Del Sol Valley

Technically a part of but outside of San Myshuno, Del Sol Valley is a world unto itself.  In a place where fame and popularity (no matter the kind) is often just as important (if not more so) than blood or birthright, it is an opulent place, but often full of deep shadows.

Doyle Family

Once a wealthy family of a kingdom destroyed by the Great Empire, they relocated to San Myshuno.  But Lady Aislin is all that remains and she shuns convention.  She is a world famous actress.  Her good works are well known and she tends to take up causes, but she is often the talk around town with her vocal objections to many of the courtly practices, such as arranged marriages, etc.

Residence: Chateau Peak in Panarama Haus by xXSarina_27xX in Del Sol Valley

McQueen Family

The McQueens have only been nobility for a couple generations.  Before that, they were merchants.  Sebastian is a genius with tech.  Though he’s tried to avoid it, his fame has grown.  Luckily, his beautiful wife Corinne enjoys talking to others and is happy to interface with the public and even with those Sebastian deals with.

Residence: Vacuous Green in The Tree House by 13Mercys, Del Sol Valley

Week 4: Lord Sebastian and his lady wife welcomed their first child and heir, Lord Zayne.

Kurtz Family

Jaiden was the son of farmers, but his renown and skills at making money and getting others what they want made him famous.  He’s a mover and shaker, but hasn’t always made the best decisions.  His son and daughter are a product of his fame; both have different mothers and not even Jaiden is sure who they were. 

Residence: The Ward Den in Pillared Heights by chanxlboy

Ito Family

Two brothers couldn’t be more different.  But thanks to older twin Nick, the Itos are rising through the ranks of stardom.  Nick is a musical genius and well on his way to epic stardom.  His brother is also a genius, but his interests lie in exploration and study.  They are raising their younger sister.

Residence: Upland Place in Inner City [Full] by tweeklebug123, Del Sol Valley 

Week 4: Nick brought home Mayor Whiskers, a stray cat that’s been longing for a home.