Queen of the Dragons

Queen of the Dragons is a Sims 3 story following the Wyvern family.  Celestia Wyvern is the Queen of the Dragons, but after a visit with her sister Lyall, she finds herself stranded in beautiful Monte Vista, no longer her immortal self.  Will she find happiness or will she remain bitter?  Will her mortal legacy live on, even after she’s left the mortal coil?  Why was she turned mortal to begin with?  Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more!

This story is now done, sadly, without being finished, due to the save game becoming unplayable. However, that’s not the end of the Wyverns. I hope to have it done as a novel sometime in the future. I did start it as a NaNo project, but it needs considerable reworking.  Also, you may want to check out my Lasting Legacies story on Carlsguide because you may see a familiar face or two down the road 😉

Important Links:

Gen 1 Chapter Index

Gen 2 Chapter Index

Gen 3 Chapter Index

Gen 4 Chapter Index

Character Stats

Current Generation: The Fourth Generation Heir is Luna Wyvern

Current Location(s): Bridgeport and Monte Vista

Current News: The Wyverns are up for download! All of the current Simpacks I have for them is up.  If anyone wants anyone else, just let me know, alright?

I have also updated the Family Tree, though it does contain spoilers so beware!