Chapter 10: The Passage of Time

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind.  Though there are five of us, caring for a toddler is still very busy, especially with Draco and Falkor still attending school.  They’re doing well.  Even as attentive as he is with Aurora, Draco’s grades have remained steady and he’s managed to hold onto his academic standing.  We’re very proud of him, of course.  Oh yes, so I was describing how busy it’s been.

While I have come to love our canine companions, Glena is a bit aggressive and doesn’t seem to feel any loyalty to anyone but Gage.  I was working on doing some cleaning up while it was quiet in the house when the quiet was shattered by Glena carrying on.  This wasn’t so unusual; she seemed to bark and growl at anyone or anything… and being that we were still plagued by paparazzi on a regular basis, we had almost gotten used to the noise she could produce.  Except this didn’t stop… and it had a different quality to it.

As I stepped out into the hallway, I gasped even as the sparkles engulfed her.  When they cleared, there was a tiny fluffy little shape there.

Draco named the little guy and has decided to call him Hercules.  So welcome little Hercules Wyvern.  We’ve decided he will be Aurora’s since they will be growing up together.

Now that we have a puppy and a toddler in the house, it’s quite a bit more lively, even more than it was with three teenagers in the house, though one of them is now a Young Adult.  As if that weren’t enough, David celebrated his elder birthday, by himself, in the kitchen.  It’s just been so crazy lately that none of us really thought about it.  Though time has begun its ravages, he is still one of the most handsome man I’ve ever met (aside from our sons, of course).

That night, everyone else had gone to bed and David and I took the time to sit together and enjoy each other’s company over some leftover spaghetti.  “So, my Queen,” he rumbled.  “Do you regret losing your immortality now?”

I could only stare at him askance.  Even after all this time, Sim humor often left me a bit confused.  “What are you talking about?  What brought this on?”  I’m afraid I was rather distressed.

David just laughed and reached for hand.  “I’m sorry, love.  I shouldn’t tease you.”  He brought my hand up to his lips and brushed them over my knuckles.  “I hope that I’ve given you a fraction of the happiness you’ve given to me.”

“Oh David.  I never knew what I was missing,” I murmured.  “This is all just so much… more than I ever thought it could be.  I love you so much, only more so now.”

“Even now that I’m old and wrinkled?” he asked, squeezing my hand and winking.

At least now I was fairly sure he was kidding.  “Yes, even now,” I responded, rolling my eyes.  A sigh of contentment escaped.  “I look at our children and at our grandchild… It’s almost overwhelming, in a good way, though,” I hastened to add.

He nodded.  “Yes, yes it is.”

It hasn’t been ALL craziness.  Falkor is quite taken with his little niece and I often find him sneaking into Aurora’s room.  As soon as she stirs, he has her out of the crib and playing with her.  It’s very sweet, though he seems just a little reluctant to admit how much he enjoys being Uncle Falkor.

It seems that our little Northern Light is carrying on the tradition, and is indeed an heir of the Dragons.  She’s already exhibiting powers.  She seems to be more prepared than even her father was; I would say she almost takes it for granted, in a way, as if this is perfectly normal.

I have been in the Sim Realm for over two years.  In the life of a Sim, that is a very long time.  Yet, in my old life, it would have been nothing.  And yet, in that time, so much has happened.  I met David and fell in love.  We created two beautiful children and watched them both grow into children, then into teenagers.  And while it hasn’t been without some grief and some stress, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Even as I celebrate the last birthday I will experience, I can only look back on my mortal life and feel very blessed.

Though it is probably a silly thing to worry about, I found that gray hair clashes horribly with my skin tone.  I have never been vain, but found that I missed my normal hair color so Sophia helped me color it, though I didn’t mind a hint of the gray showing through.  I thought it is a kind of badge of honor.

David and I have changed; our bodies are old now.  I can’t help but be aware of time as it passes.  It’s in my nature.  Yet, when David grabs me and holds me close, it’s as electrifying as the first day we met and he held me.  After over two years of marriage, we still are as passionately in love as we were in the beginning.  And yet, somehow, there is… MORE than there was.

We are enjoying our time with our granddaughter.  There’s something to be said for being grandparents and getting to spend your ‘declining’ years spoiling them.

Though we never really had ‘jobs’, such as they were, David and I are determined to enjoy the rest of our days with one another and with our family.  Today, Draco is no longer a teenager.  David baked the cake and we all stood around, waiting as my oldest child stood there, thinking upon his future, trying to decide what he wanted to wish for.

After the sparkles hit, he took himself to the mirror and dresser.  My son, Draco Maxim Wyvern, the heir of the family.  He is certainly handsome, like his father.

Aurora is still very much a daddy’s girl.  She just loves Draco so very much.  She waddled up to him and begged to be picked up as soon as he finished dressing.

After he’d given his daughter sufficient attention, he asked to speak with his father and I.  Sophia and Falkor both gave us privacy.  David and I sat on the couch while Draco perched on the coffee table, looking at us.  “Mom, Dad.”  Draco let out a short puff of breath.  “I know I always talked about going to University before getting a job.  But… I have a family to think about now.  I… I’ve decided that I’m just going to join the Force.”

I could only stare at him a moment.  “But Draco… you always wanted to go to University!  You and Sophia wanted to go so badly…  You know we’d look after Aurora!”

“Oh I know that Mom!  I do.  And it’s not that I don’t trust her with you.  You’re the only ones I would.  But… I just can’t leave her for that long.  Even doing it a term at a time… I don’t want to miss her growing up.”  He smiled at us.  “A degree just isn’t as important as she is.  I’ll just have to start at the bottom, work my up, that’s all.  And really… I think the more practical experience is important in law enforcement.”

What he said made sense, but I couldn’t help but feel he was sacrificing something for his family.  I sighed and leaned forward, putting my hands on his knees.  “If this is what you want, then you know we’ll support you.”

He hugged us both and then immediately left to go fill out an application at the precinct.

Once he returned, he and I discussed the wedding.  Neither or Sophia wanted a big one.  It just wasn’t important to them.  We set up an arch in the backyard.  Sophia did insist they both wear formal attire.  Her mother had given her the gown she had married her father in.  So David took Draco and had him fitted for a tux.

They were married in a private ceremony as the sun set.  There was a light rain, but David said that it was good luck.

It was simple and yet so very beautiful for the simplicity.   Look at that… my son is married, with a child of his own.  Time moves on.  But I don’t fear it as I did when I first arrived.  In fact, I look to the future, not to my own future, not really.  I look to my children and in turn, their children.  This might be my last entry.  It’s Draco’s turn now.  For those of my descendants who may someday read this, I wish you all the happiness life can bring.  Enjoy it.  Cherish it.


