Back from Washington and Updates!

I made it back from Washington alright, though was a bit afraid there for a bit on Monday due to the snow.  Flight home was delayed by two hours.  But I got home alright, so I’m happy!  Can’t wait for Thursday/Friday since that’s my “weekend”.  Washington was good, though I wasn’t there long enough to recover from jet lag, so I’m all discombobulated XD But I was able to use my two 5-6 hour flights to get some updates up for my Sims 4 Stories.

So Cornerstone is up to chapter 1.10 and To Paint the World is at chapter 1.03.  I hope to actually do something with Queen of the Dragons during my weekend, but we’ll see if things cooperate with me XD

Am soooo excited to see that the Chronicles of Clarke is continuing again!  It’s really giving me that boost I need to attempt to get back to QotD.  Just hope my game cooperates with me XD

In other news, trying to get the drive to write and actually do it for some of my RPs on RPG Collective.  Been trying to get on a schedule but need to catch up with everything first and things keep coming up so it makes it hard XD But I’m pushing through, slowly.

Organization and other things

I swear, I have such a weird sense of OCD… I’ve been attempting to get all my various blogs and stories organized in such a way as to make it easier to find and understand.  In the process, I swear that I make more of a mess than when I started XD  Then again, I suppose that’s what happens when you have to organize.  Gotta make more of a mess before you can clean it up, I suppose XD

That being said, I’m slowly getting things where I want it to be.  I actually managed to get an update to my Sims 4 Legacy- Cornerstone: the Rampart Legacy which puts it up to Chapter 1.06 now.  I even managed to the get the Prologue up for my new Immortal Dynasty Challenge blog.  Go to To Paint the World in Color to check it out.  The only thing I haven’t really done yet is get anything done with Queen of the Dragons.  I love the story, the family, and especially the collaboration with the Chronicles of Clark makes it so much fun!  But it is also very time consuming.  So I’m afraid it won’t be a priority until after the New Year most likely.  I do plan on continuing with it though, so never fear!

That’s all for now.