through the ruins, to a huge, dark door that was chained up.

“Whoa!  Cool!  How do we get in?”

Seth smiled.  “There’s a bit of a hole toward the bottom.  C’mon, I’ll show ya.”

Several Sim hours later

Blake sat on the cough, his gaze staring intensely out the front door, waiting.  There was a grim expression on his face even as he thought about the phone call he had just had from his son’s principle.


“Don’t start, Watcher.”  There was none of the snap or impatience normally in his voice.  It was simply implacable.  “I’ll handle this.”

That’s when his son came strolling into view.

 Oh boy…


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