Chapter 9: Grandchild Spam and Take 2 for a Prom Night

A/N: Warning, the first part is completely toddler spam because Aurora is just too cute and a lot of this is actually autonomous, other than the skill teaching.  Her interactions with the family are just adorable so I took a lot of screenshots XD

Aurora really is our little light.  She’s always so happy and good natured.  Even when she’s hungry or has a dirty diaper, there’s a little grin on her face when someone goes to take care of her.

Teaching her her skills has been a treat.  Sophia and Draco are so good with her.  They dote on her so.

They aren’t the only ones of course, though.  Her grandpa, her Uncle Falkor, and I sneak in what time we can get with her as well.

While she loves everyone and loves the attention, there is no doubt that she’s a daddy’s girl.  Whenever Draco’s anywhere around, she reaches for him and when he plays the Claw or Tickle Attack, she just shrieks with delight.  No one else seems to get quite the same reaction.

Though Sophia and Draco are wonderful parents, David and I are still adamant that they are as normal teenagers as possible so when the final prom was announced, we insisted that they go.  Falkor was already going with Faye.  He’d asked her ages ago.

So on Sunday night, Draco, Sophia, and Faye loaded up into the limo.  Falkor was a bit late in getting ready, but he followed after them shortly.

It was a rather eventful night apparently.  Falkor was crowned Prom King, while Sophia was crowned Prom Queen.  Draco had just shrugged and grinned.  “She’s already my Queen,” he murmured to his girlfriend as they regaled us of tales of their night.  While the kids’ humor at the prom was a bit off, no one could doubt that Sophia and Draco were the favorite couple at the dance; no one doubted how in unison they were.  Draco couldn’t help but tease his brother a little bit.

“I’m not the only one with his Queen,” he snickered.  “Little brother over there… ask him what Faye told him tonight.”

As he fidgeted and glared at his brother a moment for putting him on the spot while David and I waited expectantly, he finally shrugged and mumbled, “She told me she loves me.”

“It was really sweet,” Sophia added, sighing dreamily.

All in all, it sounded like they had a very enjoyable time.

They all proudly displayed their mementos from the occasion.

Oh and when the kids came out of prom, Sophia celebrated her birthday.  I’m very glad she got this last chance to be a teenager before she joined the adult world.

Both of her parents made a beeline for Aurora’s room so they could see her and say goodnight.  Draco put her on the potty, and then her mama put her to bed.

And to leave you with more cuteness


Chapter 8: The Little Northern Light

I was worried about Draco, about becoming a father so young.  But watching him with that little bundle of pink is so heart-warming.  I can hear him murmuring softly to her, whispering how much he loves her.  He may be young, but my son is a good boy and is already becoming a man.

I miss Diego terribly.  Though Aurora is a wonderful distraction, I find myself thinking of him at odd moments, feeling tears prick my eyes.  This was my first loss…  How do the Sims do this?  How do they live like this, knowing that their loved ones will one day leave?  I suppose it’s why they live as if today will be their last…

I’ve been so melancholy since Diego passed that my husband and my children thought that a new addition would be helpful… as if my first grandchild wasn’t enough…  Still, I know they did it with the best of intentions.  And I have to admit, the little dear is darling.  They’ve named her Glena, sticking with the ‘G’ names that David and I used for Diego and Darcy’s pups.  She’s a puppy now, but she’ll age up tomorrow.

Gage already seems quite taken with her.  He enjoys chasing after her and nuzzling against her.

Sophia has taken to motherhood better than I expected as well.  After a difficult labor, Draco made sure she got rest, so he took the rounds with their daughter, but she has insisted upon taking her turn with little Aurora.

In other news, it seems Falkor has also succumbed to hormones!  Perhaps I’m being a bit paranoid, but after what happened with Draco, I am hyper vigilant, I think.  Still, I can at least be glad that both of my sons have picked girls- women, that I approve of.  Faye is a delightful girl as well.  Yes, Faye, his best friend from elementary school.  They are a couple it seems.  He has assured me that there will be no ‘shenanigans’ until they are older.  He admitted that he didn’t want to wait, but he doesn’t want to repeat his brother’s mistake.

Not that Aurora is a mistake.  She’s far from it.  I just wish they had waited until they were both older, until they had had time to live their own lives before becoming responsible for another life.  And yet… I can’t help but feel blessed when I hold her.  She smells of baby powder and a lovely, fresh scent all her own.  Her little coos are just adorable.  “My little Northern Light.”  That’s something that David came up with for her, honestly, but the nickname fits her so very well.  She is the light of our lives.

Falkor is quite taken with his little niece as well.  He sneaks into the nursery whenever he gets a chance to cuddle and play with her.

He and Faye have already talked of the future, it seems.  At least that’s what he tells me.  He doesn’t really want to go to University; he never did enjoy school as much as his brother did.  Faye doesn’t seem interested in University either, so they plan on working right out of high school, saving up, and moving in together.

Why are they growing so fast?  It seems like it was just yesterday when they were both Aurora’s age and I was responsible for everything for them.  They looked to me to provide everything they needed.  Now… now, one of my babies had a baby of his own and the other was already making plans for when he would leave home.

I was out in the garden, tending to the plants when Sophia came out and gently called my name.  “C-cel… I mean, Mom.”  I told her to call me Mom if she was comfortable with that.

“What is it dear?”  I wiped off my hands and went to her, smiling.

“I know you and-and Dad don’t want Draco and I to get married right away.  We know that and we understand, but… You’ll be ok with us getting married once we graduate right?  Y-you want me as your daughter-in-law, don’t you?”

“Sophia, of course!” I exclaimed.  “What gave you the idea that I didn’t?”

She blushed.  “I don’t know.  I know you were disappointed.”

“I just know a child is a big responsibility and you both are so young yet.  It’s not because I don’t want you as part of this family,” I told her firmly.  “You ARE a part of this family.”

We hugged and then she showed me the ring.  Though they wouldn’t marry for several more days, after they were young adults, Draco had confided in David (who then told me) that he was going to propose.  David had even helped his son pick out the ring.

I wasn’t told until after.  David did listen through a window, silently cheering his son on.  This is what he relayed to me how Draco proposed.

Draco was a little nervous; his hands shook a little, even when he brought one hand up to stroke it over his girlfriend’s cheek.  “You’re beautiful, Sophia.  Thank you for giving me such a beautiful daughter, too.”  He kissed her, then stepped back, looking at her intently.  “I know things have been crazy lately and have happened so fast.  I… I don’t want you to think that just because we had a child together doesn’t mean…”  He shook his head.  “This is coming out all wrong…  Hang on, one sec!”

