Book Review: Behold the Dawn

Title:  Behold the Dawn by KM Weiland
Medium: Book
Genre:  Historical Fiction

165-pxInitial Thoughts: I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into this one since I first started to read Katie’s book on Outlining.  It was used in a number of examples and it piqued my curiosity then.  It took me a bit to get into, not because it wasn’t interesting, but more because my lack of focus of late played a part in that.  Once I got into it, though I was hooked!

Favorite Part:  My favorite character was by far Marek!  His foil to Marcus’s character was a lot of fun.  I loved their by-play.  Marek is Marcus’s squire and not always by choice, though you can tell their relationship is one of mutual affection, even if neither will admit it.

Overall Impression: I thoroughly enjoyed Behold the Dawn.  If I had one complaint, it was that I wasn’t as fond of Mairead as I would have liked to have been.  This is no fault of the author’s, by any means.  It stems more from a personal hang-up.  The character is actually a strong one, though it takes a bit for that strength to come through.  I just happen to be a more modern woman and the meekness often expected in the time period that this story takes place makes me a bit crazy at times.  Again, no fault of the author, but my perceptions of what I hoped she would do didn’t quite pan out.

Recommendation: I would give this my whole hearted recommendation to anyone that enjoys historical fiction, especially if they like a well-researched historical fiction.  It’s a great read for anyone that is curious about the tourneys and for anyone that likes a good journey/adventure story along with a sprinkling of romance.



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