About Wolfy



Hey there!  My name is Wolfy.  I tend to go by Shewolf13 or some variation on most websites I frequent.  My real name is Jessi.  I’m 29 years old and I work at a local bookstore.  I have been writing since I was in Kindergarten when I attempted to write and illustrate a little book about dinosaurs.  I’ve been in love with reading my whole life and writing seems to be a natural extension of that.  I know characters tend to pop into my mind more often than not!  I have a lot in there and hope it never stops.  I tend to write fantasy, both the more traditional– or high–as well as urban fantasy.

On the blog here, you’ll find some of my Sims’ stories that I’ve done.  I am a gamer, though a bit of a lapsed one, I’m afraid.  I have played WoW, several different console games, but the Sims franchise is one of the few I keep playing and keep going back to.  The stories within the game are what keep me coming back.  Aside from what I do with the sims, it seems that they create their own stories as I watch.  And each time it’s different.  I decided to start writing down the stories from on the screen.  Unfortunately, life does get in the way.  One day, I hope to continue them, though we will see.

With that said, I am hoping to keep going with writing in general, particularly the myriad of novel ideas I have.  My dream is to get a novel published.  Have to finish one first, of course.  So that is my goal right now.

I live with my husband and our cat Isis in our little apartment.  Someday, maybe even soon, we hope to buy our own home.   Hm, I think I am babbling!  If you wish to know more, I am more than happy to chat and there are a myriad ways to reach me.  In fact, just fill out the form here at this link.