He had to turn away, catch his breath before he turned back to her.  “I have a question for you, Sophia.”  Getting down on one knee, he pulled out the little box from his pocket.  “I love you, Sophia.  I love your smile, the way you laugh.  I can’t picture my life without you or our daughter.  Will you marry me, Sophia Rossi?  Marry me and I will spend the rest of my days showing you how much I love you.”

Sophia squealed and then threw her arms around his neck, laughing and crying at the same time.  “Of course, of course I will!  You goof!”

After what seemed to be an interminably long hug, they separated.  “I don’t want you to think that we’re getting married JUST because of Aurora.  I’ll always do right by her, I swear.  I want to marry you because I love you,” Draco told her solemnly.

“I know that.  I do.”  She hugged him again.  “I love you, too.”

The kids went back to school; it is Sophia’s first time back since she had Aurora.  The boys flank her like two body guards, almost daring anyone to say something to her.  But according to them, it seems pretty normal.

Since the kids are gone and I tend to sleep in after a late night, David uses the time to spend it with his granddaughter.

I watched him for a while, leaning in the doorway.  “Do you wish we had had a third one?” I asked him as I wandered into the room.  “We could have gotten a little girl.”

David smiled at me.  “We have quite a crew right now.  And this little one is so precious.  Things have a way of working, I’ve found.  So while we don’t have a daughter, we do have a granddaughter.”

I nodded, smiling back.  “Aye, that we do.”  He gently lay a sleeping Aurora back in her crib and then took my hand.  “The kids will be home soon.  Let’s enjoy our time together.  So that’s what we did.

Oh!  I forgot to mention.  Our new little puppy is no longer a puppy.  She aged up right on time.  Glena is now a beautiful adult American Eskimo dog.

And now that she’s older, she and Gage are very close.

Before we all knew it, it was time for our little Northern Light to become a toddler!  It’s so hard to believe!  Draco and Sophia gave their father the honor of carrying Aurora to the cake.

There she is, our little Northern Light.  She’s so cute, that little grin just melts your heart.  Don’t get me wrong, my boys were cute, too.  But there’s just something about that little face…  It seems to hold more power than even her father’s did.

She’s already off to the races!  She crawls quickly!  What’s it going to be like when she can walk on her own?  I almost shudder at the thought.

Chapter 7: An Unwanted Departure and The Arrival of a Loved but Unexpected Nooboo

The kids went to school on Monday, including Sophia.  Both her parents and David and I were adamant that she continue going to school until the last possible moment.  She climbed onto the bus with Draco; he smiled at her and took her hand.  “It’s ok,” he murmured, leaning close.  “It’ll be ok.  I’ll be with you all day.”

“Yeah!  And I’ll be around the halls too,” Falkor chimed in.

While the kids were in school, David and I just sat on the couch, his arm around my shoulders.  There was silence for a long moment.  “I can hear your worry,” my husband murmured.

“Sorry.  I can’t help it.  I just…”  I sighed.  “They’re so young, David.  I…”  I couldn’t help the smile as I explained.  “When I met you, I didn’t think I had any more room in me for love.  It was like the sun shining into every crack and crevice, banishing the shadows.  I didn’t think it could get any better… then Draco was born.  And Falkor.  The light just seemed to flood me.”  I rested my temple on his shoulder.  “I love them both so much and while I have no doubt that Draco will make a wonderful father, there is so many more things he should be doing now.”

David pressed his lips to my cheek.  “I know.  But you’re right.  He’ll be a wonderful father and I think Sophia will make a wonderful mother.  And we’ll be there to help them.  We’ll let them enjoy being teenagers as much as we can.”

“You’re right,” I murmured, hugging him.  “You’re right.  We just need to move forward.”

We sat like that for a bit longer before he leaned close and whispered in my ear, “Happy Anniversary, my Queen.”  My eyes widened.  In all the excitement, I had forgotten.  Our lips met and I wrapped my arms around him.

We spent the rest of our Anniversary at home, just enjoying being with one another.  The kids would all be home soon, so it was nice to just bask in the quiet and forget, even for a little while, about… well, everything but him and I.

When they got home, they sat down to do their schoolwork.  Sophia looked pretty uncomfortable, her already swollen belly making it hard to reach the table a bit.

After a bit of chatting and some banter, we all broke off to our separate ways.  I went down to the basement to concoct some potions to sell, David was painting, Falkor was as well.  Draco and Sophia stayed out in the living room, watching TV.  I was bent over my book, trying to read the scrawling print when I heard a wail and very chilling music.  My heart seemed to freeze in my chest and I was moving before my brain fully realized it.

As I flew up the stairs, I reached the landing on the main floor of our home and my worst fears were realized.  Grim was here.

He had come for Diego.  Diego… he had been there with me since I had arrived here in Monte Vista.  He had been my companion, had helped me survive in a world that I knew so little about.  He had been my best friend.  But Grim was here for him.  He had lived to be 49 days, a decent lifespan for a dog such as he.  But now he would accompany Grim to the Netherworld.

Just as he had always been, Diego approached his journey like it was going to be a great adventure.  With a spirited bark and what I swore was a wink at me, he leapt into the green light… leaving us all in shock.

Sobbing and tears filled the house.  He was gone.  I found myself… numb.  Even as the others began to cry, my eyes were dry.

Poor Darcy… her cries for her mate were heart-wrenching.

And poor Falkor.  He had had to stay after school to help his teacher with cleaning out the animal cages.  He got home too late to say goodbye.

After a seeming eternity of numbness, it all welled up and seemed to explode at once.  The tears just wouldn’t stop.  David held me as I cried it all out.

We placed Diego’s tombstone outside, giving him a place of honor.  Goodbye Diego Wyvern.  May you rest in peace my dear loyal friend.

After a period of mourning, a period in which the house was very subdued and quiet.  We had two birthdays.  One was Darcy.  She is now an elder.

And my youngest child became a teenager.  We all felt bad that he aged up alone, but Falkor took Diego’s death hard.  Sophia and Draco had each other.  I had David.  Falkor had always been a bit more likely to retire to his own room to amuse himself.  He preferred to mull things over in his own time, his own way.  When we asked him why he hadn’t at least told us about his birthday, he had said he hadn’t really felt like a party and figured none of us would either.  Though we didn’t have cake, David did make a batch of goopy carbonara, Falkor’s favorite food.  It was nice to sit down as a family.

And yes, David did give me a surprise kiss which had the desired reaction of the kids pretending to gag.  It lightened the mood a bit.

Here’s my boy.  I wasn’t sure what to make of his new facial hair.  But he seems to like it.

