Gen 1 Requirements

Azura’s Immortality Requirements

1 Unique Career Maxed:                                                                                                         Writer- Author

2 Unique Aspirations:                                                                                                Bestselling Author
Mansion Baron
3 Skills Maxed              

4 Unique Aspiration Rewards

5 Gold Medal Parties

Date with Rogelio at the Park                                                                                               Wedding to Rogelio (home lot)                                                                                           Adult Birthday Party for Azura                                              

6 Good Friends

7 Emotional Whims                                                                                           Happy  Make a Friend
Energized  Hip Bump Someone
Embarrassed  Share Insecurities with Someone
Tense  Take a Shower
Flirty  Kiss Someone
Confident  Start a Confident Painting
 Inspired  Play the Piano

8 Museum pieces


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