Fourth Generation

Luna Eris Wyvern, YA

Luna Eris Wyvern                             Scorpio                      Witch                    Heir         

Valedictorian.      Most Likely to be Electrocuted

Genius, perceptive, loves the outdoors, night owl        , handy

LTW: Pervasive Private Eye                          Completed on Week , day

LTHP:                    Portrait:  YA

Songwriter, fish and chips, grey

Skills: Logic 5,

Death: Week, Day –

Roark Vidar Wyvern (ne: Donovan), YA

Roark Vidar Wyvern (ne: Donovan)            Gemini                Vampire                  Heir’s Spouse    

Graduated with Honors     Most Likely to Save the World

Brave, workaholic, good, athletic, nurturing

LTW:  Become an Astronaut                                 Completed on Week , day

LTHP:                             Portrait:

Indie, O+, Blue


Death: Week , day –

Alduin Isidore Wyvern, YA

Alduin Isidore Wyvern                   Scorpio                                   Sim                       Valedictorian.   Class Clown

Loner, eccentric, bookworm, good sense of humor, computer whiz

LTW: Paranormal Profiteer                                Completed on Week , day                 LTHP:                             Portrait: YA

Country, hot dog, yellow

Skills: Inventing 5, Handiness 1, Writing 3, Martial arts 2

Death: Week , day –

Cyn Hera Wyvern (ne: Donovan), YA

Cyn Hera Wyvern              Cancer             Vampire          Graduated with honors    Most Likely to Offend Others

Neurotic, insane, unstable, childish, green thumb

LTW: The Perfect Garden                                         Complete on Week, day                      LTHP:                          Portrait:

Latin, O+, yellow




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