House- Gen 1

Not necessarily a house, but here’s what Mulan- and then later Camron- start out with:

There’s a rather decent bed, a toilet surrounded by four walls, and the cheapest shower.  There is no sink, no counter, no fridge… Quite a start to a legacy, really.


After a successful day at work in the Writer Career, Mulan received the reward of a computer and was able to afford a desk and chair so she no longer had to trek to the library to use theirs.

And yes… that is Camron seeing her come out of the shower.  This is before she had enough money to expand the bathroom walls to put the shower inside XD

After almost a week of work, Mulan was finally able to expand the walls of the bathroom to place the shower inside and even to buy an oven, a counter and a fridge.

And yup, once again, Camron’s back.  It’s shortly after this that he moves in.

Camron and Mulan now have a house!  With walls and a roof even!

After a bit more days of work, Camron gets rewarded with the culinary island set and a sink while Mulan gets a few nice pieces to hang on the wall.

As their funds go up, Mulan and Camron were able to actually begin painting and putting actual flooring in.  They added a nursery, and a small entryway as well.


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