To Paint the World in Color

To Paint the World is the story of Azura Chroma as she and her descendants complete the Immortal Dynasty Challenge.

What’s the Immortal Dynasty Challenge you ask?  Created by Metropolis Man and his team on Carl’s Sims 4 Guide, the Immortal Dynasty is predicated on the concept that eight generations of Immortals will emerge from one Bloodline to consume Ambrosia.  Not only do the ingredients for Ambrosia have to be grown/caught/bought by the household, but the founder and each subsequent heir must meet a series of 8 requirements in order to partake of Ambrosia when they become an Elder.

To see the full requirements, go here: The Sims 4 Immortal Dynasty Challenge

A quick summary: In order to be able to partake of Ambrosia as an elder (and yes, it can only be at the elder stage), the founder and each subsequent heir (the first born child of each generation) must do the following:

1. Max a unique career

2. Complete two aspirations no other heir has completed

3. Max three skills

4. Purchase four unique rewards from the rewards store

5. Get a gold medal on five different parties

6. Have 6 good friends (preferably outside the household and one of those good friends must be a unique best friend)

7. Complete 7 whims attached to a different emotion

8. Contribute 8* items, different for each heir, to the Immortal Museum.

*If heirs complete their childhood aspiration and get A’s as both children and teens, they can contribute two additional items for a total of 10 items.

There is no cheating, no mods that can change gameplay, no quitting without saving to stop a horrible event.  All household members must live out their lives in the dynasty household.  There is to be no intentional killing of household members (or of anyone, really).  Adding helpers is a viable strategy and is utilized in many, many dynasties.  But just remember, you are stuck with them until Grim comes for them.  As mentioned before, the ingredients for Ambrosia must be grown/caught/bought by the household.  No other means is acceptable.  All this together makes for a very interesting challenge.  But it can also be great fun!


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