Builds/Full Families

This page will be where I throw up builds on their own, families with builds, or full families.


The Dragon’s Lair- the house that the Wyvern’s live in.  There are two versions of this.  The first version is the house, fully furnished but with no personal touches, no Sims, no graves.  The second version is just the shell, unfurnished and with a generic paint job on the walls.  Again, no personal touches, no Sims, no graves, etc.

Download the Dragon’s Lair- furnished here!

Download the Dragon’s Lair Shell here!

Families with Builds

Interested in having the full immersive experience with the Wyverns?  This build has the house as well as the whole family (up to Ryu being an infant)

Download the Wyverns and the Dragon’s Lair here!


Every story needs a villain… the Tresker brothers are certainly that!  For those who would like them for their own game, here they are!

Download the Treskers here!




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