The Kingdoms

There was once one Great Empire.  It was an amalgamation of peoples and customs.  Some of them had been added to it forcefully, others for protection from their neighbors.  After its fall several hundred years ago, it split off into several separate kingdoms as well as areas that hold no allegiance to one government or ruler.

  • Newcrest: after the fall of the Great Empire, several different rulers tried to keep it together.  The Bulwarks have ruled for the last few hundred years in an unbroken line.  That line is over.  It is time for a new monarch.
  • Winding Willow (aka Willow Creek): the kingdom of the Elves.  Even during the days of the Great Empire, they were secretive and remained to themselves.  That is still the case, though how much longer that will last remains to be seen.
  • Oasis Springs: a desert kingdom, it was largely abandoned until a witch fleeing from persecution settled there.  Eventually, others flocked there and Oasis Springs was born.
  • Windenburg: Windenburg has only just recovered from a bloody civil war.  The Windenburgs, the ruling family for centuries, is back on the throne, but it was a long, hard road to get there.  It is a similar situation that King Darian I wishes to avoid in Newcrest.
  • San Myshuno: A city that is unlike any of the other kingdoms.  While many of the others embrace the magic that swirls through their world and cling to the old ways (in some instances), those in San Myshuno embrace technology.  They are a center of trade and manufacturing.
  • Del Sol Valley: Technically, this is an area on the outskirts of San Myshuno, though many say it is a different world.  Many of those here have made a name for themselves through acting, or music.
  • Forgotten Hallow: technically never part of the Great Empire, Forgotten Hallow is the land of the vampires.  It is the home of the Vampire Council, the ruling body of the vampires.  Though their people can live anywhere, they are subject to the laws of the Council, superseding even the laws of the land they live in.
  • Bay of a Thousand Waves (aka Brindleton Bay): those who reside in the Bay of a Thousand Waves are said to be descended from the Fae.  Though they do not have the magic of their ancestors, their unusual skin tones and wildly colored hair give their heritage away.  That and their love and affinity for the animals around them.
  • Sulani: A beautiful land of shimmering seas, green lands, and the ferocity of a volcano. The people here are torn, however. The Sulani are a people that came from far away and settled on the islands. But they were not the first inhabitants. The Merfolk can trace their back for thousands of years. The two peoples do not get along, though with the Chief choosing a mermaid as his bride, will things improve? Only time will tell.
  • StrangerVille: The only thing stranger than the people is the flora! StrangerVille has a secret. Only the brave would attempt to expose the secret. Originally where the coven of witches settled before moving on to found Oasis Springs, no one is sure just what is going on here.
  • Glimmberbrook: An isolated community in the Great Forest that is self-sufficient. A Council oversees the town and those living in the surrounding forest. They are responsible for overseeing the gate to the Realm of Magic.
  • Granite Falls: Nestled in the Great Forest, Granite Falls is a retreat for the royals, nobles, and merchants of the various kingdoms. It is overseen by the combined force agreed upon at the time of the creation of the various kingdoms, no one nation lays claim to this untamed land.
  • Selvadorada: Enjoy learning about the Selvadoran culture or explore the jungle’s hidden secrets? But be prepared! It won’t be an easy trek through the jungle. The Selvadoradan people govern themselves without a single ruler. They welcome outsiders but do not give their secrets away to just anyone.
  • The Realm of Magic: A place of magic and mystery. Situated high up on floating islands in another world, only those invited here can make their way. Each Witch from Oasis Springs must face the Three Sages here in order to pass their test and other magic users as well.