Forgotten Hollow

Forgotten Hollow has always been a land apart.  Windenburg is the oldest of the human kingdoms, but Forgotten Hallow is the oldest of them all.  Home to the denizens of the night, vampires, it has stood apart from the other kingdoms.  It is where the members of the Vampire Council reside.  While the kingdoms no longer drive out those who are different, such as witches and vampires, vampires all answer to the Council whose laws supersede those of the land they live in.  Of course, to keep the peace, the Council tends to keep the laws of the other lands in mind and will punish their own for breaking their chosen residences’ laws.

Straud Family

Count Vladislaus Straud IV is the latest descendant to occupy Straud Manor. His oddly similar looking line of ancestors has resided here since the founding of Forgotten Hollow. He is currently the oldest vampire on the Council and while he doesn’t rule it alone, his word often carries more weight.

Residence: Straud Manor, Forgotten Hallow

Vatore Family

The Vatore siblings moved into Forgotten Hollow a few hundred years ago and are striving to make it their home. This can be quite challenging at times since they are not exactly on the best terms with Vladislaus Straud, but when asked they only ever mention a difference in their culinary tastes. Caleb is on the Council, along with his sister and Vlad, though they try not to convene.  In fact, those foolish enough to warrant a meeting of the Council is often deal with harshly.

Residence: Wolfsbane Mansion, Forgotten Hallow

Week 4: Caleb takes Phoenix Barone for his wife. Though she is of humble origins, no one would dare to object, especially since the lady in question is too happy to oblige. She has been fascinated by those her family has served since she was a child. She was always taken by Caleb.

Barone Family

The Barones have served the Vampire Council for generations.

Residence: Gariclauter Place, Forgotten Hollow

Week 1: Serena and Beau Barone welcomed triplets Cade, Dillan, and Adelina

Week 2: The Barone family said good bye to their patriarch, Chance Barone.  He passed away in his sleep.

Week 4: With Phoenix’s marriage into the Vatore family, Cade, the oldest of the triplets, becomes the heir.