Falkor went for his first day of high school with Sophia and Draco.  Unlike Draco, Falkor finds school “just alright.”  I think he enjoys having his brother with him though.  Aside from a certain little girl (Falkor came clean to me about where he left to early in the mornings before school), Falkor doesn’t have many friends, but he seems to like it that way because the friends he does have are close ones.

Wednesday night was prom.  Falkor decided he didn’t want to go.  Due to her very pregnant figure, Sophia didn’t have many options as far as clothing so she ready pretty early.  David had gone out to the business center to check out some art exhibit there and I was in the basement.  Just as Draco was heading to get ready… Sophia went into labor.

Unfortunately, my son quite lost his head at first…

From what Sophia told us later on, he was screaming out all sorts of silly things, like, “Pawn to Knight 4, pawn to Knight 3!”  But eventually, he seemed to calm down enough to help her to the cab so that they could get to the hospital.

Apparently, my son had lost his head enough that he’d changed into his tux before they left, so he accompanied his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital in the tuxedo he was to wear to prom.

A crew had come in to prepare a nursery for our newest arrival and they got it down in record time.

Several hours later, after a difficult child birth (the doctors seemed to think it had to do with Sophia’s age and most likely the stress from grieving with Diego), Sophia returned home, healthy but tired.  She carried with her my granddaughter, Aurora Breton Wyvern.  Welcome dear child.

Chapter 6: Snowflake Day Scheme and Quite the ‘Surprise’

So I invited a rather large crowd to our first official Snowflake Day Gift Giving celebration.  The boys were very excited and gave me quite a list of people to invite.  We set up the gift pile in the hallway because there was plenty of room for it there.  Our living room is comfortable but a little tight.

Well… there is sure a crowd in our house today.  Unfortunately, I invited a few of the friends I made when I first arrived, but Constanzo and Adalina couldn’t make it due to a fund raiser they had to attend.  However, their daughter Sophia did make it.  I actually think more than half of the school came, both the elementary and high schools, come to think of it.

We began the gift opening after everyone arrived.

It went well, everyone seemed quite happy with their gifts.  Draco got a nice chess set from his father and I which he seemed to really appreciate.  Falkor got a new easel from us.  There were video games and some nice decorations, pictures all exchanged.  There were two young women that came to the party.  One of them is most certainly the young lady that my son fancies, I’m sure of it.

First, there’s Alison.  She’s the daughter of Giacoma and Florence Taylor-Modena.  I don’t know her parents, but she’s one of Draco’s friends and has been with him since elementary school.

The other young lady is Sophia Rossi, daughter of my friends Constanzo and Adalina.  She’s a gorgeous girl.  I hadn’t gotten to see them for quite some time, only the occasional phone call to touch base.  But as parents, we couldn’t help but talk of our children so I knew a bit about her.  Wouldn’t it be amusing if this was the girl that my son was interested in?

I almost hope that it is; she’s so polite.  She came up to David and I to thank us for inviting her and she wanted to tell us how much she was enjoying herself.

Cecilia Costa also attended, as did a little girl named Faye Almeria-Gilsboro.  Her parents are Goopy and Marta Almeria-Gilsboro.  There was quite the scandal when the two eloped as teenagers because Marta had become pregnant.  It didn’t bother me at the time, but with a teenage boy and one soon to be, it makes me a bit nervous now.  I want grandchildren, but I want my sons to reach their potential first, to grow up and decide what they want.  Children are wonderful but they are a responsibility and not one to take lightly.  They are life-changing.

This is Cecilia.  She is still in elementary school; if I remember correctly, she’s two or three days younger than Draco.

This is Faye.  She’s another pretty little girl.  Falkor helps her with her math homework during study halls.

As the party winded down, my suspicions were confirmed.  It seems that I was right.  I happened to overhear my son and Sophia talking quietly.  They are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend.

Draco admitted as much to me later on and he sheepishly asked if she could spend the night.  I eyed him with a stern look.  “Yes, but only if she sleeps in the bottom bunk.  You are both to behave yourselves, ok?”

“Yes, mama,” he mumbled, then slunk off.

David saw the look on my face as I watched him go.  He pulled me close.  “Don’t look so worried.  It’ll be ok.  He’s a teenager.  But he’s not stupid.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right,” I murmured, kissing my husband.

Celestia might have heeded her instincts… while smart, even brilliant, Draco Wyvern was still only a teenager at that time and subject to his hormones, just as they all were.  If either Celestia or David knew what was going on after they went to bed, they may have gone things differently, after all, even the brightest of us makes snap decisions based on emotion.

But they did sleep in separate beds, just as Draco told his mother…

While his brother and Sophia practiced being teenagers, Falkor was also sneaking out, though it was more that he enjoyed the town at first light.  Apparently, someone else did to.  Falkor met his friend, Faye at the beach, where they hung out often before heading to school.

I am so-so… I don’t even know what I am.  Part of me wants to weep, another part wants to rage, yet another part recognizes the sheer futility of either of those options.  Draco is not as smart as we gave him credit for… or maybe we were just too trusting.  I wish I could use ignorance as an excuse.  I was never a teenager, never had to deal with the raging hormones… and yet, that doesn’t matter, not at all.

David took it better than I.  Though disappointed, he let out a sigh and murmured, “Well, be that as it may… we’ll get through this.”

Yes, Sophia is pregnant.  Neither she or Draco are old enough… but it doesn’t matter because it is going to happen.  In a few days time, I will be a grandmother.

Draco told me himself.  I was… flabberghasted.  I couldn’t even say anything.

“Mom… I-I have something to- tell you.”

“What is it, my dear?”

He swallowed and looked at the ground.  “I… Sophia’s pregnant mom.  She just told me.”  I know he wanted me to say something… anything, but I just couldn’t.  Not then.  Eventually, we talked, he and I.  Then I spoke with Sophia’s parents.  They are as shocked as I am, though seem to have taken it more in stride.

Though Draco was initially pretty shocked himself, he seems to have bounced back rather well.  He and Sophia are over the moon.  It was decided between her parents and David and I that Sophia would live with us.  It was a bit of a toss-up of whether Draco would move in with Sophia and her parents or vice versa, but the truth is, we have a bigger house and more room to spread out.  As it is, we have all had a serious discussion about the future.  While Draco’s first instinct was to get married right away, David and I put our foot down.  When they are older, they can get married, but not now, not while they are still in high school.

Poor Falkor isn’t quite sure to make of things, but he likes Sophia.  She’s making an effort to get along with everyone.  She really is a good girl.  It’s hard for me, having to watch this, knowing that their lives will change irrevocably.  It will not go as it was intended to.  But one thing that eases my mind- and my heart- is watching Sophia and Draco together.  Despite being so young, they are very in love.

