Hello everyone!  I know, I missed a post this past Friday.  Truth is, last couple weeks have been a bit rough.  Insomnia is pretty bad and work has been stressful as we prepare to move to a much bigger space, which is great, but we’re in that stretch of construction/deconstruction where things can kinda go pear-shaped fast and the costs tend to go up quick.

I haven’t done any writing in almost two weeks and it’s starting to get to me a bit.  So there won’t be a post this Friday either, but come February 3, I will be back on a regular schedule.  During this next week, I will be doing a number of organizational tasks for the blog and for my own writing in general.  Going to make a long list of topics to begin to cover, so be prepared!  Thanks for reading!  We’ll be back to regular schedule come February 3.


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