WriteMind Journals and Kitchen Organizer

The WriteMind Journal by Perry Elizabeth Design is a beautiful disk-bound planner.  With sheets for characters, scenes, settings, and story ideas each journal comes with plenty of wonderful pages to get planning as well as just regular lined paper that can be used for all sorts of notes.  There are other modules that can be ordered as well, such as Cast of Character sheets and Plot maps.  You can contact Perry Elizabeth Design and have them make custom inserts as well.  The pages can be easily removed and put back in whatever order you want.  They get 5 out of 5 stars in my book!


They recently released a WriteMind Kitchen organizer as well!  Keep all your recipes in this handy little book.  Rearrange them as needed, take them out when it’s time to cook.  It also has a quick reference guide for conversions as well as “All out of” slips to help keep track of shopping lists, price comparison worksheets, leftover tracking sheets (so you know how old that chicken is!), meal planning sheets, nutrition tracking sheets, as well as page protectors to keep food spatters off your recipes!

Working with Perry Elizabeth Designs has been a real treat for me!  They are super helpful and I just love their WriteMind line of journals.  Their customer service is top rate as well.

As a reminder, I do get a little something for advertising my affiliates but I do love the WriteMinds and highly recommend them!