Glimmberbrook is a secluded kingdom that’s sole purpose is to oversee and protect the gates to the Realm of Magic. It is ruled by a Council of powerful spellcasters that keep entrance through the portal well-controlled.

Le Fey Family

The original family set to guard the gates to the Realm of Magic. They were the ones that sealed it off when a fatal build up of power exploded, causing the current state of the Realm of Magic. They still guard it now and do so zealously.

Spellman Family (created by emdessen on the Gallery)

The Spellmans are on the Council of Mages with the le Feys. Rarely do the two families see eye to eye, yet they do have the best interests of the Magical Realm at heart and they do manage to get things done.

Flannigan Family (created by tlcobb814 on the Gallery)

A rather enterprising family that supplies Glimmerbrook as well as many of them in Oasis Springs with spell components, crystals, and other paraphernalia for the discerning spellcaster.

Bookshadow Family (created by sweety0312 on the Gallery)

Once a family that rivaled the le Feys or Spellmans, the Bookshadows made mistakes. It is believed that they may have been partially responsible for the build up of power and the resulting explosion. Since then, they have been shunned and are little more than peasants.

Teller Family (created by Michaelafisher on the Gallery)

Once a nomadic family with a long line of spellcasters, the Tellers settled in Glimmberbrook. Though powerful, they do not engage with politics and prefer to live their own lives away from much of the petty squabbling.