Chapter 5: Brothers Stick Together

“I think the house looks good like this,” I told David over breakfast one morning.

He nodded, smiling at me as he took my hand in his.  “That it does.  That it does.”  We had recently been discussing possibly having another child.  We both wanted another one; maybe we’d have a girl this time.  It was still up in the air, but one of the reasons we had remodeled was keeping this in mind.

For now, we aren’t necessarily trying, but if it happens, it happens.

David is still hard at work at his painting.  Now that the boys are older, he has more time to put toward his artistic pursuits.

Draco has been steadily going through school and I have received several notes, even calls from his teachers of how bright he is.  He’s also making friends.  He brought one of them home after school on Friday.  Her name is Cecilia Costa.  She’s a sweet girl and the two of them are already best friends.

She spent the night and slept in the bottom bunk in Draco’s room.  He’d specifically asked for a bunk bed because he wanted to be able to have his friends sleep over.

He also asked for something else; it seems my boy is very interested in science.  I found myself a little taken aback by this because in my mind, science was vastly different from what I could do.  But even so young, my son is already teaching me things.  “No mama, not at all.  Science and magic are linked; they are just two different sides of the same coin.  I want to test out chemistry first, and compare what I can make there to what you craft with alchemy and your magic.”

So his father and I bought him a chemistry set.  He requested it be placed down in the basement so that when I am working he can join me.  That’s exactly what we did.  Now, he and I can work side by side, often the only sounds being the bubbling and burbling of liquids, a bang or pop here and there.

The boys’ birthdays rolled around before any of us realized it.  They each got their own cake once again.  Draco, being the oldest, once again went first.  He thought hard about a wish (a tradition his father told us about) and then blew out his candles.  After the sparkles hit, he ran to the mirror and dresser to don his own personal style.

David carried our youngest to the cake once again so I could sit back and watch, teary-eyed.  Both my boys were growing so fast!  It just didn’t seem possible.  Falkor was so cute, trying to blow out the candles himself.

Even still, I can only be proud of them.  They are both so handsome.  First, Draco decided that short hair would suit him better now.  He hasn’t quite decided what he wants to do later in life, or should I say that he has narrowed it down to three choices: there’s law enforcement, science, or the medical field.  He also wants to go to University, but since he has time to figure things out, he’s in no rush.  Like his dad, he did go with a little diamond stud in his ear.

Falkor likes to be comfortable, but he’s already begun to take after his father a bit and has taken a liking to painting.  Perhaps he’ll try some of the other arts later on, but for now, he wants to concentrate on his canvases.  He thinks the glasses he needs due to a bit of nearsightedness actually make him look more ‘artistic’.  I can only assume he got that from the television.  David just laughed.

The boys are pretty close.  They often will stay after school and do their homework together, though I keep telling them they should find somewhere with a roof and not just sit in the snow, but they seem to enjoy it.

And I’m not sure what they talk about at times.  I came downstairs one morning to find them both at the kitchen table.  Falkor was doing his homework and Draco was eating breakfast.  “-for the weak parts,” my oldest was saying, his mouth full of grilled cheese.

“Hm, so punch them in the stomach?”

Draco nodded slowly.  “Yeah, if you can reach.  Of course, if they’re trying to shove you into a locker, they probably aren’t guarding against that kinda blow, so stomach works, or-“ He leaned close and grinned.  “Hit ‘em in the family jewels.”

Falkor laughed, then stopped as I gave a little cough to alert them.  “Hey mom!”  He leapt up, having just finished his homework.  “Later mom!”

Draco shoved his chair back as well, intending to escape, though he threw me a grin.  But I stopped him.  “Draco, what’s going on?”

“It’s nothing, mom, really,” he assured me, looking uncomfortable.  “Just some idiots hassling Falkor.  He’s got it under control.”

I frowned, spurts of anger running through me at the thought of my poor boy being picked on.  How dare they!  “I’ll call the school!” I vowed.

“No!” Draco said firmly.  “Mom, look, if it were a big deal, I’d have told you.  But Falkor didn’t want me to.  He was just asking for tips.”

“On fighting?” I asked quietly.

“Well, a little.  That’s only if what I told him before doesn’t work,” Draco answered with a grin.  “I told him to try to make them laugh first, to make friends of them.  If that fails… well, he has the right to defend himself, doesn’t he?”

I was speechless for a moment.  He must have thought I’d be angry, because he looked down.  “Look, mom… I-“  He stopped when I hugged him tightly.

“Go to school,” I murmured.  His eyes lit up, he squeezed me tightly back, and then he ran to the bus to join his brother.

The high school students went for a field trip to the mausoleum today.  Draco had quite a bit of fun exploring the catacombs.  He brought back a poster as a souvenir and proudly hung it in his room.

After Diego and his brood brought some more valuable gems to us, tiberium among them, we added a little ensuite to our bedroom upstairs to make it more convenient.  Sharing a bathroom with two growing boys, one of which is a teenager, plus my husband is getting a little cramped.

Hm… I think Draco may have a new ‘friend’.  He won’t talk to her on the phone in the house, I think because he’s afraid we’ll hear him.  Could my boy have a new woman in his life?  I’ll have to think of an excuse to invite her over without him realizing why…

I finally was able to snap a picture of Falkor as he was painting.  Shhhh, he doesn’t know it yet.  He may not be up to the level of his father yet, but he’s already very talented.

Oh, I am just tired of these paparazzi that insist upon camping out on our front lawn!  Apparently, I have become what they call a celebrity.  But if that means that I have these rude, annoying people on my lawn, I don’t want it!  Though… perhaps I shouldn’t have lost my temper as I did…

I DID change her back… eventually.  Then again, she makes a good test subject for the potency of some of my potions.

I think I have finally figured out how to investigate this girl that Draco seems so enamored with.  Snowflake Day will be here shortly.  The first one, I didn’t know what it was and I was pregnant.  I think a Gift Giving Party will be the perfect opportunity.  The rest of the family is pretty enthusiastic.  Draco came up to me.  “Hey, uh… Mom, you mind if I invite a few friends?”

Falkor piped up.  “Me too!”

“Of course, boys.  Of course.”  I grinned inwardly.  Good.

Chapter 4: Adulthood and Time Flies By

David has become an adult now.  I was a bit surprised how concerned he seemed by hitting middle age.  I think he experienced what my friend Constanzo called a ‘mid-life crisis’.  He seemed to worry about whether I’d still find him attractive.  I told him he was being ridiculous.  Perhaps the sparkles just went to his head… He did decide he was going to switch up his wardrobe, try something different.

