MCCC Settings

In order to keep the other kingdoms going, I’m using MCCC.  I have all the modules installed, including Woohoo.

The most important part of the mod that I will be using involves the Pregnancy module as well as Woohoo.

Marriage is included in the pregnancy module.  Because the bloodlines are important, I’ve disabled marriages.  I will be handling those manually, though not through Manage Households and/or CAS.  Luckily, the mod makes it easy to use commands to have sims marry and even move in, all using the mod commands.  So, after each week, I’ll be doing some random rolls manually to decide who marries who amongst the various classes and acting accordingly.

Now, to give a bit of randomness (something I don’t control, anyway), I’ve set it up so that on Tuesdays and Saturdays, it will run a pregnancy check.  Additionally, it’s triggered to have married couples only conceive.  I did enable affairs, though, to add a bit of- fun heh. I also enabled teen pregnancy, mostly for my own sims.