Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions, as well as a few things that I ran into while playing my own challenge.  If anyone else needs clarification, don’t hesitate to ask!

Family Reign FAQ

What if there’s a teenage sibling or a child already for a spouse that you want to move in?

– In this case, the sibling or child can be considered a spare as far as earning Fame points, so their contributions count.  However, they do not count as a Cadet Branch once moved out since they are only peripherally related to the main bloodline.  The bloodline must come from your founder. For example: if you move in Candy Behr as a spouse and you bring her teen sister Yuki, Yuki’s skills, aspirations, even career can count for Fame Points, but if Yuki moves out on her own, she can not be counted as a Cadet Branch. Keep in mind, this only counts for Sims related to a spouse you move in.  If you decide to move in a “helper”, someone completely unrelated, then their contributions don’t count.

What if the founder or heir divorces their spouse?  If the spouse continues to live there (either because don’t have the money to move them out or some other reason), do their achievements continue to count?

– As long as the next generation has been born, then yes, their achievements can continue to count since they are part of the bloodline.