I still think he’s just as handsome as he ever was.

Still, even with this little bit of insecurity, there is no question about his ability to care and love his sons.  He’s so attentive to both of them.  He often hears them before I do and wakes up immediately and goes to them to feed them or change them.

I also had my adult birthday, though really, this one snuck up on me.  It hasn’t been as difficult for me, I think, because I don’t have a lot of the same fears.  Or maybe because my own life has been such an upheaval, this seems rather small.  I did decide to do something a little different with my hair, deciding to let some of it grow a bit longer.

Gabe and Gage have both left their puppy stages and have become beautiful, full grown dogs.  They are both wonderful mixes of their parents.

Time surely does fly.  The boys shared a birthday; first, my little boy would leave toddlerhood and become a child.  I just can’t quite believe it!  A part of me, the part that has become so very attached to this life, is terrified and doesn’t want to let go.  Another part, the part that has survived from what seems another life entirely, knows that this is only a small time frame, and a part of life.  I’ve managed to meet somewhere in the middle, but because I was afraid I might not let him go, David took Draco to the cake first.  He spun around as the sparkles hit…

My boy is a child now.  He only grows more handsome.  His hair is longer than I thought it would be, but it suits him.

Then it was Falkor’s turn.  I carried him to the cake this time, a bit more composed.  Once again, sparkles descended over one of my children and life moved on.

Falkor has certainly took more after me!  He has my skin color, my hair color… David calls him my mini-me!

And already, Falkor kicks up a fuss when his father went to take him to his crib.  Oh my, another one with a very hard to resist pouty face!

Even between raising our two boys, we’ve managed to continue to pull in steady incomes regardless of neither of us having actual ‘jobs’.  Diego, Darcy, and now Gabe and Gage have been instrumental in this.  The gems and metals they hunt up have allowed us to not only survive, but to thrive.  We’ve been able to renovate our home into something more than comfortable.  We’ve even added a second floor and turned it into our master bedroom, as well as added a second room for Falkor and added space for all of the dogs so they are more comfortable.

Draco is a very studious child and has already begun a love of reading.  But he also has quite the imagination!

His first day of school arrived and he ran out the door, very enthusiastic to begin learning, though he did get a head start on his own.  Truly, the boy devours knowledge like his brother drinks his bottle of milk!  When he arrived home, he was gushing about all the things the teachers were beginning to teach him as well as talking about a few new friends he had gotten to meet.  Then he sat down to begin his school work.

While Draco learns of the SimVerse at school, his younger brother is learning how to walk, talk, and use the potty like a big boy!

Chapter 3: Toddler Spam and Love Day

I can’t seem to stop taking pictures of my little boy!  He’s just too cute.  And he’s so smart.  Maybe a little neurotic, but so smart, too.  He’s taken to potty training so well.  When he looks up at me with eyes that match my own, I get a bit misty eyed.

He also has both his father and I wrapped around his little finger.  I find I don’t mind so much.  Who could say no to this face?  They would need a higher power than I…

David volunteered to work with him on talking.  He has an easier time understanding his babbling than I do, for some reason.  Maybe I’m not as in touch with mortals… with other Sims as I thought.  Or maybe I’m just not good at understanding toddler-speak…

Hm… well, unless someone left out that grilled cheese I had for too long, then I believe that Draco will soon have another sibling.  I must say, this nausea business is awful.

It’s confirmed, I am truly pregnant.  I told David and he was as excited as when I told him about Draco.

Despite the fact that I’m pregnant, I insisted upon teaching Draco how to walk.  He’s just so full of joy and laughter.  And watching him on his little wobbly legs makes me laugh, too.

David and I have been feeling a bit cooped up lately, so when Love Day rolled around, he called a baby-sitter for the first time…  I was a bit nervous, I’ll be honest.  But we could really use a break, I know.  We haven’t had much alone time since Draco was born, of course.

We went to the pizza parlor, drank espresso and ate cheesy garlic bread.

We stayed there a while, talking and looking at one another across the table, playing something my husband called ‘footsy’.  Mostly, it involved him gently rubbing his foot against mine.  I don’t know as I would count that as ‘playing’ anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and enjoyed our time together.  When we got home, we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie.

Once it was over, I was feeling pretty tired, more so than I had been when I was pregnant with Draco.  Truthfully, it was a rough night.  Then early that morning, my water broke.  Somehow, the pain was worse this time.

Off to the hospital we went.  After a difficult labor and delivery some 4 hours later, our son, Falkor Luke Wyvern was born.

Back at home, I fed him, then lay him down.

David and I sat down to eat first, then go to bed.  We were both pretty exhausted.  As we sat there, shoveling food into my face, I had a realization.  “You’re birthday is tomorrow!”

He waved it away.  “Don’t worry about doing anything for it, love.  We’re both too tired to worry about it.”

Diego likes to sit in the nursery, like he’s standing guard over them.  I’m very appreciative of this and have to give him a reward of a good belly rub.

Speaking of Diego… the poor thing became an elder today.  It doesn’t seem possible.  But we’ve been in this Realm for quite some time and animals, even one such as Diego are mortal.  It hasn’t slowed him down at all, though.

Oh!  It seems Draco inherited more from me than just my ears and eye color.  Power runs through him as well.  He looked so surprised!  Then so happy when his little toy reappeared in his hands.

The more I think about it, the more that I realize that though I am mortal, I am still Queen of the Dragons… which means that my children carry that legacy in their blood as well.  I don’t know what significance this has, not yet, but I find myself wondering about what the future may hold.

Chapter 2: The Dragon Prince

My pregnancy progressed rather smoothly, though I am ashamed to say that I was fairly ignorant about such things at the time.  Aside from my rapidly expanding middle and a craving for a dish called ‘spaghetti’, it wasn’t difficult.  I’d find myself pausing every now and again, placing my hands on my swollen belly, just enjoying the feeling of my child moving and kicking.

My child… a combination of David and myself.  It still seemed so unreal, so foreign.  Yet, it was the single most important thing I’d ever done, including falling in love with David.  I told him that one night while we were laying in each other’s arms and he smiled in that tender way he had and nodded.  “I know exactly what ya’ mean, my Queen.”  He pulled me closer to her and kissed my forehead.  Despite the need for more money and being that he’d rather I rest and take it easy, David was very attentive in between bouts of painting.

We needed the money so that we could add onto the house so that we would be ready for when our child arrived.

We added a little nursery.  Neither I nor David are architects or designers, but I think it suits.  And we finished it just in time.  I’d been feeling a bit poorly the last couple hours and had just gotten out of a warm shower when the pain hit.  It doubled me over; it stole my breath so I couldn’t even scream.

