The Legacy House

An important part of any legacy challenge is starting from scratch with very little money, no actual house.  It’s all about building a legacy, both in a genetic sense as well as monetarily.  A great indication of that is the legacy house.  It has to be built in stages, as the family makes enough money.  With Sims 4, it has been taken even further with being able to unlock decorations and various other items by moving up in the available careers.  Since a legacy’s heirs cannot move from their ancestral home, the legacy house is as much an indication of success and growth as anything else.

This section will take a look at how the house changes and morphs over the course of the legacy.

Mulan started out in Willow Creek, the old Oakenstead lot, a 50 X 50 piece of property.  It’s actually quite beautiful… but there’s one problem: as every legacy player knows, it starts out completely empty and with only $1800 to start off with, the founder starts off with practically nothing.  In fact, here’s Mulan looking at her lovely new home.



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