Recommended Writing Sites

Here you will a variety of sites that I either use frequently or that I have had recommended to me by others I hold in high regard.

There will be several different categories and who knows, that might expand later on, depending:

Roleplaying Forums/Sites- Roleplaying (or RPing as it’s commonly called) can be done in various ways.

  • Table top RPs (Dungeons & Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds, Gurps, etc) use preconceived rule sets where players often use dice or other random number generators to help predict an outcome based on a character’s stats and/or skills.  Each player tends to play as one character and there is a Dungeon or Game Master that often plans out the campaign/adventure/story and pits the players’ characters against monsters, obstacles, other people, etc.
  • Play by post RPs are done more as a story with each player controlling at least one character.  But only the characters made by that player can be controlled by that player.  The challenge is that the story can change at any moment and there is an etiquette to most sites about controlling other players’ characters.  This is personally one of my favorite styles because of the challenge and fun of creating a story with other people without the restriction of playing within a set system can bring (this is my opinion, mind you.  I actually do a variety of role playing, including table top and play by post).
  • Live action role playing (or LARPING) is just how it sounds.  The players dress up in costumes and play as their characters, often with set goals and story-lines already created.  It’s one big giant stage and all the players are actors of a sort.

General Writing Sites- looking for tips?  Looking for a place to find those to critique your work?  Need grammar help?  Or cheat sheets?  This is the place where I will throw up any really cool writing sites I find, whether it’s writing for a novel, poetry, memoir, you name it, I’ll put that here.

Specifically Sims Story Sites- everything Sim related will go here.  Mostly guides, but also places to check out cool Sims Stories as well.


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