Second Generation

Draco Maxim Wyvern, 2nd Gen Heir, YA

Draco Maxim Wyvern        Libra        Witch        Heir          

Graduated with honors          Voted Most Likely to Take Over the World

Neurotic, genius, adventurous, lucky, night owl

LTW: International Super Spy                Completed on Week 12, day 6

LTHP: 210,971        Portrait: YA

Hip hop, autumn salad, blue

Skills: Logic 10, Handiness 5, Athletic 10, Photography 1

Death: Week, Day –

Week 10, day 2- 1 year Ann.

Sophia Wyvern, 2nd Gen Heir’s Spouse, YA

Sophia Wyvern (ne Rossi)                Sagittarius        Sim        Heir’s Spouse

Graduated with honors        Voted Most Likely to Become a Sports Star

Over-emotional, disciplined, excitable, athletic, irresistible

LTW: Physical Perfection                Completed on Week 13, day 1

LTHP: 179,673        Portrait: YA

Pop, sushi, turquoise

Skills: Athletic 10, Cooking 7, Handiness 2, Painting 1, Martial arts 10

Death: Week, Day –

Falkor Wyvern, 2nd Gen Spare, YA

Falkor Luke Wyvern        Virgo        Witch        Rainbow

Graduated with honors          Voted Most Likely to Get Married

Couch potato, heavy sleeper, brave, supernatural fan, hopeless romantic

LTW: Major Master                                        Portrait: YA

Dark wave, goopy carbonara, spiceberry

Skills: Painting 2, Charisma 1

Death:  Week 16, Day 7- 89

Faye Wyvern (ne: Almeria-Mancini), 2nd Gen Spare’s spouse

Faye Wyvern (ne Almeria-Mancini)                Sim

Savvy Sculptor, Snob, Good, Clumsy, Mooch



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