Something seemed to release inside of me… then I could scream.  David claims all of Monte Vista probably heard me.  He might be right, come to think of it.  The pain was like nothing else I’d ever experienced before.

Luckily, though he was sweating, David seemed to keep a cool head.  He hustled me out of the house and hailed a cab (we haven’t yet been able to afford a vehicle yet).  He told the driver to hurry; I think my groans and the occasional curse hastened him as well.

The snow was thick, but we trudged through it to the hospital doors.  It was all I could do not to grip David’s hand… I was afraid that I’d break it, quite honestly.

After several hours of excruciating labor, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Draco Maxim Wyvern was born around 10 pm on a cold, snowy winter night.

He truly is my little miracle.  My little boy.  I can’t seem to get a grasp on it yet.  He’s just so precious.

David is beside himself with joy as well.  He’s so proud of his little boy.  Already, he can’t help but spoil Draco, even though he is only a burrito.  Draco has bonded already with his father.

Every time I hold him in my arms, I am swamped by emotion.  He is so tiny, so small, yet so full of life and potential.  What will he be?  What will he do?  Will he share my powers?  Will I be a good mother to him?  Me, who only became a mortal a week ago?  Threading through the questions and my own doubts about my ability to be a mother was a storm of love.

Oh, since we have been so busy with Draco and being first-time parents, poor Diego has been feeling a little neglected, though he has never complained.  Wanting to make sure he had some companionship, David suggested I call the pet adoption agency.  I did and we now have another new family member.  Her name is Darcy and according to the agency, she is a full blooded Akita.

As I sit here, during a rare moment of peace, I can only think about what my life has become.  I have a child whom I love more than life itself and a husband whom I love so very much and each day it only grows more.  I may have been the Queen of Dragons and a Goddess, but I did not start living until my sister stripped me of my immortality, and then dumped me unceremoniously in this Realm.  I may actually owe her a debt, come to think of it… As I watch my husband cook in nothing by his underwear, all I can do is smile.

He noticed me watching him.  With a grin, he walked backwards, beckoning for me to follow with a waggle of his finger.  We retired to our bedroom for a brief interlude.

Before we knew it, it was time for my little boy to become a toddler!  It just doesn’t seem possible.  David gave me the honor of getting to be the one to take him to the cake.  I stood there for a moment, trying not to tear up.  I did remarkably well, for the most part.

At least… until a near tragedy struck!  As I leaned down to blow out the single candle, it fell off onto the wooden counter surface and lit into a blaze!  I jumped back and turned around, holding my son protectively to my chest while my husband jumped forward to try to put it out.

It proved to be too much though.  Luckily, the fire department arrived before it became too severe and put it out.

I’ve never been so scared!  I held Draco tightly to me for a long time and clung to David.  He took Draco from me for a moment, kissing his son and then kissing me.  I could tell he had been terrified as well, but he was holding it together a lot better than I was.

Eventually, though, after our heart rates had returned to normal, we tried again.  And we had the fire department on speed dial, should we need them again…

But it all went perfectly this time and my nooboo was no longer a burrito, but a toddler.  And an adorable toddler at that.  He has my eye color and my ears, but the rest of him is all his father.

After I put my tired boy to bed, I heard Darcy give a howl.

Apparently, Diego and she had gotten along a LOT better than either David or realized!  The poor thing was giving birth!  She was carrying a litter of two pups.  We dubbed them Gabe and Gage.

Diego is an exceedingly proud Papa.

Well, it’s certainly been an… exciting day.  It’s time to put Draco to bed.  My darling little boy.  Our family just keeps on growing.

David and I crawled into bed, and just held onto one another for a long moment.  “My Queen,” he murmured into my ear.  “I think our little prince should have some siblings.  Don’t you agree?”  I showed him my agreement rather than saying anything…

Chapter 1: Coming out of her Shell

Hm, now where was I… Oh yes, just as my sister predicted, I spent several days, desperately searching through tome after tome, testing potion after potion.  But nothing reversed my current state, again, just as Lyall had intended.  But I refused to give up, refused to believe I would remain this way.  Yet all I was doing was working myself into a state of utter insanity.  So I decided to step away for a little while.  I had yet to explore the place she had sent me.  Monte Vista… While I was still angry, I did understand why she did not send me to Dragon Valley.  The ravages my children had caused were only just being cleaned up.

Deciding it would be beneficial to take a breather, to just clear my head, I began to walk around the town.  Diego, after being such a good helper deserved a break too, so the two of us went together.  I can admit this now, but at the time, I viewed it as more of a chore, but I found myself enjoying it, the brisk pace, the wind through my hair… Watching Diego bark and yip happily, just enjoying being with me and going for a walk; it was the first smile I was conscious of since I had awoken in the empty lot.

We stopped at the Consignment Shop, mostly just so I could check things out, see if there were any other spell components I may have missed or hadn’t been able to find yet.  While there, I met a man named Hayden James.  As I met his eyes… I felt a flutter in my belly.  It was the oddest sensation and one I was entirely unfamiliar with.  However, I suspected I knew what it was; my sister embraced the mortal form she chose to wear while I never had.  She used to regale me with stories of her conquests.  Part of those stories were detailed accounts of what kind of feelings an attractive Sim would elicit in her.  I could only assume that Hayden James was attractive.  I had to admit that he was indeed, though I was uncomfortable enough that I didn’t stay long.

Despite that, and despite my intentions, Diego and I developed a routine, after tending the small garden I’d planted with various plants that I used in my spells and potions and after a few hours of studying and testing, we would go for a walk.

I have to admit that Diego was my salvation during those first frantic days.  He gave me companionship.  A kind of bond that asked for nothing in return, that just was.  It was… nice.  It was something that I had never really known before and I found myself not only enjoying it, but coming to depend upon it, upon Diego.

During one of our walks, we found ourselves in a rather lovely park.  There, I met the Mayor of Monte Vista.  His name is Constanzo Rossi.  Again, I felt those flutters in my belly, but I was relieved to find out that he was happily married.  I even met his wife briefly, but she had to go shortly after our introduction.

I was finding this attraction business to be a harrowing experience, frankly.  This mortal body contained so many sensations… it was quite overwhelming.  At least Constanzo put me at ease.  I suppose as a Sim politician, it was a part of his job.  Still, I was rather happy to get out of there, but I got a call from him later on that night, just checking in on me to make sure I was alright.  It was… nice.  Rather than the flutters, there was simple gratitude.  I had a real friend it seemed.

With that realization, I wandered around town more often.  I met a few other people, the Mancini brothers.  Both nice, though a bit up-tight I thought.

