Legacy Points

The Legacy Challenge isn’t just about getting to the 10th Generation.  There are various goals to reach that earn points.  To understand what each category entails, please refer to the Legacy Challenge website.  It has fairly in-depth explanations for everything as well as where and how the points are awarded.  Out of game, I use a phenomenal tracking sheet made by ‘about drew’ and can be found here: Legacy Tracking Sheet by about drew.  It’s a Dropbox download and uses Microsoft Excel.


Family: 10 total points

  • Gen 1: Mulan/Camron- 1 point

Creative: 10 total points

  • Gen 1: Mulan was memorialized by ________, Camron was memorialized by ________

Fortune: 10 total points


Love: 10 total points

  • Camron (Gen 1 Primary Spouse)- Bookworm, Bro, Good- 3 unique traits- 1 point

Knowledge: 10 points

  • Mulan-
  • Camron-

Athletic: 10 points

  • Mulan’s aspiration- Bestselling Author
  • Camron’s aspiration- Master Mixologist

Nature: 10 points


Food: 10 points


Popularity: 10 points

  • Gold medals – first date = 3
  • Silver medals- wedding= 2

Deviance: 10 points


Penalties: -3 points total


Total Points Thus Far:

2 points



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