Sims 3 Stories

These are the current Sims 3 stories that I had.  Unfortunately, all of them are incomplete, either because the files became unplayable and/or real life became insane.

The first story is Queen of the Dragons.  This has been moved from its own blog to my writing blog here for convenience as it’s more of an archive now, rather than a continuing story.

It’s a Supernatural Legacy blog following the Wyverns, begun by Celestia Wyvern, Queen of the Dragons.  She was tricked into assuming her human form and descending to the mortal realm.  Join her to see how she fared and the much deeper plot that surrounds not only her, but those descendants that come later.

Now, there are quite a few stories that I have up on Carl’s Guide and Forum, though most of them are either on hold indefinitely or just done due to files being lost, etc.  But feel free to check them out as you wish.


The Blood Legacy

The only other legacy I had for Sims 3 was an original story line based on the Pirate Queen and Founder: Quianna Agana.  This may be the only other story that might be able to be resurrected at some point.  But not any time soon, unfortunately.


Immortal Dynasty Stories

Restoring the Round Table

This was a take on the legends and myths of King Arthur and the Round table, though due to time and issues with files, it never got very far.

The Incarnations of Immortality

Based on the series the Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony.  It got fairly far, but again, issues with time and files put it on a hiatus.  Who knows, maybe one of these will be continued in Sims 4.  We’ll see.



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