Welcome to the Galactus Immortal Dynasty!

This is the story of Han Galactus as he tries to regain his life, his good name, his home, and his throne.  To do that, he must follow the Rules.  Can he do it?  Only time will tell…

I’m sure you’re wondering just what an Immortal Dynasty is, aren’t you? The Immortal Dynasty is a challenge by Metropolis Man and his team over on Carl’s Sims 4 Guide.  The ID is a rather lengthy multi-generational challenge.  It is all about having 8 generations of immortals under one roof.  How do you do that?  Well, they must earn the right to eat Ambrosia.  So not only do you have to get the ingredients for Ambrosia (death flowers, angelfish, Potion of Youth), but before they can partake of it (and only after they become an elder) they must complete these requirements:

  1. Max one unique career (in other words, no other immortal can max this career)
  2. Complete two unique aspirations (again, no other immortal can complete these aspirations)
  3. Max 3 adult skills (only skills that go up to level 10 can count)
  4. Buy 4 unique rewards (no other immortal can buy these rewards)
  5. Throw 5 different gold medal parties (the parties must be unique for each immortal, but immortals can repeat parties from other immortals)
  6. Must have 6 good friends, with one BFF that is unique to them
  7. Complete 7 emotional whims (the whims must be from 7 different emotions and are only unique to that immortal, in other words, another immortal can repeat them)
  8. Must collect and/or create 8* items to add to the Immortal Museum (each Immortal’s collection must be unique between Immortals, though the items in one collection can all be the same) *Immortals that completed their childhood aspiration as well as received an A as a child and a teen can add two more, equaling 10 items

For the full rules, go here: The Immortal Dynasty Challenge


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