The Rampart Legacy!

Mulan Rampart is the daughter of two medieval history buffs.  When it is time for her to set off on her own, Mulan vows to bring her own brand of sensibilities to her new home.

Join Mulan- named for Hua Mulan, a famous female hero in China- on her quest to live up to the long line of ancestors that her parents are always so proud to bring up.  Will she find true love with someone who can respect her for her fiery spirit and slightly unorthodox views in this modern day and age?  See her story unfold from strict poverty to possible riches!  Will she find a soul mate or will Mulan play the field?  Can she leave a legacy worthy of the name of Rampart for her descendants?  Read on to find out!

Succession Laws:

Gender Law- Strict Equality: The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different gender than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.

Bloodline Law- Modern:  Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.

Heir Law- Exemplar: At the beginning of the challenge, choose a trait from your Founder. Any eligible heir (as per the Gender and Bloodline Laws) that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has more or less than one exemplar, follow the First Born rule.

Current Heir: Mulan Rampart- founder


Those unfamiliar with the newest incarnation of the Legacy Challenge, follow the link and get the whole picture!  Pinstar has gone above and beyond for this one!

Also, as a warning, this blog will probably only be updated once, maybe twice a week unless I suddenly get some extra time and/or inspiration.  But I will endeavor to at least get out an update a week.


7 thoughts on “The Rampart Legacy!

  1. This’ll be fun *rubs hands together not-so-evilly*

    Will we get to see the generations go through torture and grueling labor? I think we will.

    Liked by 1 person

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