Sims 4 Stories

Here’s an index of the Sims 4 Stories I have, or have had.


Current Sims 4 Story Projects:

Join Blake Hanover as he partakes in a Family Reign Challenge!

You can check out the challenge under the Sims 4 Challenge page at the top here ^^ To see Blake and his story, go to The Start of Something


If the Hanovers weren’t enough, be sure to check out Han Galactus as well!

Check out Back to the Stars to see his story and how he tackles the Immortal Dynasty!



Sadly, the file for The Ramparts is older and with all the changes and bugs, afraid this one is defunct for now.

Cornerstone: The Rampart Legacy

Mulan Rampart was chosen by her Watcher to found a legacy based on the rich heritage of heroes and heroines of the past.  Follow her adventures in Willow Creek and see if she can do them proud!

Like the Rampart file, this file is old and with all the changes and bugs, can’t really play it.  But there might be another Dynasty story someday.  Keep an eye out for it!

Carl’s Guide and Forum has brought out their Immortal Dynasty challenge for Sims 4, which makes me so excited!  So might have another story to work on aside from my legacy.

Oh guess what?  Here it is!  To Paint the World in Color is live!

Meet the founder, Azura Chroma!




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