Characters and Stats + Family Tree

Wyvern Familiy Tree– Beware SPOILER ALERT

Wyvern Canine Family Tree– Beware SPOILER ALERT

First Generation/Founder


Celestia Wyvern, founder Adult

Celestia Wyvern-Haynes                Libra        Witch

Ambitious, artistic, family-oriented, irresistible, workaholic

LTW: Mystic Healer                Completed on Week 10, day 3

LTHP: ~100,000        Portrait: Adult

Dark wave, french toast, turquoise

Skills: Cooking 1, Gardening 5, Handiness 2, Alchemy 10

Death: Week 10, day 3- 95

David Haynes, founder’s spouse Adult

David Haynes                Taurus             Sim

Perfectionist, neat, vegetarian, athletic, artistic

LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury                Completed on Week 6, Day 2

LTHP: ~100,000        Portrait: Adult

Indie, French toast, red

Skills: Logic 2, Painting 10, Athletic 4, Charisma 4, Cooking 6, Guitar 1, Social Networking 1, Handiness 5                    Supermaxed painting Week 9, day 7

Death:  Week 10, Day 2- 95


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