With a couple new friends, I returned to my little hovel.  It was still a bit depressing there, but it was mine.  I hadn’t stopped my studies, though there wasn’t quite the urgency that there had been before.  I had decided to keep bees since their wax and honey were key ingredients to several potions I made that I sold to the Elixir Shop here in Monte Vista.  Unfortunately, I was not used to dealing with the little creatures…

I’m ashamed to say that I panicked and ran away.  I had run quite far and had gotten turned around.  At first, I didn’t recognize the house.  But then I realized that I was at Hayden’s home.  I debated whether to just turn and walk away.  After all, Hayden was quite handsome and I just wasn’t adept at this mortal body or the feelings and sensations I experienced.  But before I could make my escape, the door opened and Hayden hailed me.  I reluctantly entered.  Relief swept through me.  Though I could appreciate his form, I was not overwhelmed like I had been before and I could even smile and laugh with him for a moment.  Then his roommate came home.

There were no butterflies this time… no, it was an explosion in my head, in my stomach… and in my heart.  I couldn’t say anything; I didn’t have the words to articulate—well, anything, really.  And he seemed just as flabbergasted for a moment.  I used that to run out, trembling and unsure of what had just happened.  Later, I would read a few tales of what the mortals called ‘True Love’ and ‘Love at First Sight’.  Was that what it was?  Perhaps.  All I knew at the time, though, was that I had to get away.  I got back to my home and curled up in the sleeping bag I’d been using since my arrival.  I was tired… that was it.

But later that night, I got a surprise.  David Haynes, the very same man I had run away from, showed up on my doorstep.  We talked for a moment, actually introduced ourselves, then stood there in silence, both of us looking and feeling awkward.  Then the next thing I knew, he had grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to him, his lips on mine!

He pulled away, but after that first taste, I wanted more so I pulled him back!  When we finally came up for air, we both were a little stunned, but grinning.  “What does this mean?” I asked him quietly.

“I’m not sure what this is, or what this all means,” he said slowly, “but, I’d like to find out.  What about you?”

I hesitated, but only for a moment.  I didn’t understand it, not then, but I wanted to find out as well.  I could try to blame it on an innate curiosity, but that was only part of it.  A major part was that I was curious about some of the stories.  David was more than handsome and I found his personality endearing.  So we agreed to see where this would take us.

We become what the mortals call a ‘couple’ or boyfriend/girlfriend and he moved in with me in the tiny little hovel.  Though at least I had made enough to expand just enough to have an actual bathroom and a bed!

David had a job, but one that he wasn’t particularly thrilled with.  He confided to me that he’d always wanted to paint.  I wasn’t worried as much about money at that point, so I told him to do what his heart desired.  He began to paint; surprisingly enough, he was able to sell them for a fairly large amount so not only was he doing something he loved, but it proved to be a lucrative enterprise as well.

I hadn’t given up in my quest, not entirely, but it took a back-burner to making potions to sell.

Between David’s paintings, my potions and the fact that Diego kept bringing us some interesting items to sell, we were able to expand our little home.  We could have a table and chairs, something the mortals call a TV (I don’t understand the fascination with them, but David seems to enjoy it), Diego got his own little space and we were able to put a small basement in so that I could keep my alchemy station down there and work without worrying about the weather or disturbing David too much with some of the sights and smells that were inherent in combining sorcery and science.

Our relationship has been… intense.  Just when I am starting to feel comfortable and start to relax, something will happen: a look, a touch and then something seems to grip me by the throat, and there’s a tightness in my chest.  It’s not an unpleasant sensation, however.  In fact, I’m beginning to really enjoy it.

It happened gradually enough that I didn’t notice… or maybe it is more accurate to say that I didn’t realize just what was going on.  But one day, it hit me.  I loved David.  Even my efforts to find a way out of my situation have gone by the wayside.  I seemed to find excuses NOT to do it.  This is what finally made me realize that I was actually… happy.  I could no longer see my future without David in it.  Even knowing that this mortal body would eventually decay and die, I couldn’t be upset about that, not with David by my side.

I was content with that, or so I thought.  I knew I had David’s love.  But there was something missing.  One day, after working for quite a bit making potions, I found myself feeling ill.  I dashed to the bathroom to purge myself.

I didn’t think about it at the time, figuring that I had been inhaling the fumes too much lately.  But after another couple bouts with the horrible nausea, I began to wonder.  Sure enough, after casting a spell on myself, I found that I was pregnant!  I had a life growing within me.

I didn’t tell David, not right away.  I was too busy marveling at this miracle.  The dragons, my ‘children’, had been created through my essence, given life through magic.  They were mine, but not like the life growing inside me.  It was such a marvel, and brought me close to tears.  Before I could tell David of our tremendous fortune, he called to me.  I walked tentatively to him.  In his hand, there was something, a little box…

I didn’t know to make of it at first.  He just smiled at me.  “My Dragon Queen,” he murmured.  I had long ago confessed who I was to him.  I had expected derision or at the very least disbelief.  But instead, he had grinned just like that and pulled me close.  He seemed to accept it at face value.  From then on, he’d often call me his Dragon Queen, or simply his Queen.  He used that nickname now, his voice so tender it had tears coming to my eyes.  “You have been the light of my life.  I’ve never felt for someone else what I feel for you.  Though I probably don’t deserve it, or you, it would be the greatest honor if you would agree to become my wife.  Will you marry me, Celestia?”

I was speechless for a long moment, unable to speak.  I burst into tears as I threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck.  “Yes, yes, of course,” I sobbed.

He held onto me for a long moment, rubbing his hands up and down my back.  “I love you, my Queen,” he murmured.

It jolted me out of my stupor and I stepped back.  “D-david.  I-I have something to tell you.”  Swallowing, I slowly and haltingly told him that I carried a child inside of me, our child.  We had never talked of such things and I had no idea how he would react.

I braced myself for the shock and even possible ire.  Instead, I found myself crushed to his chest as he rained kisses over my face.  “Let’s not wait,” he murmured.  “Let’s do it now.  We don’t need a big wedding.  We’re already married, in our hearts.  It’s really only a formality, right?”

I nodded, not quite sure what he was talking about.  I knew of marriage, of course, but it wasn’t something I had ever spent any time in contemplating.  So it was that we were married in our little hallway, just the two of us.  Even later, after I knew what a full wedding meant, I found the moment magical.

So it was, that night, David and I went to bed as man and wife.  As I lay next to him and felt the life within me, I could only smile.  Perhaps rather than be mad at Lyall, I owed her a debt… not that I would ever tell her that, though… at least not right away.